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News Of The Association: Liu Jiaqiang Was Elected The New Chairman Of The China Maoist Association

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On August 31, China Wool Textile Industry Association The sixth general meeting, the first meeting of the Sixth Council and the Fifth Annual Conference on innovation and development of China's wool textile industry were held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. The meeting summarized the work of the Fifth Council and elected a new board of directors. Liu Jiaqiang was elected president of the Sixth Council of China Wool Textile Industry Association, 31 vice presidents including Chen guide and Zhang Jingwei were elected as secretary general.

      China Textile Industry Federation Gao Yong, Secretary General of the Party committee and Secretary General; Yang Zhaohua, vice president; sun Xiaoyin, deputy secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission and director of human resources department; Han Ping, President of Jiangsu Textile Industry Association; Ren Xingzhou, former director of market economy Research Institute of development research center of the State Council More than 200 representatives of wool textile enterprises from all over the country attended the meeting. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the meeting was held by combining on-site and online meetings, with nearly 200 enterprise representatives attending the meeting online.

The meeting was first presided over by Liu Yan, Secretary General of the Fifth Council of the China Maoist Association.

       China Wool Textile Industry Association Peng Yanli, President of the 5th council Report on the work of the Fifth Council. She said that over the past five years, the complicated political and economic and trade environment at home and abroad has brought a huge impact on the development of the wool textile industry. The wool textile industry not only bears the restriction of external pressure such as market, environmental protection and financing, but also overcomes the influence of many unfavorable factors such as raw material fluctuation, fiber substitution and consumption awareness weakening. The industry development is in the adjustment and upgrading stage of seeking stability in difficulty, worry in stability, and change in worry, which brings new changes in the structure and industrial layout of enterprises. Taking wool textile enterprises in the upper and middle reaches of the industrial chain as an example, according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, from 2016 to 2019, the number of Enterprises above the scale of wool textile and dyeing, finishing and finishing processing decreased from 1181 to 950, the operating income decreased from 277.8 billion yuan to 131.5 billion yuan, and the total profit decreased from 14.1 billion yuan to 2.4 billion yuan, with an average annual decline of 5.3%, 17.1% and 25.8% respectively. Although the adjustment of statistical caliber has an impact on the data results, the survival space of the industry has been squeezed, the market share has been compressed, and the overall operation quality has declined obviously.

She said that in the face of difficulties, more and more enterprises have taken the initiative to adjust and actively seek changes. Through quality improvement, scientific and technological innovation, and management efficiency, they have attracted and gathered high-quality resources in the industry, and gradually transformed from scale development to quality and efficiency. The main business income of the five wool textile enterprises listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen tracked by the China wool Association in 2019 totaled 10.48 billion yuan, an increase of 7.3% compared with the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, and the proportion of wool textile enterprises above the designated size increased from 2.8% to 8.0%; small and medium-sized enterprises taking the road of specialized, refined and special development focused on strengthening their own advantages and striving to maintain their competitive position in the market. For example, cashmere raw materials and products, as China's unique products, have maintained a steady growth of 2.3% in the past five years. Among them, the annual average growth of the export volume of cashmere yarn and cashmere sweater is 3.7% and 3.9% respectively. However, enterprises that rely on extensive development mode to survive are facing more severe challenges.

She pointed out that the echelon effect of the current wool textile industry is relatively more obvious, and the industrial concentration is further improved in the adjustment. Therefore, the more the industry is in the downward pressure predicament, the more the industry needs to change the development mode, optimize the economic structure and transform the growth momentum, so as to adjust and upgrade, and promote the high-quality, sustainable, coordinated and healthy development of the industry.

She said that over the past five years, all the members of the Fifth Council of the China Maoist Association have overcome difficulties and made concerted efforts. With the active participation of members and the strong support of all members, the Secretariat has continuously innovated service modes centering on the new needs of the industry and the new orientation of Science and technology, green and fashion development, and constantly extended the overall work of the association to a new level, Create a "new situation", provide more accurate services for members, and promote the progress of the industry in the adjustment. It is embodied in the following aspects: first, carry out industry research to further clarify the development direction of the industry; second, carry out innovative work around the new orientation of textile industry development; third, grasp the industry hot spots, and the work of professional committees has achieved remarkable results; fourth, promote talent construction; fifth, serve industrial clusters to assist regional transformation and upgrading; sixth, enhance international exchanges and expand cooperation space; fourth, enhance international exchanges and expand cooperation space; The seventh is to strengthen the organization construction of the association to ensure the normal development of the association work; the eighth is to improve information statistics and strengthen member services.

