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Zhejiang Has A New Way To Support Exports To Domestic Sales. Cultivate Demonstration Area, Build C2M "Super Factory", And Live With Goods.

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Zhejiang Chamber Of CommerceExport To Domestic Sales

   In order to do well the work of "six stability" and carry out the task of "six guarantees" and form a new pattern of joint development of domestic and foreign trade, recently, 9 departments of Zhejiang provincial chamber of Commerce and other departments promulgated the "opinions on promoting foreign trade enterprises to open up the domestic market".

Supporting enterprises to strengthen their own brand building

Support foreign trade enterprises to apply for domestic trademark registration and patent authorization, optimize the business registration process, improve service quality and efficiency, and reduce market access threshold.

To enhance the brand building ability of foreign trade enterprises, help enterprises to develop brand strategy, strengthen brand cultivation and operation, promote the establishment of a list of intellectual property rights protection of key foreign trade enterprises, and crack down on brand barriers for enterprises to develop domestic market.

We should strengthen the publicity of domestic brands of foreign trade enterprises, carry out hundreds of journalists' visits to hundreds of foreign trade export enterprises, encourage the three party organizations such as trade associations, build and improve the brand service platform of foreign trade enterprises, strengthen quality brand introduction, and narrow the distance between export commodities and consumers.

Encourage enterprises to build domestic marketing networks

Guide foreign trade enterprises to increase investment, research and develop products that satisfy the domestic market and transform domestic potential demand into realistic market demand.

Encourage foreign trade enterprises to strengthen the application of international marketing experience, introduce the internationally adopted business methods and management techniques to China, and set up a domestic marketing network suitable for foreign trade enterprises as soon as possible.

Promote the transformation of foreign trade enterprises to online sales, and promote the development of online sales capabilities by means of new ways, such as live webcast, red tape and red tape.

To promote platform brand operation and collaborative manufacturing mode.

Supporting platforms such as Amoy factory, NetEase strict selection, Lianhua whale selection, and Shun Feng optimization, deepen cooperation with the industrial cluster enterprises across the province.

Support foreign trade enterprises export to domestic sales.

Promoting deep docking of production and marketing

The implementation of the "Zhejiang goods running the world" action, focus on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing and other domestic consumption center cities, carry out the "north up", "south down", "eastward" and "West Extension" to expand the market, forming a vivid pattern of "quality, Zhejiang, goods and sales nationwide".

We should strengthen the integration and docking of domestic and foreign trade enterprises, and actively promote foreign trade enterprises to enter the community, enter politics and adopt cloud, progressive streets, shopping malls, supermarkets and platforms.

Foreign trade enterprises are encouraged to strengthen cooperation with large domestic circulation enterprises and large scale e-commerce enterprises, and enhance the depth and stickiness of cooperation by introducing factories into stores, jointly developing products and setting up export commodity sales zones (Special Edition).

We will accelerate the implementation of the "spring thunder project" in Zhejiang's manufacturing and extension market, and promote the deep cooperation between a number of exporting high quality manufacturing enterprises and brand electric providers, and create a group of C2M "super factories".

Support Zhejiang businessmen to build a localized supply chain system

We should support the Zhejiang businessmen to strengthen cooperation and cooperative development with foreign trade enterprises, introduce high-quality foreign trade products into the domestic market, expand the supply of quality, green and intelligent consumption, and promote overseas consumption reflux.

We encourage all localities to introduce preferential policies and larger consumption coupons to promote export quality products such as clothing, footwear, accessories, daily necessities, cultural and educational supplies, plastic products and small household electrical appliances.

We should strengthen the planning and execution of commercial outlets, and encourage the super large circulation enterprises to enhance cooperation with foreign trade enterprises from the angle of enhancing the safety and efficiency of supply chain.

We will accelerate the integration of a number of export manufacturing high quality enterprises and modern service industries.

Enhancing public service capacity

We must encourage foreign trade export industries to build regional brands, strengthen regional public brand services, and expand foreign trade enterprises' ability to expand domestic market.

Benchmarking international advanced manufacturing standards, the study issued the Zhejiang standard for the export of good quality domestic products, and promoted the full implementation of the same line and the same standard.

We should strengthen foreign trade enterprises to develop public services in the domestic market, use various kinds of exhibitions, exhibitions, promotional festivals and other carriers to carry out publicity and display, do well in docking between supply and demand, and promote the development of interaction and mutual assistance in internal and external trade.

