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Under The Epidemic Situation, What Capabilities Can Textile Enterprises Retest?

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With the development of new crown pneumonia, and the increasingly urgent task of enterprises' normal production and operation after the Spring Festival, many textile and garment enterprises are anxious about when to return to work and how to resume work. How to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control at the same time smoothly return to work and resume production, which for textile and garment enterprises, no doubt put forward higher requirements. Then, under the epidemic situation, what kind of capability will the textile and garment enterprises test? What are the companies that are returning to work?

Under the epidemic situation

Higher requirements for textile enterprises to resume work

Zhejiang, Guangdong and other provinces are not only large population provinces, but also concentrated provinces of textile industrial clusters. After the resumption of work, the epidemic pressure is also heavier. The relevant departments therefore require these key provinces to continue to make decisions and arrangements for the Party Central Committee and the State Council to consolidate, implement and land the relevant prevention and control measures.

On the one hand, governments at all levels take an active role in creating conditions to achieve an orderly return to work. On the other hand, the epidemic situation is still grim. At the same time, manufacturing enterprises have great pressure on survival and development, and there is anxiety. In this regard, Zhao Linzhong, chairman of Zhejiang Federation of industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), President of Zhuji Entrepreneurs Association, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Fu run Holdings Limited, said that under the special circumstances of the epidemic, the invisible hand of the market should be subordinated to the visible hand of the government. Epidemic prevention and control and orderly resumption of work must be hard.

Zhao Linzhong said that at present, the vast number of enterprises and entrepreneurs show strong patriotic enthusiasm and sense of social responsibility. On the one hand, we should do a good job in prevention and control. On the one hand, we will generously give money and donations to support the epidemic prevention and control in the whole society. Some of them will also devote themselves to the prevention and control work and present a strong sense of national life. Governments at all levels are actively taking the initiative to create conditions to achieve orderly return to work. Enterprises should also realize that in the current situation, the resumption of work has also put forward higher requirements for enterprises.

First of all, enterprise reemployment is a test of management capability. It is necessary to have strong prevention and control measures to ensure the resumption of work. After the resumption of work, employees need to concentrate more carefully and deploy carefully. The prevention and control work is hard to tackle, and it is better to be strict with one another, and not to be able to relax a bit. When a cat is a tiger, it can never be a fluke.

Second, we must make full use of our support policies, but we must also improve our immunity. All sectors of the industry are affected by the epidemic, and they all hope to be subsidized and supported by the government. At present, provinces and municipalities have issued policies, but more should be "twenty four ribs and bony bones". Enterprises should try to save themselves and take the losses caused by the epidemic.

Third, resolutely promote transformation and upgrading. The epidemic situation also tests the contingency and management level of enterprises. We should find out the existing problems and shortcomings and make up for the short board. The epidemic allows enterprises to reflect on their guiding ideology and work ideas and adjust them on the occasion. The epidemic will also change business models and lifestyles, prompting us to push ahead with transformation and upgrading. In my opinion, traditional industries should be transformed and new industries should be upgraded. They should find a combination point, seek opportunities and move forward.

In February 11th, according to the office of the leading group office of the leading group office of the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection in Zhuji, the implementation plan of the city's enterprises to resume work and epidemic prevention and control was carried out on the basis of strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work, and after the declaration and approval by the competent authorities, the Fu run textile company resumed production. With the local staff as the main force, the management staff and the auxiliary workers are on the front-line, the retired workers have returned to post, and about 200 workers have been on the production posts, and all workshops and production lines have been started. The company will transform the office meeting room into a simple dormitory. The workers will be "two points and one line". They will eat and live in factories, and keep up with the prevention and control and logistic work. At present, the Fu run machinery spring company has also been allowed to resume work, and the Fu run printing and dyeing company has carried out the preparatory work before resuming work, waiting for the acceptance of the competent department.

Ensure production safety

Recycling enterprises are doing this.

Since February 10th, Minamiyama Chihisa, Lu Tai textile, Dezhou Huayuan, Hongdu group, Wuxi one cotton, black peony group, Nantong Shuang Hong, Anhui Huamao and many other industry leading enterprises have taken the lead in resuming work, and at the same time, scientific and strict control of epidemic prevention and control.

