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Fashion News Of Guangdong Fashion Week

2020/7/27 18:07:00 347

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What are you going to do?

Nowadays, it seems that you are not doing live broadcasting, and the business opportunities behind it have nothing to do with you. Needless to say, live broadcasting will become the mainstream of e-commerce live broadcasting. But how many live carriers are worrying about the supply chain, anchor and marketing cases every day? Everywhere.

How to break through?

Participated in the“ Boss live broadcast Guangdong Fashion Week“ Live broadcast scene ”Arranged for you!

Why the opening ceremony?

After the precipitation of the 26th fashion week, it has focused on the mainstream fashion media at home and abroad, and gathered the top fashion resources in the industry, Guangdong Fashion Week It is an excellent stage for rapidly improving brand awareness and bringing business opportunities for brand diversification.

Focus on mainstream media

Gather top fashion resources

360 ° let your brand bloom!

As the "starting work" of the latest fashion week, the spring opening ceremony of Guangdong fashion week 2020 will show intangible cultural heritage in the evening of September 8 to promote the value spark of intangible cultural heritage and fashion collision!

This is a good time to gather thousands of fans to love one night. How can you miss it?

Who can participate?

This activity is only open to "boss live broadcast", and can meet the needs of a sufficient number of fans. At the same time, boss needs to have live experience and ability.

The Organizing Committee of Guangdong fashion week will open the most mysterious corner of fashion week to "boss" and its fans. In addition to "showing" fans in the front row, they can also have a deep look at the front and back fields, zero distance dialogue with models and celebrities, and extremely exclusive favorite fans!

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