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"Anti Epidemic Period" Fund Development Fund Record: Online Roadshow Intensive Start Mid Taiwan Personnel "Tired To Collapse"

2020/2/14 9:17:00 2

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Despite the impact of the outbreak of the year of the rat, the issue of the public offering fund still raises a small climax.

In February 13th, Jianxin science and technology innovation hybrid fund announced the early closing of the first day of issue. According to the twenty-first Century economic report, the fund has raised over 7 billion yuan on that day.

Just the day before, the winning technology drive also ended. The fund's effective subscription amount as of February 12th (excluding interest during the raise period) has exceeded the ceiling of 8 billion yuan raised by the fund. According to the confirmation ratio of 82.12% valid subscription application, the principle of "Apocalypse proportion confirmation" will be affirmed partially in February 12th.

According to this calculation, the winning scale of the first win technology drive is about 9 billion 700 million yuan.

Prior to that, the investment fund for hybrid technology innovation was also sold out on the first day of the issue, and it was sold out in advance. The mixed fund of Peng Hua value growth was also closed early after four days of issuance, with more than 7 billion shares issued.

It is worth noting that due to the impact of the epidemic, many fund company employees are still telecommuting, which has increased the difficulty of issuing new funds.

"No face-to-face communication, there will still be some difficulties." In February 13th, a large public fund market in Beijing told the twenty-first Century business reporter.

But at the same time, some new coping mechanisms have begun to emerge.

Preparing for the new fund issue

Although February 10th is the first day for most industries to resume work, for the financial sector, the first day of opening in February 3rd has started work.

According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter combing, in the first week of opening from February 3rd to February 7th, there were 20 new funds, including Ping Xin's selection, Peng Hua's value growth, new trend of time industry, and ETF of new China energy card.

"After opening the market, our company only arranges some employees to work in the company every day, basically ensuring that a person is on duty if necessary. There are some transactions involved, such as investment managers can only place orders at the company's office, sales, supervision, wind control, IT and other departments are basically equipped with the minimum number of personnel on-site office. A medium-sized public offering fund in Shanghai said.

Although most employees are open to remote work, the issuance of the new fund is not delayed at all.

In February 13th, a large public fund in Southern China told the economic news reporters in twenty-first Century, "the feeling of these two weeks is that the central people are more tired. They have been working continuously from the new year's Eve to the present, and they are doing online marketing for the issuance of the new fund."

"Our channel has also done a lot of online materials to support sales recently, and the workload is bigger than before." A public fund worker in Beijing also said.

In fact, due to the fact that many banking outlets have not yet been opened, online marketing of WeChat group and friends circle has become the main position of the special period.

An investor in Beijing has shown the circle of friends of a four financial manager in WeChat to the twenty-first Century business reporter. Since February 3rd, publicity has been launched, and investment advice and new products and other related information have been released from time to time.

Banks have always been the main channel for fund sales. According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, the Penghua value growth hybrid fund, which ended in February 6th, is a customized fund for China Merchants Bank and Penghua Fund. China Merchants Bank is the custodian bank of the fund and the main channel of sales.

Finally, the mixed fund of Peng Hua value growth began to be collected in early February 6th when it was launched in February 3rd. The issuance data show that the fund has raised nearly 7 billion yuan in all channels, of which the sale scale of the single bank in February 6th has exceeded 5 billion yuan.

"This successful issue is an effective exploration and Practice for the marketing mode of China's public fund industry in the extreme event period. The success depends not only on the strong online sales ability of a series of channel partners such as China Merchants Bank, but also the confidence of the Penghua Fund in exporting to the investors in the crucial period, exporting the products of excellent fund managers, and enhancing the customers' future investment sense." Penghua Fund said.

Multilateral assistance

"Sales are online sales, roadshows are also online roadshows, this is the current trend, everyone is using this way." A large public offering fund in Southern China said.

In twenty-first Century, the business reporter reported that many fund managers have already opened the way of the road, and at the same time, fund companies will issue relevant questions and answers to fund managers.

For example, in the Sina fund live broadcasting platform, only in the afternoon of February 13th, there were 4 fund managers of Ping An fund, the people's livelihood plus silver fund, the southern fund and the Xinhua fund 4 companies.

"Everyone is working at home now, but all kinds of media channels such as media have been very rich and timely, and now many channels such as Sina have live platforms. Every company is using its own media channels to attract investors through platform broadcast, and the enthusiasm of the audience is relatively high." A bank raised fund told the twenty-first Century business reporter.

"This year online sales increased more fund managers online live roadshows, narrowing the distance between fund managers and channel customers, welcomed and responded very well." A brokerage department of the public fund people said.

However, the road show is still somewhat inconvenient compared with the previous roadshow. A public fund worker in Southern China pointed out that "there is no way to conduct face-to-face communication at the scene, or there will be some sense of distance."

It is worth noting that on the sales channel, besides the strong bank assists, the channel of the securities dealers also showed good strength in the online sale of the public offering fund.

"Before, the sales data of this brokerage channel exceeded expectations, and their online sales ability is also very strong." The aforementioned public fund people said.

According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, after the investment and technology innovation hybrid fund and Peng Hua value growth mixed fund issued hot behind, there are signs of brokerage channels. Among them, the main issuing body of Penghua value growth hybrid fund is in addition to China Merchants Bank. Guoxin Securities also provides distribution assistance through its online sales ability.

Earlier news shows that recent brokerages have strengthened online services. For example, Guotai Junan Securities has issued a guide to off-site self service, which means that customers can get services as far as possible through Junhong APP, Fu Yi client, Guotai Junan micro finance public number, 95521 customer service telephone and other off-site means and service means.