Strengthen the development of typical domestic market

Developing foreign trade enterprises to open up domestic market demonstration zones.

To strengthen the typical cultivation of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in developing the domestic market, combined with the implementation of the "three year growth plan for small and micro enterprises", we select a number of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises focusing on the main business, strong innovation ability and leading products in the market segments with a higher share of the market, and explore ways to expand the domestic market methods, so as to form a batch of replicable and promotional experiences.

We should strengthen the typical cultivation of foreign trade enterprises into the domestic industrial chain, encourage foreign trade enterprises to carry out specialized cooperation around the industrial chain and leading enterprises in the industry, and boost the integration of foreign trade enterprises into the domestic market.

Strengthening the protection and application of intellectual property rights

Explore the establishment of a diversified settlement mechanism for intellectual property disputes in Zhejiang's foreign trade enterprises to expand the domestic market.

Focusing on textile, clothing and food, we should increase the protection of intellectual property rights in the dominant industries of export enterprises.

Efforts should be made to solve the problems of infringing trade secrets, trademark malicious rush registration, confusion of commercial signs, unfair competition, patent infringement and counterfeiting, infringement of Internet piracy, and so on.

We should strengthen supervision over the Internet market and crack down on online sales of infringing acts such as infringing counterfeit goods and false advertisements.

We should improve the protection system of geographical indications and seriously investigate and deal with counterfeit geographical indications.

We should strengthen the link between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice and form a joint effort to control infringement and counterfeiting.

Building a good credit environment

We should strengthen the collection, sharing and orderly disclosure of credit information.

We should strengthen credit restrictions, intensify special rectification of dishonest behaviors such as infringing intellectual property rights, set up the responsibility system of credit supervision in industries (fields), and implement credit rating classification supervision.

We should increase the proportion and frequency of inspections to the market players who break the law and lose faith and have a high risk, and urge them to correct illegal and dishonest behaviors.

Encourage industry associations, chambers of Commerce and other industry organizations to establish credit records for members, carry out credit commitments, enhance self-discipline, and strive to create a good business environment.

Improving financial services

We should flexibly apply the policy tools such as central bank reloan and discount, small and micro enterprises loan extension support tools, small and micro enterprises credit loan support scheme, small and micro financial bonds and other policy tools to guide financial institutions around the characteristics and needs of foreign trade enterprises to expand the domestic market, accelerate the innovation of financial products, and comprehensively enhance the financial services level of foreign trade enterprises.

We should strengthen the innovative application of supply chain finance, actively provide financial support for brand channel providers to build up the supply chain system of internal and foreign trade integration, and open up the "last mile" of financing, and solve the problem of financing difficult financing.

We should support the development of banking financial institutions to adapt to the domestic market of foreign trade enterprises, and develop innovative products and services for foreign trade enterprises, such as accounts receivable financing, loan repayment, loan repayment, credit loan and so on.

We should promote intellectual property pledge financing and enrich the financing channels for small and medium sized foreign trade enterprises.

Encourage all localities to adopt policy guarantee + Finance + goods pledge to innovate foreign trade enterprises to solve the financing problems in the domestic market.

In cooperation with the tax authorities, the export tax rebate loan and other unsecured credit loan financial products will be developed by using the information of export tax rebates.

We will promote the application of mobile payment services, facilitate public payment services, and continuously optimize the consumption environment.

Strengthening financial and tax support

We should encourage all localities to improve the mechanism of foreign trade enterprises to help relieve risks and deal with risks, adopt measures such as establishing and operating government investment funds in accordance with the law, arranging emergency lending funds, supporting enterprises to revitalize stock assets, and so on, and implementing classification assistance for foreign trade enterprises to develop domestic markets.

The relevant funds that support business development can be applied to foreign trade enterprises such as "six enter", industrial demonstration zone and domestic brand cultivation.

Implementation of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to help the domestic market to help action, foreign trade enterprises to participate in the relevant exhibitions held by the government, and cooperation with domestic platform enterprises, can give corresponding policy support.

We should speed up the processing of export tax rebates and implement the policy of reducing taxes and fees for small and micro enterprises. We should speed up the allocation of funds by enterprises at all levels, and ensure that all kinds of enterprises' funds are allocated to foreign trade enterprises in a timely manner.

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