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Dressing: Such A "Long + Short" Combination Can Be Worn In September~

2020/9/2 11:54:00 230

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"Long + short" mix "Short sleeves + pants" is the most popular choice for most girls. For fairies with long legs and personality, "long sleeves + shorts" is even more important Fashionable and more personalized

Part 1: short sleeves + trousers

"Short sleeve + trousers" is the most conventional combination, even in the hot summer, it is also our common way of dressing, suitable for all ages. It is not so unconventional as "long sleeves + shorts", and there will be nothing right Season's sense of doubt

Short sleeve T-shirt + pants

T-shirt is the eternal theme of summer and early autumn. With it, don't worry about what to wear in the lower body. Although T-shirt is a casual piece, it is definitely a versatile piece. It doesn't need more elaboration, and everyone is familiar with it

Short sleeve shirt + trousers

In addition to the classic styles, there is also a kind of blog style, which can be said to be a great variety of shirt styles. The bloom style breaks the classic template and can add some design arbitrarily to make it become a female exclusive piece. The design of bloom is basically not applicable to men's wear. It is a kind of feminine design, which makes the neutral shirt more sweet and feminine. ▼

Short sleeve T-shirt + pants

Short sleeve knitwear is also a popular item this year, especially with the return of polo shirt and the popularity of "slag girl style", which makes knitwear shine in the short sleeve field.

Part 2: long sleeves + shorts

At present, the short sleeves are fashionable and suitable for ladies.

Long sleeve T-shirt + shorts

"T-shirt + shorts" is a very common wear in summer, while the short sleeve T-shirt in summer, in the early autumn season, will gradually change into long sleeve, but this style can still continue.

Sweater + shorts

One of the most popular pieces on top of the autumn sweater is the thick one.

The sweater is also one of the best pieces to play with the "missing lower body" method. ▼

Sweater + shorts

Sweater is the same as the sweater in autumn. It can even converge in appearance, but it is quite different in temperament. There is no limit on the age of sweaters, while the sweater is much younger. The sweater is more gentle, and the sweater with good material can create a "senior sense" and more texture.

Suit + shorts

"Suit + shorts", the popularity of suits and the return of "Dad's trousers" have pushed this group of CP to a climax.

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