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Acceleration Of China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week In 20 Years

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InternationalFashion WeekAcceleration

    From August 29 to September 1, the 20th China (Qingdao) international fashion week, sponsored by China Textile Industry Federation and Qingdao Municipal People's government, organized by Qingdao Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology and Qingdao West Coast New Area Management Committee, and implemented by Qingdao Zhongfang Yilian fashion industry investment group, the 20th China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week was held at the main venue of the international convention center and Oriental fashion center of China Railway Qingdao century Expo City, and The theme of this fashion week is to explore the essence of fashion from the original perspective, integrate the origin of Qingdao's fashion, and integrate with the international trend, so as to stimulate the dual charm of originality and fashion.

Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation; Cao Xuejun, deputy director of consumer goods department of Ministry of industry and information technology; Xia Lingmin, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and chairman of circulation branch; he Yaqiong, deputy director of operation monitoring Coordination Bureau of Ministry of industry and information technology; Zhang Zhongjun, second level inspector of Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information technology; Zhang Qinghui, chairman of China Fashion Designers Association; and deputy director of Shandong Institute of Arts and crafts Dong Zhanjun, President of Qingdao University; Zhou Yiqi, full-time vice president of China clothing association; Geng Tao, vice mayor of Qingdao municipal government; Li Zhongmin, vice chairman of the CPPCC Qingdao Municipal Committee; Zhou an, director of the management committee and district head of Qingdao West Coast new area; Xia Dongwei, President of Qingdao University; Bian Cheng, director of Qingdao Bureau of industry and information technology; CAI Quanji, deputy director of Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism; Feng Wei, deputy bureau level cadre of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Zhang leina, deputy director of Qingdao West Coast new area and other leading guests, as well as more than 300 enterprise representatives and fashion talents from all over the country, attended the opening ceremony of this fashion week.

Leading the gathering of original design

Promoting the construction of international fashion city

The 20th Qingdao fashion week launched the "international fashion center, opening up the international fashion industry, and building the international fashion center in accordance with the requirements of Qingdao's fashion industry and opening up. What is particularly noteworthy is that in the original design trade & innovative life experience exhibition held at the same time, the original power theme exhibition area, the original design brand exhibition area and the original life brand exhibition area were outstanding.

Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation, said in his opening speech that the development of fashion industry is of great significance to fully stimulate domestic demand market potential and drive regional economy and urban development. The fashion industry represented by cultural creativity and scientific and technological innovation embodies the beauty of production, life and ecology. Platform enterprises represented by Oriental Fashion Center are leading the design cluster. Facing the future, we hope that Qingdao will play a greater role in the construction of international fashion city and the development of China's fashion industry. Taking the market as the guidance and brand as the carrier, let the design be better implemented, based on the East, facing the international, and walking with the United States, so that fashion can become a bright business card of Qingdao.

Zhang Zhongjun, the second level inspector of Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information technology, said in his opening speech that in the face of complex and changeable international situation and economic environment, textile and garment enterprises in Shandong Province actively seek changes and actively respond to the adverse effects of the epidemic situation, and accelerate their integration into the new development pattern of domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other. Focusing on the theme of "innovation + Innovation of Shandong Province" and "promoting the development of new industry with the theme of" innovation + Innovation of Shandong Province ", the theme of" integration of innovation and innovation of fashion industry in Shandong Province "is to promote the development of new industry with the theme of" innovation + Innovation of Shandong Province ".

Geng Tao, vice mayor of Qingdao municipal government, said in his opening speech that China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week has been focusing on new and cutting-edge designers and industry masters at home and abroad for 20 years. It has made outstanding achievements in talent training, brand cultivation and market support, and has made outstanding contributions to the transformation and upgrading of Qingdao's textile and garment industry and has run out of Qingdao's international fashion capital The acceleration of construction has played an indispensable role in promoting the construction of Qingdao International Fashion City.

At the opening ceremony, all the guests witnessed the launching ceremony of the original design trading center constructed and operated by Qingdao Zhongfang Yilian fashion industry investment group, the strategic cooperation between Haier Kaos industrial Internet platform and Beijing fashion show, a leading domestic designer professional service provider. Qingdao Zhongfang Yilian Fashion Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Duoxiang interactive cultural communication unit "Fashion Co., Ltd." project released.

Sustainable fashion for the first time

Convey life attitude through fashion

Qingdao, as an important coastal center city and coastal resort tourism city approved by the State Council, its development over the years is inseparable from the help of the ocean. At present, many cities in China begin to have the awareness of environmental protection and put forward the construction of urban sustainable development. Qingdao, as a new first tier city, embodies the responsibility of an ocean city. Therefore, the organizers hope to contribute to the cause of environmental protection through fashion week to examine the adverse effects of global pollution and human activities on the marine environment and marine life.

