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Personalized Customization: In Your Eyes, The "Senior Face" Is Customization

2020/9/2 10:41:00 587

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We can always see such a group of people in popular dramas: they are online and tall. They either plan to win the mall or look at reports and data on international flights. They live a good life. Golf, cigar and champagne tasting and art exhibitions are their hobbies. They are called elites. They have a unique temperament in every move

Although TV drama is different from life, we can not deny that with the improvement of China's economy, the domestic workplace elite group is expanding. And want to have the main character of a popular play Perfect dressing style Come on Pick business customization Every minute is the focus of attention.


New elite men's business trip

What kind of dressing style do the elite men in reality have? They don't blindly follow the fashion, don't like to exaggerate the logo, and prefer it High quality fabric, tailored, comfortable and appropriate.

In chic 2020 (Autumn) "fashion customization" exhibition area, the customized clothing for business men is highlighting the unique temperament of high quality. Come to see several high-quality customized enterprises selected by chic for you!

They are extremely serious about their work, pursue perfection all the time, and emit a strong aura. No wonder these new elite women will be honored as Queen. Because no matter what progress they have made, they will not be surprised. Even if there are mistakes in the work, we will also look for various breakthroughs to improve and upgrade.

For these beautiful and charming "workplace Queen", chic2020 (Autumn) "fashion customization" exhibition area also brings amazing high-end business women's clothing customization enterprises.

In the professional field, the elites who pursue perfect appearance and even some obsessive-compulsive disorder will not ignore their shoes. Who wants to wear a custom-made business suit but step on a pair of plain leather shoes? A pair of handmade shoes, using Italian leather all over the body, can help the feet to move more firmly. For the new elite, what they buy is not a pair of shoes, but the ingenuity, quality and luxury embodied in them.

We believe that every workplace elite has its own unique understanding and requirements for work and life quality. The outstanding brand representatives of domestic customized clothing presented on chic have become the first choice for many successful people to create workplace clothing. From September 23 to 25, chic2020 (Autumn) "fashion customization" exhibition area came with "shape", customized brands, customized enterprises, large data, international selection of fabrics, and the ingenuity of design Customized advanced and perfect, only chic selection can let you see the top quality resources.

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