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Yang Surpasses "Deer Shoes" And Hongxing Erke Leads The New Trend Of Domestic Products Again

2020/9/3 18:40:00 179

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In recent years, with the rise of generation Z, the domestic market has ushered in different consumption opportunities. With the help of the National hot wave and dimensional fever, many local sports brands are rejuvenated, changing the conservative design in the past and injecting brand-new elements into the brand. More and more [Chinese design] are being sought after by generation Z.

Recently, Hongxing Erke's "Qitan urban outdoor" series has swept in. Inspired by the design of Guofeng deer, hongxingerke integrates Guochao elements with Erke culture, creating a brand-new "Xiaolu shoes" for visual experience of national style. Yang Chaoyue, one of the four small flower girls in China, has carried out a series of fashion street photography for Xiaolu shoes in icon-f Shishang pictorial, which has triggered numerous heated discussions.

As we all know, Yang Chaoyue is a powerful actress with beauty. It was recently shown《 Listen to the sound of the Phoenix 》In, Yang Chaoyue, as the female host, not only performs well, but also amazes many fans with her immortal ancient costume. In addition, she is also a fashion expert who loves national style in private. She often likes to play with the national fashion in her work and life. It can be said that the cooperation between Yang Chaochao and Xiaolu shoes is also a high degree of agreement between the two sides.

So, today we'll take a look at this pair of young deer shoes which surpass the same model. What magic is there?

Originated from Linglu, innovating national style

You, deer, eat wild Artemisia. Throughout China's 5000 year old civilization, deer culture has a long history and rich connotation in China. Whether it is the gentleman style given by the literati, or the gorgeous accessories shaped in the hands of craftsmen, it has always been the carrier of people's good wishes and continues to this day. The deer shoes launched by Hongxing Erke this time take the deer culture as the core, and inject the various good meanings contained in the shoes into the new products to create a different style and attitude.

"Hualu" road, wanton

Deer pattern, the symbol of ancient emperors and princes, represents nobility and auspiciousness. The appearance of Xiaolu shoes is a modern deconstructive design, which gives a new expression to the mysterious deer pattern. With the splicing design of brown imitation deer leather and colorful sequins, the shoe body is full of a beautiful aristocratic beauty, and exudes a sense of strength. Supplemented by the segmented imitation deer shoe design on the sole, young people are encouraged to break through the stereotype and deduce their new trend.

Floating experience, one step faster

In addition to the excellent national style design, the deer shoes are equipped with a newly upgraded erkeqi shell insole, which can accumulate and release energy to the maximum extent, and give a soft feeling of the foot. No matter it is for daily travel or running, it can release pressure easily. Inspired by the antlers with supernatural power in Chu culture, the deer shaped TPU grows on the soles to strengthen the heel support, Increase the stability of your stride and make every step ahead of you. In this noisy era, the "power of deer" helps young people to transcend the past, so as to have their own personality and lead the golden age.

Gathering with "deer see different"

Not only Classic color , deer shoes are derived from 10 different styles and colors. Whether it's men's or women's, each color is an expression of the current trend and attitude, so that young people can play freely. From the day to the night, we can see the difference between the two.

In the men's color, Deer shoes It adopts the brown of shenlu, the green of jungle, and the blue of deep marsh. It freely matches its own fearless natural color, dominates the show in outdoor exploration, and releases the power of street type.

And on the update of women's color, Deer shoes It is infused with the color of nature such as summer and sea, each with its own exception of the tide flu. It encourages girls to shine their own daily life and deduce their true self in their daily life.

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