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CHIC: In March, The Summer Dress Competition Opened Ahead Of Schedule.

2020/3/30 10:08:00 10

CHICSummer Wear.

Unconsciously, the weather is getting warmer, and spring has come. In this season, which is supposed to be a hot season for spring clothing, it has opened the battle for summer wear ahead of schedule.

When we open the phone APP want to buy a spring coat, but see the full screen of summer wear recommendation, will there be a sense of isolation? No need for trance, summer sales in 2020 will come earlier than before.

The battle of summer wear has been opened.

In accordance with past practice, sales of winter clothing in 1 and February, in March, considering the sale of winter wear, the listing of spring clothes, and the selection, ordering and production of summer clothing, are all familiar rhythms for garment enterprises and dealers. But because of the epidemic, there are still many consumers living in their parents' homes. There is no obvious desire for clothing consumption. There are not many shoppers in shopping malls, department stores complex, and Commercial Street entities. Compared with previous years, there has been a consumption gap. Many brands have abandoned the push of spring clothes, while focusing on cleaning up their winter clothes and spring stock, they have put more chips into summer wear.

Guangzhou clothing trade Mr. Shang Zhou mainly supplies to the clothing store of the electricity supplier platform. He has sold the sales of the winter clothing and the stock spring clothes through the live broadcast and the sale of the social electricity supplier after the year. He believes that the most important campaign in 2020 is the sale of summer clothing, and he is currently preparing for the 2020 summer new design, selection, production and shooting.

More fast brand, offline stores have also started new summer wear.

New brands are lagging behind.

"Our spring store has been put on a summer dress." Guan Huan, chairman of the company, said that there had been a sharp decline in revenue in the spring. According to the actual situation of different stores, the spring stores in traditional stores continued to promote sales. And he is speeding up the pace of work and putting more energy into new summer development and liaison factory production.

Ms. ye, who owns a buyer's shop in Xinjiekou, Nanjing, seems to be fighting a battle in the summer. "The original March will buy a batch of seasonal spring clothes, but because of the changing situation, we are now contacting other designers and brands to try to get more new summer styles, or even consider autumn clothes." Her strategy is to use the new summer dress to catch the eye when the weather gets warmer and the Xinjiekou opens.

More than just stores and channels are actively welcoming summer, and more clothing brands also reveal a touch of "Xia Yi". UNIQLO already has ANNA SUI jointly printed summer wear was put on the front page of the flagship store, and the new UT was also in the store. The promotional activities of Pacific bird's men's business platform were the animated short sleeved summer clothing of "cat and mouse" theme, and the new style of the young women's clothing brand Lok Chi also brought summer enthusiasm to March. The March new product of MI fan was a printed dress and short POLO shirt full of summer elements and GXG line. The flagship store also puts the "summer suit on new" option before the "hot spring sale" and "discount zone".

In this season, which is supposed to be a hot season for spring clothing, it has opened the battle for summer wear ahead of schedule. From January to March this year, the clothing brand was not very good, but such pressure also spawned more brand's innovation desire and fast reaction speed. The CHIC's first online commerce and trade conference, which just ended in March 18th, showed new trends of brand innovation under pressure of consumption. CHIC has invited 58 exhibitors to connect online, including representatives from different channels, such as Jingdong self run, traffic network red live broadcast company, online shop and high-end buyer shop. The on-site consultation and communication are continuously hot, and the case of on-the-spot transaction cooperation keeps on showing that everyone is responding more positively to the development after the outbreak.

In the past 28 years, CHIC has gathered many high quality brand enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, supply chain related enterprises and terminal channels, keeping pace with market changes and paying attention to fashion trends. In 2020, let CHIC work together with you to find the resurrection of Chinese clothing.

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