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A Hot Review Of The Week

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A Week'S Hot Spot ReviewJapan'S EpidemicOpening

At present, the new crown pneumonia is spreading all over the world, and Japan, Korea, Italy, Iran and other countries are most seriously affected. This has brought a great impact to foreign trade enterprises. Many enterprises have considered the transformation of domestic sales. ; Under the expanding situation of new coronavirus infection, the Japanese government decided to strengthen entry measures to China and Korea. ; Affected by the new crown pneumonia, many recently held international well-known textile industry exhibitions have been postponed or cancelled. ... What other domestic and foreign events can't be missed in the textile and garment industry last week? The global textile network Xiaobian has compiled the following hotspots for you. Let's review them one by one.


One          Japan's epidemic enters key period to suspend visa issuance for Chinese and Korean passengers

At present, the new crown pneumonia is spreading globally, according to CCTV news statistics. Three month Five day 19:30 Japan exceeds One thousand Case. According to Japan's "news of the" Three month Six Daily News: in the case of new coronavirus infection continues to expand, the Japanese government decided to strengthen the entry measures to China and South Korea.

Two          The global epidemic is rampant, foreign trade exports are cold, spinning enterprises or transforming into domestic sales.

At present, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran and other countries are most serious. These areas and ours are the main places of import and export of textile trade. It is understood that the recent cancellation of orders due to the epidemic is really a lot, especially foreign trade enterprises.

Three          The global epidemic is escalating, and many internationally renowned exhibition officials have postponed or cancelled the exhibition.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia, many recently held exhibitions of internationally renowned textile industry have been postponed or cancelled by officials. In order to serve the broad masses of textile and Exhibition colleagues, Xiaobian collected and arranged the extension of related textile and fashion exhibitions according to the official announcement of the organizers. / Cancel the message.

Four          1-2, the professional market downturn sharply, try online sales to ease the impact of the epidemic.

The monitoring results of the China Textile Joint circulation branch show that Two thousand and twenty year 1-2 January, the national textile and apparel professional market managers climate index is Sixteen point one three Ratio Twelve Lunar Forty-nine point nine five decline Thirty-three point eight two The professional market business climate index is Thirty-six Point Four Zero Ratio Twelve Lunar Fifty point four six decline Fourteen point zero six A percentage point.

Five          Zhejiang's total turnover of more than ten billion yuan in 41 years is all restored to the market.

Large commodity trading market is the "nerve center" of the industrial chain, and also the "big artery" of the market economy. Recently, the reporter was informed by the Zhejiang provincial market supervision bureau. Two month Twenty-six Zhejiang, Japan Forty-one The commodity market with annual turnover of more than ten billion yuan has been opened to normal business. Forty-one There has been a resumption of operation in the home market. Seventy-two thousand eight hundred and ten Households, operating households, the market rate is 61.29%

Six          First day of kapok opening: tense and orderly business Mang Shangxin

Under the guidance of relevant government departments and the joint efforts of all staff, The red cotton international fashion city is preparing for the prevention and control of the resumption and resumption of production. Three month One Morning Nine Officially opened.

Seven          China Textile City International fabric sourcing center is open today. The new face value is praised.

Three At the beginning of the month, the international textile sourcing center of China Textile City, which has attracted much attention, opened its trial business. As the transformation and upgrading project of China's Textile City West market, the market was stunning with its brand-new appearance, attracting many domestic and foreign buyers' attention and affinity. On the first day of operation, enter the market operators. One thousand and two hundred Yu households, buyers Three thousand and two hundred More than one time, the opening rate of the first floor of the market is 85.2%

Eight          Chinese enterprises research and develop mask production line: produce 5000 KN95 masks per hour!

According to the figures disclosed by the Ministry of industry and information, before the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the overall capacity of our masks was Nissan. Two thousand More than ten million, capacity is the highest in the world. However, since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, masks have become the most urgent demand for epidemic prevention. With the coming full recovery, domestic mask demand is also increasing.

Nine          China Textile Industry Federation's epidemic prevention textile service platform is formally launched.

Epidemic is the order, and the epidemic prevention textile products are affecting hundreds of millions of people from the beginning of the "anti epidemic campaign". The most effective, standardized and comprehensive production, utilization and circulation of epidemic prevention textiles has become a top priority. As a national textile industry organization, the China Federation of textile industry has developed and launched a professional textile service platform for epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention in the shortest time. The service platform for epidemic prevention textiles will play an exciting role in this campaign.

Ten      China Textile union weekly survey: textile industry to resume production and promote steady progress

To further understand the direct impact of new coronavirus pneumonia on the textile industry's production and operation, Two thousand and twenty year Two month Thirteen day ~3 month Four On the same day, we carried out daily investigation of textile enterprises' resumption and resumption of production. One thousand and sixty-three Household textile enterprises feedback themselves to resume production through online questionnaires.

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