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Local Hot Spots: See How Garment People Will Actively "Do Things" In Xi County, Henan Province

2020/9/3 17:48:00 1

Xi CountyHenan ClothingLi Gang

Under the leadership of President Li Gang, in recent years, Henan garment industry association has not only made the smart daughter-in-law project more impressive, but also constantly innovated. It can be said that it is active and vigorous. China garment live broadcast day, Henan (International) college students fashion week, Huaibin Lingang (International) clothing city opening ceremony The association has made a positive contribution to the promotion and expansion of the clothing industry in Henan Province.

Now, the clothing industry association of Henan Province, which is good at "doing things", "doing big things", will be in Xi county, Henan Province, and have a big move. Let's get to know about it.

ODM Supply Chain Summit of international brand clothing
Henan garment conference 2020
It has been determined from September 5 to 7, 2020
It was held in Xi county Party School of Henan Province.

Xi county is a famous city with thousands of years of history,
One "Continuous flow, continuous growth and continuous self-improvement ”County.

Xi county is the area with the most key projects and the largest investment in Xinyang City in 2020
(road network, education, etc.)
The future can be expected.

The conference was hosted by China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Department of Commerce, Xinyang Municipal People's government, Henan Clothing Industry Association, and hosted by Xi county people's government, Henan clothing design association and Zhengzhou fashion week Brand Management Co., Ltd.

The above picture shows the first preparatory meeting for the implementation of "ODM Supply Chain Summit of international brand clothing and 2020 Henan garment conference" held by Xi county people's government.

Huo Yuting, member of the Standing Committee of the Xixian county Party committee and Secretary of the political and legal committee, presided over the meeting. The meeting was attended by relevant departments such as Xi county Party committee office, publicity department, government office, organ Affairs Management Bureau, Zhang Xun and Gao Yashuang, full-time vice presidents of Henan garment industry association, Li Xiangli, deputy secretary-general, Li Xinxin and Xiao Han, deputy directors, and more than 20 members of the executive team attended the meeting.

A Chun learned that at that time, the leaders of the national industry association, Henan provincial government and relevant departments, clothing industry merchants and associations in developed regions, international and national famous teachers, leading representatives of clothing industry clusters and well-known enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai rim, Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, as well as responsible persons of garment industry clusters and industry enterprises in the province and all districts, counties, towns and bureaus of Xinyang City About 500 media representatives will be invited to attend.

For the sake of high-quality and high-quality participants, this conference has put forward the requirements of high-quality enterprises. President Li Gang, the association's full-time vice-chairman, secretary-general, and heads of various departments personally led their own teams of "inviting business forces" for thousands of miles, and carried out precise business invitation in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan and other places
The theme of the meeting is: "Link high-quality resources, empower county economy, build a strong strength of intelligent manufacturing, and build a strong clothing province ”。

Obviously, this is a big deal——

First, "it aims to promote the industry to seize the opportunity of industrial chain reshuffle, accelerate the development of Henan modern clothing advanced manufacturing industry, and create an important node of global supply chain;

Second, accurately grasp the needs of domestic and international brands, carry out order cooperation and industrial cooperation, and lead the industry to high-end links of industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain;

The third is to show the firm determination and action of Xi county in developing textile and clothing, and the great potential and vitality of Henan garment processing, so as to realize the gathering of excellent businessmen and build "a strong textile and garment County in Central China";

Fourth, let the advantageous enterprises enter, understand and invest in Xi county, and integrate into the 10 billion clothing cluster of Xi county, and become an important part of "Xinyang 100 billion textile and clothing".

The association held a special working meeting early. President Li Gang pointed out that the preparatory work of "2020 Henan clothing conference" starts "general attack", and "three starts" should be seriously implemented, namely: "publicity start", "invitation business start", "show start". All the staff members of the association should exert their own pressure to enter the state of "facing the war" from now on; they should hold the "2020 Henan clothing conference" with high standard, high quality and strong lineup, and make this conference into a high-quality conference, an influential conference and a meeting for the landing of achievements.

ODM Supply Chain Summit of international brand clothing

Schedule of Henan garment conference 2020

The main contents of the conference are as follows:

1. New media of national textile and garment industry enter Xi county

2. "ODM Supply Chain Summit of international brand clothing and 2020 Henan garment conference"

3. "International brand clothing ODM Supply Chain Cooperation docking meeting"

4. "Huaihe New Area · Dragon Lake charm fashion release"

5. Visit Xi county clothing industry chain.

Night view of Longhu Park
Fashion in Huaihe New District

Famous Chinese designer Shi Jiehe
Famous Chinese fashion director Wang Zhe
Strong and strong join hands,
Create a fashion feast on the real T stage of Longhu
(Shi Jie's works: Poems and bamboo slips) it's expected!

Everything is ready and there is no shortage of east wind
Xixian, just waiting for you!
I'll see you soon!
"All from the official pictures of Henan Province"

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