In view of the future development, she stressed that the current wool textile industry still faces many tasks in the transformation of development mode to low-carbon economy, technological progress and intensive growth; the industry also faces many challenges due to the superposition of external risks and the increase of hidden dangers. Therefore, the task of the China Wool Textile Association is still arduous. We hope that we can make joint efforts to innovate ideas, overcome the difficulties, speed up the adjustment and upgrading, and continue to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the wool textile industry.

The meeting deliberated on the work report and financial revenue and expenditure report of the Fifth Council of the China Maoist Association and unanimously adopted it. It also explained the amendment of the constitution of the China Maoist Association, the method and standard of fee charging.

Later, sun Xiaoyin, deputy secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission and director of Human Resources Department of China Textile Industry Federation Read out the recommendation letter from the Party committee of China Textile Industry Federation, recommending the person in charge of the meeting, recommending Liu Jiaqiang as the president of the Sixth Council of China wool Association, Liu Yan and Liu Dan as vice presidents, and Zhang Jingwei as the Secretary General.

The meeting explained the establishment of the Sixth Council of the China Maoist Association and the recommendation of candidate directors and responsible persons. Through deliberation and voting, the meeting elected Liu Jiaqiang as the chairman of the sixth board of directors of the China Maoist Association, 31 directors of Dongguan guide Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Chen guide and other 31 were elected as vice presidents of the Sixth Council of the China Mao Association, and Zhang Jingwei was the Secretary General; 167 people, such as Bian Changyu, general manager of Gaoyang Rongyi Carpet Industry Co., Ltd., were elected as the directors of the Sixth Council of the China Maoist Association; Chen Lifen, chairman and general manager of Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd., is recommended to be the special vice-chairman of the sixth board of directors.

The meeting then invited relevant leaders to offer suggestions and suggestions for the future development of the wool textile industry, which was held by the newly elected Zhang Wei, Secretary General of Beijing Association host.

Newly elected President Liu Jiaqiang Speaking on behalf of the new Council. Liu Jiaqiang first of all thanks for the strong support of the wool textile industry from all walks of life. In particular, in order to thank Peng Yanli for his contribution to the wool textile industry, Liu Jiaqiang, entrusted by all the delegates present, invited Zhang Zhi, chief engineer of Inner Mongolia Erdos Resources Co., Ltd., to present the commemorative trophy of "outstanding contribution of wool textile industry" to Peng Yanli.

Liu Jiaqiang said that next, under the leadership of the Party committee of China Textile Industry Federation, the opinions of vice presidents, directors and members will be widely listened to, and the collective role of the Council will be brought into full play. In accordance with the requirements of providing services, reflecting demands and standardizing behaviors, promoting the development of the wool textile industry, we will achieve democratic deliberation, democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision, and make the association a federation We should unite our colleagues in the Secretariat, work hard, keep pace with the times and innovate constantly. He said that we should focus on five things: first, strengthen the study and education of political, ideological and moral, grasp the changing trend of the times and correctly guide the business work; second, strengthen the organizational construction and improve the association system; third, adhere to the concept of serving the establishment and rejuvenation of the Association, so as to provide the members with services such as market, science and technology, information, talents, brands and international exchanges; The fourth is to strengthen industry self-discipline and advocate healthy competition; the fifth is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. "As the largest consumer of raw wool and the largest exporter of wool products in the world, under the strategic framework of" community of shared future for mankind ", we should unite our colleagues in the industry, continue to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the international wool textile industry, and enhance the international influence of China's wool textile industry." Liu Jiaqiang said.

Han Ping, President of Jiangsu Textile Industry Association Congratulations on the establishment of the Sixth Council of directors, express high respect and thanks to President Peng Yanli for his contributions to the wool textile industry over the years, especially for the strong support and guidance given by the China wool Association for the wool textile industry in Jiangsu Province for a long time. In the first half of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the textile industry is facing unprecedented challenges, and Jiangsu textile enterprises have also experienced a serious impact. He closely introduced the current situation of Jiangsu textile industry and the textile industry of Jiangsu Province, and made contributions to the development of China's textile industry.

