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Fujian Rich Two Generation Sell Wet Wipes Annual Sales Of Over 100 Million Under The Epidemic Factory To Mask

2020/3/30 10:10:00 0

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More than a month ago, the mask factory in Fujian still made wet towels.

Boss Guo Xukai is a post-80s generation, but he is already a multiple entrepreneur. He once failed to sell shoes on the internet shop, and owed millions of huge debts. Later, he created a "wet towel" in the Taobao digital mode of C2M, and now he reaches 100 million annual sales.

During the epidemic, Guo Xukai took the initiative to respond to the demand for epidemic prevention materials and transferred the wet towel production line to the mask production, and the wet towel business had some influence. But he secretly suppressed a big move, "next certainly will be a big explosion."

   Continuous loss

Guo Xukai said his entrepreneurial gene inherited from his father in real estate. In 2010, Guo Xukai spent 500 thousand of his college life as an online game entrepreneur. He went back to his hometown with his cousin and set up a shoe business.

At that time, a dozen pairs of shoes could be sold one day, and the two young men were very pleased. As more and more shoes were sold, Guo Xukai invested in a store. I remember when the business was good, the young students in the small town came to buy shoes on holiday, and shops were often crowded at weekends. On one occasion, a propaganda department of a school found Guo Xukai, saying that it was customizing a group of students to give the headmaster's "graduation commemorative money" hat. After the goods were sent out, a number of schools were added. "Because teachers also want to."

The small business is going smoothly. A relative introduced Guo Xukai to Xiamen to do a "big business", which is to produce and sell shoes for an international famous brand. Guo Xukai, young and energetic, did not want to go to Xiamen. From the source to the sale of the Internet, Guo Xukai himself should solve it.

The shoe making industry in Fujian is very developed. Guo Xukai began to search for processing plants on the Internet. Guo Xukai saw his first supplier in a country cottage in Huian, Fujian.

On the day when the first batch of shoes was inspected, Guo Xukai just wanted to pick up the sample and have a closer look. But he was dragged away by the boss to drink the kungfu tea, and there was no time to check it. Who knows, after the first 5000 pairs of shoes are sent out, there are many quality problems, not glue or thread, and the return rate even reaches 10%.

Helpless, Guo Xukai had to change a supplier, who knows that all these small factories have the same defects, and they can't finish the goods. They are allocated to the farmers in the village. The quality is uneven, and the return rate has reached 15%.

Guo Xukai recalled that because he did not have his own quality control team, he could not control the quality of the products, and the return rate remained high. Not only did we burn up the money we made before, but we lost about one million of our deficit. Eventually his father paid him off.

   Wet towel

In 2015, Guo Xukai went to Zhangzhou on the introduction of his father's friend. He took over a nursing product project of a large group company and reopened shop. He quickly emptied a lot of inventory for the company and began to develop the idea of developing a new product.

At that time, wet wipes were already an ordinary commodity in the United States, but in China, consumers did not use the habit of wet wipes, and almost no cheap wet wipes were found on the market.

Guo Xukai intends to build a "burst money". In the next three months, Guo Xukai ran several countries to do research, "to see what the good wet towel is like."

In the hot climate of Vietnam, Guo Xukai can often see the local people hand out wet wipes and wipe sweat. These wet towels are rough in texture, but win at cheap prices. In environmentally-friendly Japan, most of the wipes are biodegradable, light and thin.

After returning home, Guo Xukai and his team fused the two different kinds of wipes in Vietnam and Japan to develop a wet towel: its size is smaller than that of the ordinary wipes, and it is light and compact, and the cost is much reduced.

The first month after the launch, sales of the product reached 60 thousand. Guo Xukai finally made a comeback.

   Energy of C2M

Third years after the wipes, Guo Xukai got acquainted with Taobao's daily sales of mother and baby products. The good and unwittingly said, "a wet towel is big enough to wipe the baby's fart, actually it can be made smaller and lighter."

Guo Xukai was surprised when he heard it, and the two people hit it off on the issue of "cost performance". At that time, good at that time "exaggerated the sea", he and Guo Xukai together, to develop a burst of money, the cost performance to the extreme.

When she visited Guo Xukai again, she brought the data from consumers. "Now the mother group is mainly after 90, so the design of the wipes should be as cartoon and cute as possible, size, weight, and compression as far as possible, so as to ensure cost-effective."

Guo Xukai is actively joining Taobao's C2M mode and factory digitalization transformation project. According to the accurate market analysis given by Taobao platform, starting from improving production supply chain, we began to look for imported non-woven fabrics, and strive to make the wet towel more "tight". "Open mold is very expensive, but the more production, the lower the cost. I believe I can sell it! "

During the 618 major promotion periods in 2019, a daily sale of mother and infant category activities was a time for acceptance. On this day, Guo Xukai developed the new wet wipes sold in 100 thousand hours in 10 hours, and in the "mid year sale" after 3 days, it has seized nearly 200000 orders, which has become the first daily sale of wet wipes category.

After the success of the training, Guo Xukai also worked together to create a wet towel with skin care formula. "Mothers hope that wipes can also have other ingredients besides water, so we add some ingredients of avocado." This wet towel also sells daily sales of three to five thousand per day. Sales explode brought joy, but Guo Xukai felt that he had made a step closer to his goal of making Chinese consumers "wipes free".

   Responsibility for epidemic situation

Guo Xukai originally planned to launch third explosive products after the year, but because of the outbreak, as a local benchmark enterprise in Zhangzhou, his factory took the initiative to meet the needs of the epidemic and transformed the production mask. "In fact, I don't agree with me, but I think so many people are missing masks, so I stopped four wet towel production lines and two diaper lines."

More than 100 of the 200 people in the factory returned to work in time. Although he did not go to the factory in person, Guo Xukai heard that the local government had recruited many ordinary Zhangzhou residents to volunteer in factories, and made up for the vacancies in the field workers, which touched him very much.

"Workers have long been familiar with the technology of producing wet wipes, but the production masks are different. The ear ropes should be manually tailored and sewn, and for ordinary citizens without experience, they have to learn more."

Normally, the factory produces 6000 wipes for Guo Xukai every day. Today, the factory has introduced new automatic production equipment for mask, which can produce more than ten thousand masks a day.

"Since the new year, the average daily sales have been reduced by 150 thousand," Guo Xukai said.

After more than four years of development, Guo Xukai's brand has grown into Taobao and Tmall wipes. Originally, Guo Xukai plans to recruit 120 new team members this year, but now he has less liquidity. He slowly slowed down the "big game" and now recruited more than 60 new employees.

Since the beginning of the year, the head of the wet wipes has also been affected. The C2M strategy released by Taobao in March 26th undoubtedly gave Guo Xukai a needle in the heart. The strategy will create 10 billion new orders for the manufacturing industry in the next 3 years, help 1000 factories achieve the output value of over 100 million, and focus on building 10 billions of digital industrial cluster clusters nationwide.

Guo Xukai, who had worked with Taobao every day for sale, made two explosions. He was also trying to restore his strength and plan to launch third explosions. Although raw materials are scarce, he will guarantee 29.

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