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The 14Th China International Exhibition Of Industrial Textiles And Nonwovens Opens

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The 14th cint international textile exhibition was held in Shanghai on February 20. It is the first time for the textile industry to take up the responsibility of the joint development of the textile industry and the downstream industry.

Nearly 500 high-quality enterprises from the fields of industrial special equipment and accessories, special raw materials and chemicals, nonwovens and products, textile rolls and products for other industries, functional fabrics and protective clothing, and epidemic prevention and control materials and other fields gathered at the exhibition and made great achievements. The exhibition is 38000 square meters, occupying the three major exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center, attracting a large number of professional buyers on the first day.

The year 2020 is very extraordinary for the industrial textiles and nonwovens industry, with heavy tasks and high requirements for epidemic prevention and control. The industry will give full play to its subjective initiative in a short period of time and make important contributions to the national anti epidemic. In fact, the application fields of industrial textiles are far more than medical and health and safety protection. They play an immeasurable role in environmental protection, geotechnical construction, transportation, aerospace, new energy, agriculture, forestry and fishery. Cinte20, which fully demonstrates the wide applicability and strong technology of industrial textiles, has attracted the attention of the whole industry.

      On the morning of the opening day, Gao Yong, secretary general and Secretary General of China Textile Industry Federation, sun Ruizhe, former vice president Xu Kunyuan, vice presidents Xu Yingxin and Li Lingshen, academician sun Jinliang of Chinese Academy of engineering, Chen Wenxing, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhu Meifang, President of Qingdao University Xia Dongwei and vice president Yu Hongbo, President of Hong Kong non-woven fabric Association Wu Yingxu and Hai Guests from the Tax Administration Bureau of the General Administration of Customs (Beijing and Tianjin), Beijing customs, IFAI, as well as all units and departments of China Textile Federation, accompanied by Liang Pengcheng, executive vice president of China Council for the promotion of international trade, Li Guimei, vice president of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, and Wen Ting, senior general manager of Frankfurt Exhibition (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Deep ploughing to the top

Gao Yong, sun Ruizhe, Xu Kunyuan, Xu Yingxin, Li Lingshen and other leading guests visited the E1, E2 and E3 pavilions respectively. They successively visited Andritz, Trutzschler, Dalian Ruiguang, ChuanHua chemical, sadley, Ogilvy medical, Zhongfang new materials, sunshine health and medical technology, Beijing Bangwei, tiandingfeng, Oriental International, Sinomach, Taihe new materials, Taihe new materials, Sinochem, etc The exhibition booths of fashion holdings, Shaanxi Yuanfeng and other enterprises, as well as cluster booths of Langya, Jiujiang, Fucheng, Xiantao, Tiantai, Tiantai, and Xiqiao of Guangdong, we have learned about their exhibition situation and their business situation in the first half of 2020.

No matter the industrial bases such as Jiujiang and Funing in Guangdong Province, or the well-known enterprises such as Hengtian Jiahua and Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., have said that in the first half of 2020, the enterprises have achieved good sales performance while vigorously meeting the market demand.

At the Andritz booth, Gao Yong asked about the company's production this year. It is reported that the production orders received by the company are fully saturated and have been scheduled for next year. According to the person in charge, the company focuses on the design, manufacture, installation and start-up of the exline axcess nonwovens production line. At present, there are Spunlaced, needled and hot air production lines.

As a demonstration base for undertaking and transferring nonwovens in China, Anhui Langya took Anhui Jinchun non-woven fabric Co., Ltd., Anhui Fudi Chemical Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., and Anhui Xinyu environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. to participate in the exhibition. Sun Ruizhe has a detailed understanding of the main business and production capacity of Anhui Jinchun non-woven enterprises. The company has a production capacity of 50000 tons of non-woven lines in this field.

During the exhibition, Shaanxi Yuanfeng brought such products as live working shielding clothing, Marine Corps camouflage clothing, police special police combat training summer clothing, permanent antibacterial medical clothing, anti-static flame retardant clothing, forest fire-retardant clothing and other products. The academicians learned about the fabric composition of these special-purpose clothing from enterprises. It is understood that the functional police combat training clothing (duty wear) fabric is a scientific combination of high-strength flame-retardant vinylon, aramid fiber, flame-retardant viscose and conductive fiber, which are made up of the latest high-tech materials in China, and have flame-retardant, high-strength, tear resistant, antistatic and other protective functions.