Gao Yong, party secretary and Secretary General of China Textile Industry Federation He expressed his affirmation of the work and achievements of the Fifth Council of the China Maoist Association and congratulated the new Council. He said that a history of wool textile development runs through the history of human development. The status of wool textile industry in the world textile industry is self-evident. At present, wool textile products are negligible in the total fiber processing in the world, but their position in the textile industry is particularly important. With the improvement of people's living standards, with the increase of population, natural fiber can not meet all the needs of human clothing, so we still need to develop chemical fiber and recycled fiber. The natural fiber will increasingly become a luxury and become the "monosodium glutamate" in the textile industry. For the natural fiber represented by wool, it is the responsibility and recognition of the staff in the wool textile industry to refine and make high value-added products in the future.

He said that in the past six months, the new crown epidemic has accelerated the change of the whole world pattern and the environmental change of the textile industry. We should make a serious prediction on the future situation. However, the textile industry has made a great contribution to the world in fighting against the epidemic situation. 2020 is also the end of the 13th five year plan and the beginning of the 14th five year plan. In this year, the industry will not only experience the impact of the epidemic, but also undergo major structural adjustment.

He said that the China wool association has been operating independently since 1998. Driven by the older generation of wool textile workers represented by Peng Yanli, the China wool association has led the wool textile industry to overcome many difficulties and achieve very good results. Now the new Council has been established, but it is facing a very uncertain economic environment such as the sudden change of the international situation. It is hoped that the wool textile industry will come out of the trough and revive its momentum under the leadership of the new Council in the future.

At the meeting, Yang Zhaohua, vice president of China Textile Federation For Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone issued "China's wool textile industry transfer pilot park" plaque. Fuyang Economic Development Zone was established in 1992. After nearly 30 years of development, Fuyang Economic Development Zone has become an upgraded economic and Technological Development Zone with equipment manufacturing, textile and clothing, green food and biological medicine as the pillar, and has entered the training period of National Development Zone. Among them, Anhui Tianwei Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. and more than 120 textile and garment enterprises constitute the textile and clothing industry, which has a good foundation for development, and has the favorable conditions to undertake the transfer of wool textile industry.

In order to better adapt to the new situation and reconstruct the new advantages of the industry, the Fifth Annual Conference on innovation and development of China wool textile industry, sponsored by China Wool Textile Industry Association and supported by Nanjing wool market, was held at the same time. The annual meeting was held by Liu Dan, vice president of China Maoist Association host.

At the meeting, Ren Xingzhou, former director of market economy Research Institute of development research center of the State Council Based on the title of "economic situation at home and abroad and promoting the formation of a new pattern of" double cycle "mutual promotion, this paper makes an in-depth analysis on the macroeconomic situation at home and abroad and the future development of textile enterprises. She stressed that the textile industry, with expanding domestic demand as the strategic basis point, will promote industrial double circulation. At present, the textile industry has formed a complete industrial system and a relatively complete industry category. It is a pillar industry with relatively complete domestic circulation conditions, strong industrial manufacturing capacity and supporting capacity, and relatively perfect supply chain system. She suggested that the textile industry should take the domestic big cycle as the main body, take the market demand as the guidance, take the industrial upgrading and technological innovation as the guidance and support, strengthen the industry services, and promote the industrial upgrading with the upgrading of domestic consumption, so as to promote the upgrading of foreign trade.

She stressed that the epidemic has had an impact and impact on the domestic textile and clothing market demand, but the trend of consumption diversification, personalization, fashion and branding has not fundamentally changed. In the future, the textile industry should tap the potential of domestic demand and accurately serve the consumption talents at all levels; promote the industry to form scale economy by promoting the supply upgrading with demand; accelerate the key technology innovation in the textile field to improve the industrial technology level; develop the industrial Internet to strengthen the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of the industry; greatly improve the industrial efficiency and reduce the cost; We should promote the development of e-commerce, promote online celebrity economy and live broadcast economy, innovate new consumption patterns and consumption scenarios, optimize and improve various exhibition services, promote the transformation and upgrading of professional markets, promote online and offline integration, continue to expand the opening up and promote the growth of industry trade.


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