Nanshan Zhi Shang strictly grasp epidemic prevention and control

Recently, in the face of the grim situation of epidemic prevention and control, Shandong Nanshan Zhi Shang Polytron Technologies Inc combined with the current actual situation, set up an epidemic prevention and control group quickly, and took epidemic prevention and control as the main task at present.

During the epidemic period, Nanshan Zhi still cancelled all meetings and mass gatherings, and implemented a zero reporting system. In case of abnormal situations, it was reported in time, and no omission, false reporting and concealment were allowed. During the holiday period, we should adhere to the 24 hour shift duty system of leading teams and duty personnel to ensure the implementation of early detection, early reporting and early disposal of the prevention and control reporting mechanism, and effectively ensure the effective implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work. At the same time, the company carried out a unified investigation of the information of outgoing and returning personnel during the Spring Festival, and required that all employees who had contact with the epidemic area should be segregated by their own home and contacted with their communities so that they could be strictly monitored.

While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Nanshan Zhi explained the knowledge of prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia through various ways such as internal network and WeChat group, so as to educate and guide workers to do scientific protection for themselves and their families, and strengthen public opinion management and publicity and guidance. The real rumor has effectively maintained and stabilized the social situation. At the same time, the company took the initiative to cooperate with the local health and epidemic prevention departments, and actively carried out health quarantine related work, and promptly disinfect the workplaces and public areas.

In accordance with the state regulations, workers returning to work in advance and returning to work in advance due to the necessary reasons need to provide reemployment workers' vacation contact history and physical examination as the first condition for resuming work. Under the premise of ensuring safety in production, the production units take various forms of shift work and implement one person one card into the factory system. Measurement.

Ru textile recovery rate of more than 90%

Lu Tai textile is the world's largest production base of yarn dyed fabric. The top grade yarn dyed fabrics occupy 18% of the world's market share, providing fabrics for Burberry, Armani, UNIQLO and other international famous brands. Entering the 2020, the company's international trade orders began to load at full capacity, and only 20 million meters of fabric needed for customers in February alone.

At present, Lu Tai textile has resumed work, more than 13000 workers return to work, began to produce various international orders. In the production workshop of Lu Tai textile, Zichuan District, Zibo, workers are upgrading their production for European and American orders. So how can we ensure the workers' health and ensure the progress of production?

Zhang Zhanqi, deputy general manager of Lu Tai textile Limited by Share Ltd, said that the company has established a strict epidemic prevention system and strict internal management. "Strict control and management system for staff returning to work is required. Two temperature tests are conducted daily for employees, and three disinfection for workshops, offices and active areas are carried out daily. At the same time, we have acquired a lot of materials for prevention and control. Up to now, more than thirteen thousand employees have been on duty to ensure the resumption of production.

In the face of severe epidemics, Lu Tai textile in accordance with the deployment requirements of the central, provincial, city and district on the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection, formulated the emergency plan, and set up a leading group of the new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention working group headed by Liu Zibin, chairman of the board of directors, to strengthen the organization and leadership, implement the responsibilities, and co-ordinate the epidemic prevention and control. Related work.

According to the deployment, the occupational health and health management office, security office, security inspection department and logistics management department actively take measures to do a good job in the prevention and control of new pneumonia.

The Department of health is equipped with emergency protective equipment and preventive medicine, giving out relevant knowledge materials, and issuing "84" disinfectant to the factories, guiding and supervising the disinfection work before the festival.

In view of this epidemic situation, the health department, the administration department, the apartment management section, the diet department, the security office, the security inspection department jointly do the disinfection work in the public place, and measure the body temperature for the employees in the factory.

The security office set up registration points in all living areas and factory entrances and exits, completes the visitor information registration; posting emergency notices at various entrances and exits, unit doors and publicity columns in the living area; registers and measures body temperature for each apartment apartment; closes the Lu Tai Wen Yuan zoo, and sets up a reminder sign at main junctions.

The logistics management department requires that all food ingredients and raw materials purchase channels and food processing procedures be strictly controlled to ensure food safety. All tableware are sterilized strictly to ensure the safety of the appliances, and public toilets and toilets are regularly sterilized and equipped with professional medical hand sanitizers.

Dezhou Huayuan grasp the source of prevention and control

Dezhou Huayuan Group is closely following the local government's epidemic prevention deployment requirements. In line with the "epidemic situation is command, prevention and control is responsibility, speed is the effect" guiding ideology, rapid reflection, precise implementation and implementation. In order to cope with the new tide of "returning to work and resuming work", we must do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control work of the company so as to ensure the health and safety of the workers.

