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Hundreds Of Thousands Of Meters Of Inventory, Textile Boss Alert: Overcapacity Is Very Dangerous!

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In the first half of the year, the market did not improve because the epidemic situation was not well controlled, but this does not mean that there are no hot products. Among them, imitation acetic acid fabric is very prominent. After half a year, I don't know what is the current situation of the imitation acetate bar which was once "popular" in April and may?

Hundreds of thousands of meters have been sold out,

Fresh on the machine but seconds change inventory!

Speaking of the upsurge of imitation acetate bar, I believe that many textile people should also have some understanding. In April and may, many textile owners sold out of stock, but when they began to produce fresh products, they ended up with a full stock!

“  Several weavers I know have sold their hundreds of thousands of meters of imitation acetic acid sliver in the first half of the year. Because of the hot sales, they began to produce them again. But now these manufacturers who do market goods have hundreds of thousands of meters of imitation acetic acid in stock, so they can't sell them! ”A textile trade boss said.

The "flowering period" of imitation acetate bar in textile circle is really too short. It is understood that the hot sale only lasted about 10 days. This wave of upsurge can be said to be fierce. Many textile owners think that the imitation acetic acid fabric is hot, and they start to produce it crazily. However, they never thought that the hundreds of thousands of meters have become inventory now, and even no one wants to sell them at a low price.

When it's hot, it's 5 yuan / meter,

Lonely when more than 3 yuan no one asked!

Nowadays, the prices of some hot selling products have decreased compared with those in the past years, let alone some products with no heat. "This imitation acetate bar was at its peak when it was about 5 yuan / meter. Now, no one wants more than 3 yuan, and the price is at a loss." A textile boss in Shengze said.

    It is understood that the cost price of the fabric is about 4.5 yuan. In the first half of the year, the price is about 5 yuan / meter. The profit margin is not big. The imitation acetic acid series can be regarded as a relatively high-end product in the fabric. In the past years, it usually can buy more than 5 yuan. This year, due to the special situation, it does not have any advantage in price. Now September should be the hot selling period of autumn and winter fabrics, but As a result, some hot products in the early stage have overcapacity due to textile owners following suit. Now they can only sell them at low prices. The old problem of overcapacity still can not be eliminated.

Textile boss Alert:

Blindly follow the trend, overcapacity! In the end, you lose yourself

      The problem of overcapacity has always existed in the textile industry. This year's original market is not as good as that of previous years. Textile owners must be very anxious to face such a market situation, so they have a blind following mentality of weaving what is good to sell. It may be profitable in previous years, but this year is not the same, the demand is small, and the popularity of hot-selling varieties is also shorter than in previous years As a result, the textile owner just knew that this product was selling well and began to produce it on the machine. When he finished the production and was ready to sell, the heat of the product had passed. In the end, not only did the cloth sell much, but also the inventory was much more.

In fact, such examples are not rare. In the early stage, there was a hot-selling variety of British skew. At first, almost everyone knew that it was selling well. The trade owners gave orders for hundreds of thousands of meters. However, half a month later, the popularity of British skew gradually faded, and many textile owners suffered losses.

      In a word, in this year's market, textile boss no matter what kind of gray cloth they produce, they need to think twice. If they are not careful, they will become inventory. If they put them away and sell them later, the price will be greatly reduced. The problem of overcapacity is very serious in the textile circle. If this problem is not solved, it is difficult to really improve the market situation. Textile owners should be vigilant In the market is not good now add fuel to the fire!

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