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Jimei, Wear A Dress To Go Outing!

2020/3/18 10:17:00 0


In spring, when the temperature gets warmer, the girls who like to wear skirts can't wait. The dress in the wardrobe in spring is not small. Today Xiaobian comes to introduce some fashionable dress for spring 2020.
1, caramel colored dress

In the spring of 2020, a caramel dress is still needed. It is much deeper than the light camel. It is more white skin. And the actual effect of wearing a half body is very feminine. It has a strong sense of modernity. The wooden buttons on the chest enhance the interest of retro feeling, and the Caramel dress has to admit that it has been very popular.

2. Red bean dresses.

2020 the popular red bean paste is an elegant and fashionable color. Many MM love red bean red and red lipstick, let alone the red bean dresses. The color is really no one, very beautiful, soft and gentle dress, to show you the sexy side of a lady.

3. Mustard yellow dress.

The popular mustard yellow dress in spring gives people a sense of retro charm, advanced, innocent, sweet, sexy, charming, a very fine color, and mustard sauce with a pale yellow dress.

4, black dress

The black dress does not need to be said. Even in a thousand ways, the black dress is still fashionable, and the overall design style is elegant and unassuming. It is necessary to plant the black skirt of the tree.

5, purple pink dress.

Purple pink will be included in the 2020 spring fashion color, and the long skirt is sexy and not exposed. It will be a beautiful thing to show the temperament of the girl herself.

6, lace element

The lace element has always been a frequent visitor in fashion circles. After all, its romantic and elegant style can show the unique temperament of women. In the 18 spring and summer fashion week, the design of lace is more meaningful. The design of the lace jacquard is hollowed out, highlighting the overall sense of design, and when the flowers bloom on the dress, they show their gentle beauty.

7, broken flower elements

The dress that breaks the flowers in the countryside will shine brilliantly in spring and summer this year. When the dress conceals the lovely and delicate flower effect, it gives fresh and elegant visual effect. Auricularia auricula and exquisite buckle decorations add a lot of retro style to the overall shape.

In this blooming spring season, it is best to wear a bright and non looting dress. It looks soft and temperamental. Spring dress recommendation is here. Jimei people go to action, buy and buy!
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