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The PTA Price Dropped By About 50%.

2020/3/30 10:09:00 12

PTA Price

According to the price monitoring of the business community, the price of domestic PTA spot market continued to decline this week. The average price of the market in March 27th ended at 3326 yuan / ton, down 5.25% from the beginning of the week, down 49.71% from the same period last year.

At the beginning of the week, the market price of PTA was affected by crude oil, which aggravated the pessimistic anticipation of the chemical market and continued to fall. As central banks issued loose monetary policy to stimulate the market economy, crude oil rebounded and there was some support for the cost side. At the same time, the PTA plant announced the maintenance plan in April, and the PTA growth rate slowed down when the supply side growth rate slowed down. At present, the start-up load of PTA devices in China has been maintained at 69.94%, the anticipated restart of multiple PTA devices, and the shortage of terminal demand, so the market still has a cautious wait-and-see attitude towards the PTA supply and demand fundamentals.

   Recent changes in domestic PTA installations

manufacturing enterprise Unit capacity (10000 tons / year) Device operation dynamics
Hua Bin petrochemical One hundred and forty Enter maintenance in January 27th and plan to restart at the end of March.
Hon Bang petrochemical Sixty Enter maintenance in February 3rd, plan to restart at the end of the month.
Dushan energy Two hundred and twenty March 15th parking overhaul, planned maintenance for 2 weeks.
Fossilization Ninety In February 10th, it dropped to 7 to 9, and stopped at night in March 9th.
Hengli Dalian Two hundred and twenty Car maintenance is scheduled for March 12th, planned to restart in March 27th.
Fuhai creation Four hundred and fifty Car maintenance in March 12th, plans to restart this week.
Zhuhai BP One hundred and twenty-five The car has been overhauled at the end of the week, and is scheduled to restart near the end of the month.
Jialong Petrochemical Company Sixty Car maintenance in August 2nd, restart time to be determined

The polyester end of the downstream will be resumed again, among which the PET plant like eagle, Xinmin, Takura Aki and so on is expected to restart next week, and the Chongqing wankai 600 thousand ton plant will soon be released, and the restart capacity forecast is at about 1000000 tons, and the current polyester operating rate is near 81%. But in recent years, there has been a gradual decline in the start up and order of weaving lines. The combined boot rate of Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms is 61%, down 7.50% from the beginning of the week. The price is also dropping sharply. Among them, the mainstream factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are reported to be 5200-5600 yuan / ton of polyester POY150D/48F, 7200-7700 yuan / ton of polyester DTY150D/48F, and 5550-5950 yuan / ton of polyester FDY150D/96F.

   In the past 7 days, the average price of polyester filament market has dropped.

product 2020-3-20 2020-3-27 Ups and downs Year on year rise and fall
Polyester POY (150D/48F) Six thousand and fifty-four Five thousand three hundred and sixty-four -11.40% -40.43%
Polyester FDY (150D/96F) Six thousand five hundred and fifty-five Five thousand nine hundred and forty-eight -9.26% -37.99%
Polyester DTY (150D/48F low elastic) Seven thousand nine hundred and ninety-five Seven thousand six hundred and thirteen -4.77% -27.83%

Xia Ting, a business analyst, believes that the demand pressure is obvious at the moment. Because of the decline of the starting rate of the terminal weaving, the market is still worried about the demand, and the enthusiasm for purchasing is weak. Meanwhile, the export of textile products is increasing. It is estimated that the pressure of textile exports is more obvious in the first half of the year. The negative impact of the end demand will suppress the PTA market from bottom to top. In addition, the contradiction between supply and demand of crude oil is still as well as a set of devices on its own supply side to restart. In the short term, the upper and lower reaches are shrouded, and the short-term PTA spot price is expected to be dominated by weak adjustment.

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