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How Can Clothing Enterprises Save Themselves By Disrupting The Rhythm Of The Epidemic?

2020/3/16 12:01:00 0

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An epidemic has changed the inertia of many people's work and life, forcing more services to transform and upgrade. With Alibaba group's box fresh horse and Jingdong supermarket as the main online fresh distribution service, the seeds of hope are planted in the minds of consumers.

The offline retail industry, which is second only to the catering industry, feels the change of demand side, and quietly changes the way at the supply side. Live broadcast, social marketing and other models have become an important magic weapon for clothing enterprises to save themselves.

Online, becoming the most effective way to play.

The solution is always more difficult than before. In the face of the epidemic, business is bursting with new vitality and potential. Take the Taiping bird as an example. During the epidemic period, the Pacific bird connected with customers through online platforms and live platforms. Its PEACEBIRD Menswear, PEACEBIRD women's clothing, LED N women's wear and Mini Peace children's wear and other brands, through the introduction of WeChat online membership, WeChat spike, small program distribution, alternate broadcast in different areas, and other forms, achieved half of the sales of stores suspended, the daily total retail sales of 8 million yuan, and is still continuing to improve performance.

Three hours online, comparable to the monthly sales of stores, who is unwilling to participate in such a cost-effective business? Over the past month, Bosideng, Anta and some other traditional clothing brands have been competing with more online brands that rely on the Internet, as well as clothing buyers, net red's non brand products, and finally opened the competition in the same dimension.

At the same time, all kinds of spike groups and brand VIP groups in social media are gradually exerting force. Consumers in this channel not only enjoy shopping and tender service, but also enjoy the love outside the consumer.

A consumer said that since joining a store's treasure Mama shopping group, all the food and clothing of the baby is excellent and excellent, moving fingers to the home, the baby has a headache and fever, and a whole backup group as a remote guidance. A consumer who joins designer spike group says that since joining the channel, shopping in shopping malls has rarely been done. This kind of time-saving and labor-saving service can buy fashionable clothes and is very suitable for white-collar workers in the first tier cities.

Different from the fast and efficient form of live broadcast, social marketing brings the high frequency and high viscosity shopping behavior with high temperature. Through the benign interaction with the target consumers, the brand obtains the sole consumption data, and realizes the feedback of products and brands under the warm and interactive cloak.

However, there is nothing new under the sun. Live goods, community marketing is not a new species, in recent years has been quietly fermented, businesses rely on the small groups behind their condensation, gradually in the horse race, the consumption demand under the diverting line.

There are a lot of clothes brands that have been involved in live broadcasting or community marketing. In 2019, the net red group with Li Jiaqi and via as the head saw the strong liquidity of the brand. So they competed in the Taobao platform. Most of them opened live rooms on Boston, Taobao, Lining, Anta, Cage, ONLY, Taiping bird and so on.

The difference now is that in the past, live broadcast and social marketing were just one of the many styles of clothing brands, and now become the most important or the most effective way.

At the same time, the clothing brand is not only broadcast through the internal staff, but also linked the head net red of each live broadcast platform, taking La Natsu Bell as an example, since it has been stationed in Taobao and fast broadcast studio, it is estimated that nearly 100 million yuan has been recovered.

What is the magic of live broadcasting and community marketing?

Why is the live broadcast and the community economy so magical? This is mainly due to the development of digital economy.

In the traditional consumption mode, the shopping behavior of consumers to shopping malls and stores is random, and whether the purchase is successful or not depends on whether consumers choose the satisfactory products, and the supply side basically sits passively waiting for customers to come to the door.

With the development of live broadcasting platform and social marketing, operators can analyze consumers' purchase requests by means of big data, and then complete the selection process through net red, anchor and the buyers behind. They use online channels to give vivid display and experience sharing to product experience, so that consumers can understand products more directly. In this process, it has increased knowledge to the already purchased users, is recreational entertainment for potential users, and satisfies the novelty seeking psychology; for the supply side, it is a form of active attack, which can quickly match consumer demand and achieve direct realization.

In fact, many brands have already laid out a social marketing model, and all kinds of spike groups in Taobao are still moving, but consumers are tired of fragmented information. The good news is that live broadcast is coming, and the form of live + community is the opportunity to catch long lines for big fish.

If live broadcasting is the net for fishing in the sea, the community is to build pond and fish. For the brand side, they can conduct accurate video streaming through live short videos, conduct intensive intensive operation of old customers through the community, classify and grade potential customers, improve conversion rate and customer introduction.

With the help of live broadcast + community marketing, the brand can create an ecological system, reshape the relationship between people, goods and fields, and form a complete closed loop of supply and demand.

Today, the epidemic has changed people's consumption behavior and psychology. Predictably, consumption and channels are being reshaped, and the epidemic is accelerating this process.
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