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Decipher "Heat Chamber 38 Degree Shoes", Why These Shoes Can Keep Constant Temperature Without Source!

2020/8/28 23:45:00 711

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The beginning of autumn has passed, and the cold winter will come as scheduled. This winter, Italy, zero degree with the aerospace passive self heating black technology to come! If aerospace technology is applied to leather shoes, the temperature inside the shoes can be maintained at 35-38 ° without using energy. This pair of shoes has an image called zero degree heat gathering chamber 38 degree shoes. What's the secret of this pair of shoes full of science and technology? Let's find out!

Cross border cooperation between aerospace and handmade leather shoes

The core secret of the 38 degree heat accumulating chamber shoe is the self warm magic super sensitive fiber used in the shoe, a high-performance nano porous heat insulation base cloth. This base cloth is used for the heat insulation of the outer layer of the rocket. Because the material has the characteristics of absorbing, storing and releasing latent heat, it can ensure that the rocket will not have problems due to too high or too low temperature during the launch process, and ensure that the internal components of the rocket can be in a suitable operating temperature.

Italy· 0 degree What I'm interested in is that this base cloth can absorb, store and release latent heat. Boldly apply this heat insulation base cloth to leather shoes. After repeated debugging, the temperature inside the leather shoes can always be kept at 35-38 degrees, which is most suitable for feet. This time, Italy · zero let hand-made leather shoes and aerospace technology to a close cooperation, the use of remote Aerospace Technology in people's daily life!

Why is this cloth so powerful

On the one hand, self warm self heating magic super sensitive fiber is composed of nano porous structure with grid structure and organic fiber skeleton. The uniform distribution of nano pore structure can effectively reduce the air convection heat dissipation and reduce the external heat loss. On the other hand, the core-shell phase change energy storage material is filled with the dispersion process, which can absorb, store and release heat according to the set critical temperature, so as to achieve the effect of constant temperature.

So where did the first heat come from? Of course, it's ourselves. The self heating magic super sensory fiber can collect the heat we generate when we walk, and lock the heat we produce into our own leather shoes Among them, reasonable temperature control according to the temperature of feet, especially in cold winter, can let us say goodbye to frozen feet completely.

In today's advanced science and technology, we are dazzled by all kinds of black technology, like a hot box 38 degree shoes This kind of black technology is worthy of our expectation. If you prepare this pair of shoes, you will not be afraid of this winter!

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