Control of infectious disease prevention is the key. Only if we can prevent it, can we take the initiative to win the epidemic prevention and control. To this end, Huayuan Group will advance the prevention and control of the gateway, eliminate blind spots, and concentrate on preventing and controlling the source. First of all, the first line of defense should be set up in the doorway. Every worker who enters the factory must have a temperature test, and the normal person will put the mask into the factory, and the abnormal person will be observed in the isolation and detention room.

Secondly, we must strictly manage the links in production, transportation, distribution and use of all kinds of materials. The company's production and non production areas carry out a comprehensive disinfection work every day, so that the disinfection area will not leave dead corners completely, and the disinfection effect will completely eliminate the virus infection. In view of the fact that logistics and foreign personnel are not allowed to enter the factory area, the items are thoroughly inspected and sterilized before entering the factory. Workshop workers, buttons, doors and windows, cabinet handles and other staff may be exposed to the site, is also arranged by the Department for special disinfection disinfection.

Red bean group first hand epidemic prevention and economic development

Walk into the production workshop of Wuxi red bean group in Jiangsu province. All the ears come from the sewing machine sending out the sound of "Da Da Da". The workers are busy and orderly, busy picking up, picking, checking and packing. The scene is full of excitement. As early as February 1st, in order to alleviate the shortage situation of the epidemic prevention and control materials, the red bean group turned the garment production line into a protective clothing production line needed for epidemic prevention work and made full effort. In February 10th, while continuing to do scientific prevention and control, the companies of the red bean group have resumed production safely and orderly.

"In a very special period, our group must firmly fight the epidemic and win the confidence, scientific prevention and control, precise policy implementation, tackling difficulties and sticking to the epidemic prevention and control, and grasping economic development at the same time." Red bean group secretary and chairman of the board of directors and CEO Zhou Haijiang said. At present, the epidemic prevention and control work has entered the stage of "grasping both hands" for epidemic prevention and rehabilitation. Under the premise of scientific epidemic prevention, it is necessary to turn the factory's machinery to provide better material protection for epidemic prevention and control, which is the need to maintain normal economic and social order, and is also necessary for epidemic prevention and control.

"In order to ensure workers' safety and normal production, we strictly abide by the local rework requirements, and conduct a thorough investigation of all workers returning to work to ensure that workers and their families do not have a history of contact with key epidemic areas. The local staff first resumed work, and all the employees returned to the field were quarantined for 14 days before making corresponding work arrangements. Red bean group responsible person said.

In the red bean group factory and production workshop, all workers who return to work wear masks, enter and measure the body temperature, and disinfect the factory area, workshop, canteen, dormitory and other areas every day. All the epidemic prevention materials are well prepared, including ear temperature guns, hand washing liquid, mask, protective clothing, 84 disinfectant, alcohol, etc., and do everything possible to protect the safety and health of every worker.

On the other hand, the red bean group and its subsidiaries have achieved good results through the implementation of online learning, online office, online marketing, online live broadcast and other ways. For example, red beans and red beans have launched live training courses such as "store service 5S", "how to increase the bra Festival," and more than 3000 people have been trained in one field. In February 7th, the red bean realized the breakthrough of 200 thousand live watching, and the public number exceeded 265 thousand reading volume. The order shopping package of micro mall was over 6300. General stock uses the "maxima Business School" platform to organize online learning to enhance epidemic prevention and anti epidemic skills.

Wuxi one cotton set up isolation points for scientific prevention and control

In the face of the new coronavirus epidemic situation, Wuxi cotton has implemented the epidemic prevention and control with a scientific and strict attitude, set up a leading group of work, formulated various prevention and control measures, and focused on the work of body temperature detection, prevention and control, publicity and supervision, preparations for protective supplies, and elimination of factory areas, and set up isolation points and emergency transfer vehicles to ensure a good order of production environment and resolutely win epidemic prevention. Strike hard battle.

Wuxi cotton in February 10th officially resumed, the number of reemployment was 462, accounting for 31.8% of the total number before the holiday, mainly for Wuxi employees and those who did not leave tin. It is estimated that the number of workers returning to work in February 13th will be 632, and the number of workers returning to posts by the end of February will reach nearly 1000.

