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Is The Price Of Caprolactam And PA6 Rising?

2020/9/2 10:27:00 62

Caprolactam PricePA6 Price

eight At the end of the month, the prices of caprolactam and PA6 chips rose. Sinopec announced that the price of caprolactam in September was 9900 yuan / ton, which was 200 yuan / ton higher than that in August. The recent price of PA6 conventional spinning chips also increased by 400-500 yuan / ton. The so-called "golden nine Silver decade" has arrived. Can the market improve as scheduled?

nine Monthly maintenance plan is not much, the overall supply is sufficient.

Start up and maintenance of domestic caprolactam Enterprises

Name of enterprise

Device dynamics

Shandong Haili

eight At the beginning of the month, the short-term negative pressure dropped slightly, and after that, the production was basically normal.

Luxi Chemical Industry

eight Monthly normal production.

Xuyang, Heze

eight The monthly load is 70-80%.

Jiangsu Haili

The plant was shut down on March 26, 2019, and cyclohexanone was restarted in late August, and caprolactam was planned to be opened in September.

Nanjing Oriental

eight Two production lines will be put into operation in July. In the middle of October, one line is planned to stop for maintenance for about 20 days.

Tianchen, Fujian

eight The monthly overall load is about 90%.

Baling Hengyi

eight Monthly normal production.

Juhua, Zhejiang

eight The monthly load is basically 90%. There is a short-term maintenance plan in September, and the specific time has not been determined yet.

Cangzhou Xuyang

eight The monthly load basically maintained at 70%.

Shijiazhuang Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd

eight Monthly normal production.

Shanxi Lubao

eight The monthly load is 80-90%, and it is planned to stop for 2-3 days in early September.

Shanxi Yangmei

eight The monthly load is 80-90%, and it is heard that the load has decreased recently.

Shanxi orchid

eight Monthly normal production.

Pingmei Shenma

seven The second phase was put into operation at the end of the month, the second phase load was gradually increased in August, and the first phase was shut down.

Baling Petrochemical

eight In the last ten days of the month, the load decreased for a short time, and the normal production was carried out at other times.

Sanning, Hubei

eight Monthly normal production.

Shenyuan, Fujian

Market rumors load 80-90%.

Yongrong group

eight From October 10 to 23, the car was stopped for capacity expansion, and normal production has been resumed.

Source: Longzhong information

At present, only Lubao and Juhua units have short-term shutdown plans, while other units are basically in normal production. Jiangsu Haili has a restart plan in September, but the specific restart process remains to be seen. If Jiangsu Haili restarts caprolactam as scheduled, the supply of caprolactam will increase in September. If Jiangsu Haili does not release its supply in September, the overall supply and demand situation of caprolactam will not change much.

eight In June, the overall operation of PA6 polymerization plant increased to 69% (the capacity base was adjusted to 5.28 million tons). In terms of polymerization in September, there are not many start-up and shutdown plans at present. Weiming Petrochemical's 100000 ton unit has a production plan in September, and the specific plan is not clear for the time being.

PA6 The demand side confidence of conventional spinning chips has improved, and the fields such as industrial plastics, super fiber and film have been prepared in succession. The order quantity of conventional spinning chips in the polymerization plant is good, and it is expected to maintain normal operation in September. The confidence in the field of high-speed spinning is still weak. Although the inventory of some enterprises has decreased slightly, most of them are active adjustment such as profit making promotion and load reduction. The operating rate of nylon filament is increased to 71.5%. The demand side mainly focuses on the changes in the spinning field, and there is no substantial breakthrough in the raw material procurement of spinning factories.

Textile terminal orders have an increasing trend, and orders for clothing and home textiles at home and abroad have recovered to varying degrees. However, due to the serious overstocking of inventory in various links of the textile industry and the poor profits of enterprises, the willingness to pursue higher raw materials is still limited. It is expected that the textile industry will mainly de stock in September, and attention should be paid to the return of orders in the second ten days of September.

Overall, it is expected that the caprolactam market will still be strong in September and maintain the rising trend at the bottom. The follow-up situation in the textile field will restrict the price increase of caprolactam and PA6 chips.

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