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China (Shandong) International Textile Expo 2020 Opens

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China (Shandong) International Textile ExpoCsiteShandong Textile ExpoShandongTextile Expo

On the morning of September 3, 2020 China (Shandong) International Textile Expo opened in Qingdao International Expo Center. With the theme of "intelligence, fashion, communication and efficiency", this exhibition adheres to the road of "smart textile", leading the application and implementation of new equipment, new technology, new materials, new channels and new models in the textile industry. Sun Lijie, member of the Standing Committee of the Qingdao Municipal Committee and director of the publicity department, Zhang Jun, Secretary of the Jimo District Committee, and Chu Lianyu, President of the Qingdao Council for the promotion of international trade and director of the Qingdao Convention and Exhibition Office, attended the opening ceremony.

China (Shandong) International Textile Expo 2020 opens

The Textile Expo is an exhibition supported by the Ministry of Commerce. It is the first exhibition in Shandong Province that has passed the UFI international certification. It is also an important platform and characteristic exhibition brand of "international fashion city construction" in Jimo district.

At the ceremony, Zhang Jun announced the opening of the exhibition.

In her speech, Chu Lianyu said that Qingdao is an island of youth, a city of entrepreneurship, and a well-known Convention and Exhibition Center City. Especially after the holding of the landmark SCO Qingdao summit, Qingdao's Convention and exhibition facilities have been further improved, exhibition policies have been further optimized, and exhibition services have been further improved. China (Shandong) International Textile Expo is one of the first batch of excellent brand exhibitions in Shandong Province, and also a model exhibition with fashion leading role in Qingdao. I hope that the Textile Expo can overcome difficulties and live up to expectations, and strive to build a well-known exhibition platform based on Qingdao, facing the whole country and connecting with the world.

Song zongjun, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Minister of publicity, said in his speech that Jimo exhibition industry, as an important platform for the construction of "Qingdao International Fashion City", has shown a good development trend after years of cultivation. More than 70 international exhibitions of China's agricultural machinery have been successfully held in Qingdao. The selection of Jimo as the venue of this Textile Expo fully reflects the host's recognition of the development of Jimo textile industry. It is expected that the participants can deepen exchanges, strengthen cooperation, create new opportunities and achieve new harvest in this Textile Expo.

Feng Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and director of the office, attended the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, sun Lijie, Zhang Jun, Chu Lianyu and other leading guests also visited the exhibition halls.

2020 Shandong Textile Expo

1500 enterprises participate in the exhibition and set up 7 theme pavilions

Boost the transformation and upgrading of textile industry

China (Shandong) International Textile Expo 2020 is jointly sponsored by Haiming International Exhibition Group, Shandong textile and garment industry association, Shandong Leather Industry Association, Qingdao textile and garment industry association and Qingdao Leather Industry Association. It lasts for three days and covers an exhibition area of 60000 square meters. There are more than 1500 enterprises participating in the exhibition, including sewing equipment exhibition, surface accessories and yarn exhibition, and textiles Seven theme exhibitions, including printing industry exhibition, leather shoe machine and shoe material exhibition, clothing supply chain exhibition, epidemic prevention materials exhibition and labor protection products exhibition, cover the textile upstream and downstream industries and provide enterprises with one-stop exhibition experience.

"What we are exhibiting this time are some automatic woven knitting equipment. Every year, the exhibition gives us a sense of innovation." Chen Ming, an exhibitor, said, "for example, the docking meeting between enterprises and exhibitors, new product launch, and new product evaluation are all things we are interested in."

"The exhibition has been held in Jimo for three years, and the Jimo government and the Council for the promotion of international trade (CCPIT), which is very attractive to us, including exhibitors, and has good infrastructure, which can accommodate 100000 square meters. The textile and clothing industry in Jimo is very good. Coming here and complementing with the industry can promote the development of the industry and support the exhibition. " Haiming International Exhibition Group Chairman menzhenchun told reporters.

Over the past 20 years, Shandong Textile Expo has been firmly committed to the road of "smart textile". With professional, standardized and international operation, it is known as the "preferred platform of textile and garment ecological industrial chain in northern China". It is the largest, most effective, highest transaction, and most historical exhibition of textile and garment industry chain in North China. More than 300 textile enterprises participated in the exhibition.

"As a local epidemic prevention material production company in Jimo, we are very happy to participate in the local exhibition held in Jimo, which has a good promotion on the products, layout and overall image of our company in the whole market." Li Zhuwen, an exhibitor, said.

The long-term advantages of the textile and ink industry, such as the textile and ink industry, have been well developed. Jimo was awarded the title of "China's knitting city" by China knitting Association, and was recognized as the only "textile and clothing industry cluster" and "China's knitting industry over 10 billion key cluster" in Shandong Province.

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