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Due To The "Rub" Heat, A-Share Star, But The Actual Profit Fell By 40%! Xinye Textile'S Embarrassing Situation Reflects The Situation Of Many Textile Enterprises In 2020

2020/9/5 11:58:00 84

Xinye TextileA Share

There is no doubt that Xinye textile's unsatisfactory performance in the first half of the year must have the impact of the new crown epidemic. Xinye textile said that affected by the epidemic situation, the supply and demand sides of the industry have also been impacted. The cotton textile industry where the company is located is a labor-intensive industry, and the market is a fully competitive market. The raw materials used by the company are mainly fine wool cotton. Its price is affected by many factors such as market supply and demand, climate, policy, exchange rate, quota and so on. The company will strive to reduce the impact of raw material price fluctuation on the company's operation At the same time, part of the company's cotton is purchased from the international market, and some of its textile products are exported overseas directly or indirectly. The fluctuation of RMB exchange rate has a certain impact on the company's operating income and exchange gains and losses.

The impact of the epidemic has a direct impact on the traditional cotton textile business of Xinye textile. However, it has also become a star of a shares due to the impact of the epidemic.

three month nine The announcement on investment and construction of high-grade spinning and melting composite nonwovens project was disclosed by Xinye Textile Co., Ltd., which was directly continuous in the stock price five After the daily trading limit, we received a letter of concern issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The letter of concern asked the company to specify the planned products and their actual use, construction period, expected production time and whether the products required for production should have other qualifications.

Xinye textile project announcement disclosed that the project needs a total plant area of 7200 square meters, which is planned to use the existing spare factory buildings of the enterprise for construction. Total project investment one point two 100 million yuan, construction period six Months. After the completion of the project, it is expected to produce high-grade blended nonwovens annually two point five It can achieve annual sales of 10000 tons forty-two thousand and five hundred Ten thousand yuan, total profit three thousand one hundred and ninety Ten thousand yuan.

It should be noted that Xinye textile still chooses to raise 20 million yuan by itself in case of not abundant cash flow, and at the same time, it borrows money from the bank one The project of high-grade spinning and melting composite nonwovens was invested and built with 100 million yuan. In Xinye textile's opinion, after the completion of the project, the company's overall equipment level can be improved, the company's product structure will be improved, the proportion of high-end products will be expanded, the company's market competitiveness will be further improved, transformation and upgrading will be realized, and more space will be opened up.

However, referring to the semi annual report of Xinye textile, it was found that the disclosure column of construction in progress did not mention the specific situation of the high-grade spinning and melting composite nonwovens project. August six On the interactive platform of Japan, there are investors who send questions: three In April, it announced that it was spinning melt cloth nine It will be put into production in January. Now there is only one month left. Can the expected production be achieved? Can the mechanical equipment arrive as expected? Or is it three This month's announcement is only for the heat of the concept of rubbing masks ? For investors' questions, Xinye textile said: the company has been trying to catch up with the project progress.

In this regard, a media reporter called Xu Qinzhi, the Secretary of Xinye textile. Xu Qinzhi said that since the project is based on the existing factory building, the semi annual report did not disclose relevant information. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic situation, the import of some key parts has been affected, and it is expected that the project will be put into operation partially after the expiration.

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