After years of layout, from Jiujiang to Xiqiao, Nanhai, Guangdong Province, has formed a nonwovens industrial belt with many famous enterprises and brands. The person in charge of Jiujiang nonwovens industry introduced the current development of the cluster to the leaders of the group. At present, Toray, berry, bidefour and other leading non-woven enterprises in the world have set up branches in the local area, focusing on the production of nonwovens, and have achieved good economic benefits. The company's daily production of 500000 pieces of clothing isolation.

Special materials such as berry and berry are used to realize the unique technology of hand washing and disposable packaging. At the time when the epidemic situation is most tense in China, berry group uses the American Standard AAMI 4 grade surgical clothes and the European standard type 5 & 6 breathable medical protective clothing made of berry breathable virus barrier materials, so as to effectively isolate pathogens and body fluids, prevent the invasion of various pollutants such as viruses and bacteria, and protect the safety of angels in white; At the same time, the special structural design of the material will bring the high-level protection and comfort performance into full play.

Xiqiao nonwovens industry pays more attention to the production and development of terminal products. The output value of the local nonwovens industry will reach 3 billion yuan in 2019. This year, the market demand will be further improved, and the local nonwoven industry has made obvious progress. Xiqiao government said that it will actively attract investment to build high-end nonwoven sanitary products industry.

After visiting the filter material industry cluster in Funing of Jiangsu Province and Tiantai filter material industry cluster of Zhejiang Province, Li Lingshen said that different from the explosive growth of medical and health nonwovens this year, China's non-woven filter materials have shown a steady growth trend in recent years under the guidance of national policies. A number of enterprises such as Hengsheng environmental protection and blue sky environmental protection pay more attention to their own development while paying attention to their own development Social responsibility contributes to the healthy development of the industry.

As a famous city of nonwovens industry in China, Xiantao led 18 enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Among them, Hubei Xinxin non-woven fabric Co., Ltd. has brought isolation clothing, protective clothing, experimental clothing and other products.

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Jianghua, who used to make cotton textile products, began to transform into Spunlaced weaving products long before the epidemic. They grasped the needs of the epidemic for non-woven products and achieved a successful transformation. On the spot, the person in charge of the company said that the transformation has caught up with the peak demand and will focus more on the development of industrial products in the future. On the exhibition stand of chemical transmission, which is well-known for dyeing and chemicals, people have experienced the cooling and softening treatment of nonwovens. The person in charge of the enterprise said that the company gave full play to its own advantages, allowing chemical agents to give more performance to nonwovens.

In addition, there are many innovative products on the show. For example, Beijing fashion holding focused on the display of mobile intelligent agricultural sunlight greenhouse, polyurethane soft equipment application, agent clothing and other products. Among them, the mobile environmental protection sunlight greenhouse greenhouse has the advantages of convenient construction, strong heat preservation effect, low energy consumption cost and good climate resistance. Compared with the traditional solar greenhouse (adobe, brick concrete), the land utilization rate can be increased by 30% - 50%. At present, the greenhouse is mainly used in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia and other northwest regions.

A special exhibition area of "anti epidemic hero list" was set up in this exhibition to publicize the first batch of advanced units and advanced individuals in the national textile industry in the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, and affirmed that at this special juncture, the vast number of industrial enterprises put themselves into the fight against the epidemic situation at the first time and spare no effort to ensure the emergency supply of anti epidemic materials. At the same time, the innovative product exhibition area of E3 museum displays the whole industrial chain of key epidemic prevention materials, including raw materials, nonwovens, equipment, testing and technology of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing, disinfection wipes, etc., such as masks head molds for data collection from Japan, South Korea and China, as well as typical anti epidemic deeds of various units Exhibits: the region integrates science popularization, innovation exhibition, process demonstration and story reproduction, showing "meritorious officials and good generals" in the process of anti epidemic in China in an all-round way, guiding industry innovation and enhancing industry cohesion.