As a result, this fashion week for the first time introduced the concept of "sustainable fashion" environmental protection, especially the establishment of fashion public welfare environmental protection projects, launched the theme of "plastic Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea" environmental protection action. Together with the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), a well-known international NGO, together with public welfare star Chen Xuedong and well-known original designer Li Wenjie, jointly launched the "protect the sea" whale theme public welfare T-shirt. At the same time, this fashion week also presents a theme installation of NGO art and environmental protection, aiming to break the barriers between fashion and public welfare, art and public welfare, and "break the circle" to spread the positive energy of public welfare.

The fashion show jointly presented by AMOS Ananda, an international street clothing brand, and EXR, a world-famous motor racing brand, was released, officially opening the fashion curtain of this fashion week.

Amos Ananda, a new brand founded by designer Yao Kangting, focuses on neutral style and high street fashion. The design concept originates from the word "beyond everyday". Since the first sample in 2013, the 14th release series has followed this concept. In the theme release of "defender", he transformed his thinking about the world during the epidemic into fashion language, and conveyed the dynamic, free and elegant fashion attitude with functional clothing, outdoor sports and other elements. Yao Kangting hopes to contribute to the fight against the epidemic in China. In particular, he has launched the most seamless reusable mask with a sense of fashion and high protective performance. It is antibacterial, breathable and light. At the same time, the cool quick drying material of black series perfectly shows the street sports style.

EXR, a fashion sportswear brand originated from South Korea, is good at drawing inspiration from the lifestyle of the young urban generation and enjoys a global reputation. The brand "infinitely enterprising 2020" release series comes on the stage with the style label of "individual sports leisure". The details of the iconic racing elements can be seen everywhere. The functional and practical items always follow the design motto of "a little novel, a little special". It is understood that EXR was founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2001, which is the largest racing sports brand in South Korea. Personality, sports and leisure are the new words created by EXR. This is a wonderful design concept of "mixed remodeling of track culture and functional fashion". EXR advocates drawing inspiration from racing car and fashion culture, combining with brand-new clothing technology, to bring new and unique clothing design to consumers, reflecting the enterprising spirit.

Integrating multiple innovation trends

Activate the new potential energy of Qingdao fashion industry

Open integration and cross-border innovation are not only the essence of fashion industry, but also the development needs of post epidemic era. With the opening of this fashion week, Qingdao has entered the fashionable mode of "catching up with the tide" in the whole city. This fashion week, with the Oriental Fashion Center on the west coast as the main venue, covers nine famous city landmarks of Qingdao. It is built through five core contents of "fashion show, forum salon, original design trade & innovative life experience exhibition, art independent space exhibition and fashion activities", integrating fashion, design, culture, exhibition, environmental protection and other fashion elements, to activate the new potential of Qingdao fashion industry.

Over the past 20 years, China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week has been courageously exploring, grafting international cutting-edge fashion elements for Qingdao, maximizing the agglomeration effect and linkage effect, and building a creative gathering platform for traditional industry innovation and transformation development. It has successfully attracted more than 20 countries and regions around the world and more than 300 domestic famous designers to publish their works in Qingdao, and more than 1000 domestic fashion designers are emerging A large number of top 10 fashion designers have been trained, and more than 200 domestic fashion designers have been trained.

At this fashion week, more than 20 well-known original independent design brands jointly create innovative immersive show. The theme days are "international fashion day - original Manifesto", "military fashion day - hard core youth culture", "new fashion day - New Women's power" and "ocean fashion day - new ocean era" as the theme day, opening an inspiration journey with unique Oriental fashion temperament.

As the "art core" of this fashion week, a number of forums, salons, exhibitions and other activities were held in the main venue of Oriental fashion center and yellow box art museum, gathering 20 + industry elites, seizing the historical opportunity of fashion culture renaissance in the post epidemic era, and exploring the urban fashion industry mode. The three-day forum salon will bring more opportunities for exploration and reflection, exhibition and communication from three dimensions: "design enabling commodity power", "original spirit's cultural awakening to individual life field - axis new era" and "original spirit's artistic awakening power to artist's field - axis new era".

In addition, as another important activity of the Oriental fashion season, the Oriental fashion season 2020 Qingdao International Film and television design week opened on August 28, lasting for five days. It has successively held theme exhibition activities such as fashion Qingdao, theme exhibition, Langya award of Qingdao design week, film IP developer conference, theme forum, CCTV Animation children's fantasy carnival. In the Oriental fashion season · 2020 Qingdao International Film and television design week, Beijing Gehua media group and Qingdao Zhongfang Yilian Group signed a contract to jointly build the "Qingdao design center", and landed in the Oriental fashion center and China Radio and television Qingdao 5g high-tech video experimental Park, serving the entities in Qingdao and surrounding areas around the three key design industries of film and television design, fashion design and industrial design Economic development, the formation of "Qingdao design" city innovation card.

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