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Cotton Textile Export Enterprises Look At This, And The State Has Pointed Out A Way.

2020/6/24 9:10:00 2

Export To Domestic MarketForeign Trade Enterprises

In order to cope with the impact of the epidemic, many foreign trade enterprises choose to "export to domestic market" and expand the domestic market. Recently, "export to domestic sales" once again welcomed the heavy support policy. The general office of the State Council issued the "Implementation Opinions on supporting export products to domestic sales", supported the marketable export products to open up the domestic market, and made efforts to help foreign trade enterprises tide over difficulties.

Expediting export products to domestic market access

The opinions clearly put forward that we should speed up the transfer of domestic market access. By the end of 2020, the export products that are produced according to the national standard for export purpose and the relevant standards and technical specifications meet the requirements of China's mandatory standards will be allowed to make written commitments and sell through the declaration of self compliance, because the epidemic affects domestic sales. Foreign trade enterprises should be responsible for the consistency of Chinese and foreign labels and labels attached to products exported to domestic markets.

Promoting "same line and same standard" development

The paper proposes that enterprises should support the development of products of the same line and the same quality, and expand the scope of application of the "three similarities" to the areas of general consumer goods and industrial products. The so-called "same line with the same standard" refers to the same production line in accordance with the same standards, the same quality requirements to produce both export and domestic products.

Strengthening intellectual property rights protection

To support foreign trade enterprises and brand dealers in consulting the authorization of intellectual property rights related to export to domestic products, and to make patent applications, trademark registration and copyright registration.

Build domestic platform

Foreign trade enterprises are encouraged to dock with the electronic business platform and rely on all kinds of online shopping festivals to set up special zones for foreign trade products. Under the premise of meeting the domestic epidemic prevention and control requirements, the main pedestrian street should be guided to carry out the special activities of exporting products to domestic sales. Organize large commercial enterprises and foreign trade enterprises to develop direct orders and set up sales zones and counters for foreign trade products. Organizing domestic purchasers to purchase foreign trade products at the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), China processing trade products fair, etc.

Play a leading role in effective investment

Focusing on the needs of construction of new infrastructure, new urbanization and major projects (the "two new ones"), we should organize the docking of a number of qualified export products to domestic sales and help enterprises integrate into the supply chain of investment projects. We should guide foreign trade enterprises to actively reinforce the chain, strengthen the chain, promote industrial chain collaborative innovation and industrial restructuring, intensify the upgrading of technology and technology, and participate in the construction of major projects in the industry and communications industry.

Accurate docking consumer demand

Guide foreign trade enterprises to accurately meet the needs of domestic market consumption upgrading, exert the advantages of quality and research and development, apply big data and industrial Internet technology, and develop customized marketable products through personalized customization and flexible production, create their own brands, cultivate and develop new consumption hot spots, and promote consumption recovery. Foreign trade enterprises are encouraged to make full use of the new formats of online sales, live delivery, scene experience and other new formats to promote the integration of online and offline development.

Upgrading the level of domestic sales facilitation

The paper points out that the processing trade enterprises that meet the requirements for centralized taxation for domestic sales shall declare before the date of 15 days or less than 15 days after the end of the quarter.

Financing services and support

We encourage all kinds of financial institutions to provide financial support for export products to domestic sales, strengthen supply chain financial services, carry out the policy financing business under the domestic sales insurance in combination with actual conditions, increase operating capital credit loans and other business revolving credit support, and actively carry out pledge financing such as accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment, warehouse receipts, orders, etc., relying on large business platform to strengthen small and medium enterprises. Trade enterprises direct loan business.

Increase insurance support

Support insurance companies to increase the protection of export products to domestic sales and provide diversified insurance services.

Strengthening financial support

We should make full use of the special funds for foreign trade and economic development to support the training, publicity and promotion, information services and other related business of export to domestic sales, and support foreign trade enterprises to participate in the online and offline domestic exhibitions.

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