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National Textile Product Development Base Member Day Held

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In 2020, the sudden new crown epidemic will make consumers pay more attention to product and brand value trust, health, protection and ecological sustainability. Fiber materials are developing in the direction of multi structure, multi-function, super performance, intelligent and green. Under the background of sustainable development, the fourth member day of national textile product development base - ecological and environmental protection materials special day was successfully held in Asia Pacific Senbo on August 29, 2020.

Mr. Liu bintao, deputy director of the national textile industry development center and Mr. Chen Baorui, deputy director of the national textile industry development center, and Mr. Chen Baorui, a senior member of the national textile industry development center, participated in the product development activities.

On the afternoon of August 29, representatives of entrepreneurs attending the meeting paid a field visit and exchange with the Asia Pacific Senbo exhibition hall, the refining / packaging section of the lessel project, and the urban reclaimed water recycling workshop of the company.

In the exhibition hall of the company, the guests had an interesting understanding of the company's development history, group industry plate, raw material source, production process, industrial chain extension, product research and development, marketing, corporate social responsibility, enterprise safety and environmental protection measures, etc., and praised the achievements of Asia Pacific Senbo.

During the visit to the refining / packaging section of Lyocell, Tu Jianzhong, the general manager of attyson blexel project, led a team to introduce the characteristics and advantages of the enterprise's production for all leaders and enterprise colleagues. Lyocell fiber comes from nature. The unique pulp manufacturing technology can reduce the environmental impact and bring more excellent fiber performance at the same time. The fiber production uses environmental protection closed production process, the organic solvent used is non-toxic and harmless, and the solvent recovery is more than 99.7%.

In the process of visiting the urban reclaimed water reuse workshop, the guests understood the production process in detail, highly appreciated the high quality of urban reclaimed water after environmental protection treatment, and tasted them one after another. "The reclaimed water reuse project in Asia Pacific Senbo city is a conscientious project with a sense of social responsibility, which is especially worth learning from enterprises in northern China, which is not rich in water resources," said LV Zhijia, director of technology research and development center of Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd., who participated in the activity.

Through the form of field visit and mutual learning and interaction of excellent brand enterprises, this member day activity has given full play to the advantages of the base platform, further deepen the understanding between upstream and downstream enterprises of textile and garment production chain, and jointly promote the new development of the industry.

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