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What Did Gao Yong And His Party Say When Investigating Jiangsu Sunshine?

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On September 1, Gao Yong, secretary general and Secretary General of China Textile Industry Federation, Peng Yanli, deputy secretary general and director of science and Technology Development Department of China Textile Industry Association, Liu Jiaqiang, President of China Wool Textile Industry Association, Ren Xingzhou, former director of market economy Research Institute of development research center of the State Council, and relevant responsible persons from Dalang industrial cluster in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, visited Jiang on the spot Su Yangguang group, understand the current production and operation of enterprises.

Gao Yong and his entourage first visited the exhibition hall of Jiangsu Sunshine Group, and gave full affirmation to Sunshine Group's practice of continuously strengthening product research and innovation, actively opening up domestic demand market and its achievements over the years.

This year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has gradually spread and swept the world. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Jiangsu Sunshine Group overcame the difficulties of production equipment, technology and personnel, and transformed the production line into medical protective clothing to ensure the supply of front-line epidemic prevention materials, which has become the strong backing of "reverse pioneers". At the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, Jiangsu Sunshine Group decisively put forward three high-end clothing production lines, nearly 1 / 8 of the production capacity, stepped up the implementation of technical transformation, equipment introduction, fabric procurement, technical research, etc., and quickly formed the effective production capacity of protective clothing against the epidemic. In order to further support the front-line medical staff, Jiangsu Sunshine Group urgently upgraded the original 300000 class clean workshop into a 100000 class clean workshop to meet the environmental requirements of the production of medical protective clothing, and ensure that the whole production process meets the technical requirements of medical protective clothing, so as to ensure the life and health safety of medical personnel to the greatest extent, and has issued 390000 pieces to Wuhan and other regions Protective clothing.

In the face of a large international demand for protective clothing, on the basis of strict epidemic prevention and control measures, Jiangsu Sunshine Group started work 24 hours a day and tried every possible means to ensure the supply, so as to provide the world with the support and help of high standard and high quality. The positive measures of Jiangsu Sunshine Group show the brand temperature and the responsibility of Chinese enterprises.

Due to the early planning and initiative of Jiangsu Sunshine Group, coordinating all the resources that can be coordinated, solving all practical difficulties, actively supporting the domestic market and grasping the international demand for epidemic prevention materials, the clothing production of the sunshine group increased by 40% and the wool textile production increased by 20% in the first half of this year.

Chen Lifen, Secretary of the Party committee of Jiangsu Sunshine Group and chairman and general manager of Sunshine Co., Ltd., said that China has won a beautiful battle in the fight against new crown pneumonia, and the anti epidemic battle of sunshine group is one of the epitomes. Sunshine Group's outstanding performance in the fight against the epidemic is mainly due to its good foundation, high-quality staff, high-level skills and high-level management team. The combat effectiveness and cohesion of the team are tested in front of difficulties. Due to the proper command of the management team, the integration and division of labor of employees at all levels of textile and clothing, and the clear establishment, we can win this battle in the first time. "At present, the domestic epidemic situation has been controlled to a certain extent. We should consider how the industry can develop better and healthily. Therefore, Sunshine Group will focus on two directions: one is to strengthen the intelligent transformation of weaving, try new improvements in business model, and build a "textile brain" as a whole; the other is to build a wool fabric Zero inspection platform based on the existing two platforms of clothing Gaoding, which will be open to the whole industry in the future and realize resource sharing. " Chen Lifen said.

"At that time, after the delivery of the first batch of protective clothing, our main production force turned to the main business again," walking on two legs ". No, more accurately, it should be" three front operations "- prevention and control of epidemic situation, production of epidemic prevention materials, and completion of main business orders. If we regard the production of epidemic prevention materials as a new business segment for a long time, then the next functional materials will also be a focus. " Lu Xiaoming, President of Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co., Ltd., said: "at present, the global anti epidemic work has not yet won the final victory, and the prevention and control work still needs to be done well. Jiangsu Sunshine Group will also continue to pay close attention to the development of global epidemic situation, actively practice corporate social responsibility, and continue to contribute to the fight against the epidemic

Liu Jiaqiang said: "since this year, the wool textile industry, which relies on the international market and trade as the raw material and final product market, has encountered great pressure and challenges from production to sales in the global economic recession caused by the spread of the epidemic. In the face of the epidemic situation, the rapid response of sunshine group, the transformation of production of epidemic prevention materials at the initial stage of the epidemic situation and the strategic decision of actively expanding the domestic demand market according to the changes of the international epidemic situation fully reflect the ability of sunshine group as a leading enterprise to cope with emergencies and resist risks. We hope that the sunshine group will continue to innovate and contribute to the high-quality development of the industry. "

After listening to the report, Gao Yong affirmed the work and hard won achievements of sunshine group. He said that in the process of fighting the epidemic, sunshine group made use of its advantages to quickly switch to production of epidemic prevention materials, which not only brought benefits to the enterprise, but also showed the political responsibility and social responsibility of the enterprise. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, sunshine group not only stabilized foreign trade, served domestic sales well, but also took more measures to seize the market. The strategy of "three front operations" won an absolute victory in the first half of the year, and also created a strong driving force for the development of the second half of the year. At present, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is still grim, and enterprises are still facing many uncertain factors. He hoped that sunshine group could continue to play a leading role in leading the wool textile industry to revive its momentum.

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