Safe and efficient work to resume production, Wuxi cotton resumed 5 production workshop on the same day, has resumed 30% capacity. Later, according to the number of reemployment, docking domestic and foreign orders organization production, it is expected that the capacity of 50%-60% can be restored at the end of February. If the epidemic is eased in March, it is expected to recover 80% capacity.

The black peony group is fighting against epidemic disease together.

In this time of universal efforts to fight "epidemic", in the WeChat group of members of the black peony group, we all asked for war, actively joined the volunteer team, and joined the first line of epidemic prevention and control in the area according to the "proximity principle". Some people visited the house for investigation and registration, and some became the "door god".

Black Peony employees are always concerned about the epidemic changes. After the group launched the donation initiative, everyone responded, offering love and conveying the temperature, warmth and strength of the Black Peony people in their own way.

After the resumption of work, the black peony group has done its internal work well, and has set up a special working group in strict accordance with the "four in place" to do a good job of tracking and investigating personnel information, and strengthening disinfection work in offices, canteens, dormitories and other areas. During the period, the code of conduct for employees of the black peony group put the staff's life and health in the first place and fulfilled the corporate social responsibility.

Nantong Shuang Hong's grasp and prevention measures

In February 10th, the first day of the resumption of Nantong Shuang Hong Textile Co., Ltd., in addition to persuaded its 10 foreign employees who did not return, it reached 1146 employees, and the opening rate reached 95%.

Nantong Shuang Hong Company adheres to epidemic prevention and production, and makes two mistakes. Before resuming work, the party organization of the party recruited volunteers from all Party members, trade union activists and Youth League members, and set up 8 volunteer service teams, including the publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge, the whereabouts of health workers before 14 days, the distribution of epidemic prevention materials, dining services, on-site disinfection, recovery work safety and emergency response, so as to further consolidate the responsibility and implement the "five in place" to ensure February. Resumed work on the 10 day. As early as January 28th, the company union also organizes volunteer volunteers for temperature measurement and staff enquiry, and conducts simple operation skills training in double floor hospitals. In view of the difficulty of the factory's long and scattered distribution, it is necessary to ensure the temperature measurement of the employees. The company only reserved one entrance and exit of the east gate, closed the other 6 import and export outlets, and in accordance with the way of World Expo's import ticket, temporarily built 11 workers' access channels and body temperature measurement points, heating reexamination zones and observation isolation settlements in the company square. The service was provided by 33 party members and trade union activists for 24 hours.

After resuming work, the company implements hygienic licensing, fixed point supply and detention sample system for food ingredients of staff canteen. For staff dining, we should set people, timing and positioning militarization management, control the number of people, divide the batches and pull distance, and strictly control the catering personnel sitting in a mixed position. Service staff provide pre meal hand sanitizers, tableware disinfectants, postprandial detergents and napkins. For staff class ten minutes before learning, three level safety education and training, implementation of "sub cake" type learning training and mobile phone online learning assessment. The company also tried every means to prepare medical masks and industrial masks, and the volunteers of the trade union organizations insisted on sending them to the staff every day before they went to work. We recruited 2 ex servicemen, who were sterilized and ventilated for two times a day, including the production, offices, canteens, dormitories, reception rooms, dressing rooms, working rooms, tea rooms, toilets and other places.

Anhui Huamao "four intensification" prevention of epidemic situation

In the face of the grim situation of new coronavirus pneumonia, Anhui Huamao held a conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus infections at the first time, and promptly formulated contingency plans, launched the emergency response mechanism, and established a group epidemic prevention and control leading group headed by the party secretary and chairman Ni Junlong. Propaganda and good defense.

During this period, all members of the Party committee of Anhui Huamao were on duty, and managers at all levels carried out the 24 hour duty system. At the same time, the responsibility for prevention and control has been implemented in large classes, teams and individuals. Take the general Party branch as the unit, implement the epidemic (public opinion) daily system. The whole group employees' personal information on holidays, personal contact with people in the epidemic area and personal health are all very clear.

In addition, Anhui Huamao disinfect all the public places such as factories, dormitories, canteens and toilets. It also publicize knowledge of prevention and control in the network channels such as Huamao website, WeChat public number, working group and staff group. Through the issuance of epidemic prevention and control briefing, health education is carried out to improve staff's self-protection awareness and prevention ability.

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