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CEO Ding Shizhong Of Anta Group Reiterates Group Objectives

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From 16 billion 700 million to 24 billion 100 million to 34 billion, the sports brand Anta group took only three years.

Look at the performance of Anta group:

Revenue grew 40.8% to 33 billion 930 million yuan;

Net profit increased 30.3% to 5 billion 340 million yuan;

Operating profit increased by 52.5% to 8 billion 690 million yuan...

This is also the three core indicator of double-digit growth for 6 consecutive years.

How did the Anta group go all the way in 2020? What is the plan for the acquisition of amamin in 2019? What is the impact of the global epidemic on Anta?

Despite the fact that Anta Group Chairman and CEO Ding Shizhong reiterated that the group's goal of achieving double billion in 2025 will not be changed, there are many difficulties facing Anta group.

   Multi brand strategy FILA business profits first super brand Anta

In addition, the brand of Anta group, which was acquired in 2019, includes the professional sports brand Anta, sports fashion brand FILA, Korean outdoor brand Kolon, mountaineering brand Sprandi, professional sports brand Descente, children's wear brand Kingkow and so on, and these brands are the biggest meritorious service of Anta group entering the club of 30 billion yuan.

From the earnings report, the revenue of Anta division increased by 21.8% to 17 billion 450 million yuan compared with 2018, accounting for 51.4% of the total revenue, and FILA brand revenue increased 73.9% to 14 billion 770 million yuan. The two brands achieved a total revenue of 32 billion 220 million yuan, accounting for about 95% of total revenue.

From the loss of 10 years ago to 10 years, it became the most powerful driving force for the growth of Anta group. Zheng Jie, executive director of Anta group and group president, thought there were three main reasons:

1, accurate positioning, in the Chinese sports fashion cut, between Nike and ADI.

2, innovation in overall R & D and product design is the most important driving force for FILA brand.

3, 1950 FILA shops operate independently.

In addition, as a high-end professional sports brand Desanto performed well, the realization of running year-on-year growth of 75% to 1 billion yuan, currently in 42 cities has now opened 136 stores.

"Kingkow, we have re arranged the position this year, and there are also new product lines coming into the market. However, the impact of the epidemic may be delayed for half a year," Zheng Jie said in reply to media questions. "Kolon expects to break even this year."

   5 years to rebuild 3 1 billion euro brand ebb to expand business area

After the acquisition of amamfin, Anta group's small target added "5 years of redevelopment 3 1 billion euro brand" plan.

After joining the big family of Anta group, the new board of directors of the AMF group proposed 5 5 euros development plan of 1 billion euros. The 3 brands of Arc'teryx, Salomon Salomon and Wilson Wilson were built into 1 billion euros brand respectively, and the Chinese market and the direct mode plan achieved 1 billion euros in revenue.

Anta group said: in 2020, the business of amamin group was promoted in accordance with the plan in 1-2 months, and was affected by the epidemic since March. However, because the main products of amover are autumn and winter products, accounting for more than 65%. If the global epidemic is effectively controlled before autumn and winter, the company is confident that its impact on the annual performance of AMF can be kept within the controllable range.

From the perspective of the ancestors, the transformation of Anta group is also proceeding in an orderly way.

"The past ten months are mainly to enhance the overall image of the entire store and to present it to consumers in the most professional and high-end way." Zheng Jie mentioned the future planning of the birds in the media Q & A: "while maintaining the original high-end outdoor professional sports positioning, it gradually extended to the demand of high-end business leisure consumers, and I believe in the future. In the three year, we can see that the birds grow vigorously in China.

According to official figures, there are more than 100 Chinese totals in China.

  Offline store "shock" Anta new micro channel

Affected by the black swan event, Anta stores in January were almost in a state of shock.

"From the end of January to the beginning of February, 80% of the stores were closed, and the two or three quarter futures orders of Anta's main brand were down by 10%-15%."

However, with the gradual stabilization of domestic epidemic, 95% of Anta's stores have resumed operation, and the rate of resumption of their own factories has reached 100%, and the outsourced factories have recovered more than 90% of their capacity.

"Sports goods industry is not an extremely demanding industry, but the epidemic is also invisible to the ordinary people, a very important concept is the importance of health, so our industry will gradually improve in the future."

Zheng Jie expects Anta group to return to normal level in the second half of this year. Such confidence comes from Anta group's cash and cash equivalents on the one hand, reaching RMB 18 billion yuan, on the other hand is Anta's full channel layout.

"In February of this year, we opened up a new supplier of e-commerce, the rapid development of micro commerce and micro commerce, which made our online businesses more vulnerable to online business, and online businesses could make up for the lack of offline business."

Zheng Jie pointed out that Anta group has greatly increased the promotion of online business after the outbreak. At the same time, it has also effectively negotiated with the major department stores for rents of shopping malls and shops, so as to reduce rent and reduce the ratio of rental to sale, so that the operation cost can be effectively controlled.

Delays and cancellations of sports events will affect marketing plans and new products will be released as scheduled.

With the spread of the epidemic in the world, the cancellation of sports events and the postponing of the Olympic Games are bound to have a certain impact on Anta group.

Zheng Jie also said frankly, "the most important marketing activities of Anta will focus on the basketball league matches and NBA stars' China trip. This year will be greatly affected."

But the epidemic will not affect Anta's new launch plan.

"KT6 will be launched in September, and products that cooperate with dragon pearl IP will continue to promote effectively in the market this year. The new Challenge202/2.0 professional running shoes launched in the second half of this year will be raised to a new height to meet the demands of professional runners."

Anta is not afraid of the Olympic Games postponed: "if we do not hold the Olympic Games this year, we feel that there will be some impact on the event, but it will not be so great for our overall business, because the whole Olympic Games itself is to promote the brand from the perspective of the brand. Judging from the business, our own judgment still depends on the overall retail sales. The consumption power is getting warmer and more important. It is more important to see consumers' consumption intention and their consumption motivation.

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