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Leading The Way To Open Up The "Clogging Point" Textile And Garment Industry Chain "Turn It Up"

2020/3/30 10:15:00 2

Textile And Apparel Industry Chain

The outbreak has brought impact to the chain of supply chain. Leading enterprises to resume production, not only for their own enterprises to press the "start button", but also drive the industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises to press the "fast forward key." In recent days, Jinjiang enterprises, including seven wolves, nine herding kings and rallies, have taken the initiative to take measures to introduce a series of measures to overcome the difficulties of supply chain partners, so as to drive the industrial chain to "turn around".

Solve urgent problems

Pre arranged payment to support suppliers

From March to April each year, it is the order meeting stage of garment enterprises. Affected by the epidemic, orders for many garment enterprises will be postponed this year. But in the past few days, Jinjiang enterprises including seven wolves and Jin Ju have been able to ensure that orders will be held as scheduled by reducing the size of the conference and replenish the order of cloud.

Chen Jieyun, the head of the seven wolf supply chain, told reporters that the first time the seven wolves issued an open letter to the supplier since the outbreak. In addition to greeting, there are more practical welfare policies. In view of the supplier's greatest concern, the seven wolves promised to pay their due date on time, according to the contract time. At the same time, they said that the seven wolves started the supply chain financial business module, and the national supplier partners met the shortage of funds during the resumption of work. They could apply for capital support to the seven wolves, and the interest was excellent.

There is no coincidence. The king also told the supplier that the large amount of money due should be paid promptly on the basis of the agreed reconciliation between the two parties when the reconciliation between the two parties is clear, and the quantity and quality of the products are unanimous. There will be no delinquency. In case of shortage of funds, the supplier can apply for payment in advance (delivery time not yet arrived) and return payment by acceptance.

Eat the reassurance.

Priority arrangement for core factories

During the epidemic period, many funds are also facing pressure from the production of orders. For this, a series of hard core measures of the seven wolves let the cooperative factory take the reassurance. After returning to work, the seven wolves will implement the order production situation of cooperative factories one by one, and give support in time. In addition, it also sent documentary and QC through video to guide factories to resume production in an orderly way.

"When we understand the suppliers' reopening and production scheduling, we understand that suppliers are short of preventive materials, so we urgently mobilize resources, and prepare 300 thousand masks for supplier partners free of charge, so as to support suppliers to return to work as soon as possible." Chen Jieyun told reporters. The seven wolves know well the importance of capacity balance for factories. In the work of product R & D, ordering, planning and so on, they are seamlessly linking up with suppliers' partners. "For the core cooperative factories, we also have the priority in the off-season production." Chen Jieyun said.

The boss takes the lead in selling goods.

Marketing campaign for all staff

The sudden outbreak made the offline sale of the entity store press the "pause key", but pressed the "fast forward key" to the enterprise's innovation and change. Turning the plight into an opportunity, the strong tyrant men's clothing starts the "strong recommendation officer, the whole staff marketing" action at the first time, gradually changes the organizational ecology, the entire staff 100% transforms "the strong recommendation official", and large-scale opens the community operation, with the help of the private domain flow speed, accelerates the sales performance promotion. CEO Hong Boming, a powerful man, went to battle with his national partners and personally distributed products to promote online sales of products.

After the Spring Festival, the circle of friends of Zhou Shaoxiong, chairman of the seven wolves, is full of the smell of spring. Not long ago, a group of models that Zhou Shaoxiong had been drying out in the circle of friends was wearing pictures of T-shirts with animal protection themes and a small program.

The "full staff marketing" of the seven wolves allows all employees to have different sales targets and complete online sales with tools such as WeChat community and small programs. "Rely on everyone to work hard to innovate, try to organize the community, and then we will recommend some products to our consumers." Zhou Shaoxiong told reporters that through the online sales of various means, obtained good sales results. In addition, the seven wolves hundred cities thousand shops are also arrogant return, under the line flagship store restores the work rate to achieve 90%.

At the same time, the "male store", "cloud store" and "cloud store" are working together to provide consumers with safe and convenient services.

Under the guidance of various epidemic prevention policies, we have gradually promoted the operation of 1227 stores nationwide to meet the consumer demand for clothing and clothing. All stores regularly sterilize to ensure that the shopping environment is safe and secure. At the same time, with the help of the powerful male clothing online cloud store, with safe aseptic products, pollution-free product packaging, secure mail service, create a convenient and fast online shopping experience under the epidemic. Strong tyrant men's clothing related responsible person said.

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