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Benza Clothing: Designer Sign A New Original Couple Dress Dog Abuse Way You Like

2020/8/4 18:10:00 66

Benz ClothingOriginalLovers Wear

Last season = dog abuse season? Galloping clothes Launch new original Couples dress This may be the most popular couple outfit of the year. Let's see which one suits you best?

The simple font pattern, the pattern of printing and plaid in the designer's soul with the overlapping visual impact, especially the lattice collocation, gives people a relaxed and happy feeling; the blue and white couple color matching is the color of the sky, which is as open and free as the sea and sky.

The design of this fashionable Hooded Sweater uses modern urban large letter printing, aiming to pursue handsome and show personality; the hooded design is more juvenile and adds hip-hop style; the collocation of white and purple is the color commonly used by big brands, giving people a sense of high-level.

This version design of comfortable fabric combined with micro drop shoulder is mainly to pursue the comfort of wearing; the simple and fashionable design pattern of the front chest reduces complexity to simplicity, and brings complexity in simplicity, giving a refreshing visual effect; black and white collocation has always been an eternal classic and will not be out of fashion at any time.

The personalized craft pattern is the finishing touch of the dragon, which makes this garment look more fashionable and beautiful. In the production, it uses the fabric with full sense of movement. After wearing it, whether it is fitness or leisure, it will make people simple and casual. Please ask your partner to go to fitness!

Simple but not simple version design, upper body effect highlights calm and dry; using popular sports fabric, in the hot summer to bring you comfortable and dry experience, the front door forbidden area is also used with special rubber planting technology, wearing it in a stable fashion.

This sweater is made of fresh and fresh fabric, which will give you more flexible comfort when you wear it. The fashionable color contrast design on the side and fashionable printing on the front chest will let you live up to your youth and the whole body will be full of vitality and vitality.

See the introduction of these a few small editor you also have pick style? If you are excited, please leave a message at the bottom of the article for consultation!

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