Salute the industry pioneer

With the high-quality development of China's industrial textiles industry, a number of leading figures with distinctive characteristics of the times, full of vitality and committed to the innovation and development of the industry have emerged in the industry. With their keen perception of the market and deep insight into the industry, they are constantly promoting the reform of the industry and social development. Especially in the case of the outbreak of the new epidemic in 2020, the industry colleagues shoulder the responsibility of the industry and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

In order to pay tribute to the entrepreneurs, managers and scientific researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the industry, deeply explore the spiritual characteristics of outstanding leaders, and further stimulate the entrepreneurial and innovative vitality of the whole industry, the 4th China industrial textiles industry leaders award ceremony was held in cinte2020 on the afternoon of September 2. Li Guimei, vice president of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, read out the commendation decision: 16 people won the title of "the fourth China industrial textile industry leader"; four people won the title of "the fourth China industrial textile industry (Youth) leader"; Gao Yong, sun Ruizhe, Xu Kunyuan, Xu Yingxin, Li Lingshen, sun Jinliang, Chen Wenxing and Zhu Meifang presented awards to the winners.

China's fourth textile industry leader

Yu Mu Cun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Fucheng street, Funing County, Jiangsu Province

Wan Yufeng, general manager of Shanghai automobile carpet factory Co., Ltd

Ma JinFang, chairman of Yihe Co., Ltd

Deng Weitian, vice president of Foshan Nanhai bidefu non woven fabric Co., Ltd

Liu Rencai, general manager of Changshu Zhentai Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd

Liu Yonggang, chairman of Hubei Wanli protective equipment Co., Ltd

Yan Huarong, chairman of Zhejiang jinsanfa Group Co., Ltd

Li Zhihui, chairman of Beijing quantum Jinzhou Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd

Yang Zhengxiang, chairman of Jiangsu Hengsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Shen Ming, chairman of rupnet Group Co., Ltd

Chairman of the board of directors of Tianjin Xiaoda Material Co., Ltd

Lu Shide, general manager of Taian Luther Engineering Materials Co., Ltd

Zhou Xingyu, general manager of Shandong Xingyu gloves Co., Ltd

Nie Songlin, chairman of tiandingfeng Holding Co., Ltd

Professor Qian Xiaoming of Tianjin University of Technology

Xu Hui, chairman of Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

The fourth China industrial textiles industry (Youth) leader

Wang Xiangqin, director of high tech product testing center of Guangzhou inspection and testing certification Group Co., Ltd

Gu Dongzhao, general manager of Dalian Ruiguang nonwovens Group Co., Ltd

Zheng Haigang, general manager of Weifang tuowang Industrial Co., Ltd

Gao Zheng, general manager of membrane material company of Nanjing glass fiber research and Design Institute Co., Ltd

Advance to green Nonwovens

On the first day of the development, a "Conference on Sustainable initiatives for the whole industry chain of seideli nonwovens" was held.

In his speech, Li Lingshen said that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, innovation driven technology industry, culture led fashion industry and responsibility oriented green industry in China's textile industry have been developing for a long time. As a sub category of China's textile industry, nonwovens have been deeply recognized by the whole society in recent years. With the continuous expansion of the industrial scale, in the context of global green production responsibility consumption, social supervision departments, environmental protection organizations, supply chain and consumers have given higher expectations and requirements to the nonwoven industry. Sustainable development has become an important topic of the nonwoven industry, and is also the direction of the industry's continuous exploration. As an important cellulose fiber supplier in the nonwoven industry, cedry has been committed to promoting the sustainable development of the whole nonwoven industry chain, actively promoting green technology and realizing green upgrading.

Liu Tao, vice president of Saideli group and the business manager of Lyocell, introduced the situation of the sustainable development of the nonwovens industry promoted by the green technology of Saideli. At present, the company actively carries out an all-round layout to meet the market demand. Its green technologies such as UCOS non-woven fiber series and UCOS functional fiber series can provide a variety of sustainable product solutions for global users; at the same time, it actively integrates the industrial chain to create a high-quality supply chain to meet the needs of global users.

The initiative of sustainable development of nonwovens industry chain initiated by Saideli is an important practice in sustainable development, which will promote the green development of China's nonwoven industry. On the spot, Saideli awarded the license to Youkesi's preferred strategic partner, Youkesi's determined innovation partner, and the person in charge of traceability green brand, and held the initiation ceremony of the initiative. In the future, seideli non-woven will give full play to the advantages of the group's whole industrial chain, and cooperate with upstream and downstream partners of the whole industrial chain to guide the public and promote green consumption, so as to jointly create a green future.

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