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Li Lingshen, Vice President Of China Textile Federation, Visited Qingdao University For Investigation And Exchange

2020/9/1 10:53:00 0

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On August 28, 2020, Li Lingshen, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, and his party came to our university for investigation and made a report entitled "development trend of science and technology in textile industry" in office building 407. President Xia Dongwei attended the report meeting and exchanged views.

In his report, Li Lingshen deeply analyzed the development status of China's textile industry in the first half of the year, and introduced the important role of industrial textiles in epidemic prevention and control. He said that the China Industrial Textiles Association led the national industrial textile enterprises to fight the epidemic in the first time, and made every effort to provide emergency supplies of anti epidemic materials such as masks and protective clothing, which effectively guaranteed the national epidemic prevention and control work, and was fully affirmed by the State Council and the state Council. Li Lingshen pointed out that China's textile science and technology has experienced three stages: from "follow-up" to "co-existence of running and running", and then to the current "co-existence of following, running and leading". A large number of scientific and technological achievements have been internationally certified, and a complete production system, industrial chain system and technological innovation platform system have been constructed, and the overall competitiveness of China's textile industry has been significantly improved. With regard to the development trend of textile science and technology innovation in the future, Li Lingshen pointed out that first of all, we should keep up with the trend of science and technology of the times and serve the major strategic needs of the country. Scientific and technological elements have become an important force to guide consumption. In the field of textile and clothing, "science and technology +" products have increased gradually in recent years. Colleges and universities must constantly strengthen the application research and industrial promotion of new materials, new technology and other scientific and technological elements. In addition, an industrial revolution based on fiber materials is having a significant impact on the textile industry. In the future, the textile industry will continue to expand the application scope in many fields, such as beautifying life, medical care, environmental protection, geotechnical engineering, construction, national defense and military industry, safety protection, means of transportation, new energy, food and so on. In the new era and new situation, colleges and universities should pay attention to standard formulation and patent, and promote industrial transformation by using science and technology. Finally, combining with the current international scientific and technological development situation, the national medium and long-term science and technology development plan and the key industry technology development roadmap Research Report, Li Lingshen pointed out that China's textile industry will carry out scientific and technological breakthroughs in four directions, namely, new fiber materials, advanced textile products, green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, for a long time in the future.

Xia Dongwei pointed out in the discussion and exchange that China's textile industry has made an important contribution to the prevention and control of the world's epidemic situation, which has also strengthened the school's confidence in the development of textile science and engineering. Qingdao University will rely on the discipline advantages of the comprehensive university, integrate the resources of the whole university, focus on building textile interdisciplinary, focus on the development of ecological textiles, functional fibers and functional materials, medical health and wearable, intelligent manufacturing and major equipment, clothing design and fashion, and play a good role in promoting the industry by science and technology and standards.

The delegates and Li Lingshen had extensive and in-depth exchanges on the development of intelligent manufacturing and control system of textile machinery and medical textiles.

Leaders and teachers from human resources department, science and Technology Department, textile and clothing college, medical department, School of mechanical and electrical engineering, School of computer science and technology, School of automation, School of chemistry and chemical engineering and related colleges attended the meeting.

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