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Commodity Display: Store Display Is The First Magic Weapon To Please Customers

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Analysis of failed shopkeepers

  1. Support type:

If you support me, you will purchase; if you do not support me, you will not purchase; if you support me, you will do activities; if you do not support me, you will not purchase; if you are strong, you will purchase; if you are small, you will not purchase.

The passive type is equal to the eliminated type.

   2. After sales service incompetence type:

I didn't Professional after-sales personnel I don't understand after-sales, but I often blame the quality of products for defects, and I can't deal with customer complaints effectively. Do not understand the actual needs of customers and do not study.

   3. Waiting type:

I sit in the shop all day long and commute like an urban white-collar worker. I don't know Changes in the market Geometry; always looking at boring videos and news at computers and landlords all day, thinking that one day when the brand is famous, he can also make money. He didn't know that he needed to succeed

  4. Complaint type:

"The market is not good now", "business is not as good as the previous two years", "there is no one in the rain today", "no one is busy farming now", "no one is hot at noon"

In his mouth every day nagging is a negative, decadent, lazy language signal. Only know oneself groaning, do not know to explore the market trajectory.

  5. Drag type:  

Everything is done slowly. It takes months to choose a brand. It takes a long time to open a business, to do activities, to recruit people. I am carefully investigating the market and employees. I don't want to waste any money. In fact, they are making excuses for themselves.

   6. Just talk but not practice type:

We will find that there are many shopkeepers who are very good at saying that one set of things seems to be really correct, and it is also very logical and common sense. They have said it many times and for many years, but the practice is really not much. Even if they act, they just try to stop at once.

It doesn't have any effect, but you find out where he still talks.

   7. Price sensitive type:

The sensitivity to price is higher than that of everyone. As long as you set a price, he will think it is very high, because in his mind, as long as the cheap is good to sell.

But let's think about it. If we multiply by 2 as the profit of sales, which profit is considerable when we buy a product with a price of 20 yuan or a product with a price of 200 yuan. The quality is better, and it can hold customers firmly

   8. Confused thinking type:

In fact, he didn't even have messy ideas. Instead, he went with the flow of the market, wandered around the world, or secretly recorded something and came back to practice. In the process, he didn't need to negotiate with others. Work hard alone.

What he needs is to communicate with more people, more shopkeepers and salesmen, and really understand the needs of customers.

Analysis of successful shopkeepers

   1. Set up sales team type:

The first-class shopkeepers attach importance to the team and expand the scale. The second-class shopkeepers exploit sales promotion and make strategies. The third-class owners sell products and compete for prices. He attaches great importance to the cultivation and use of talents and boldly introduces talents. They don't care about the loss of short-term interests, and they don't care about the salary of employees more than their relatives.

   2. Clear target type:

He knows the market, the schedule, the time and the way he wants. And effectively through some feasible measures to achieve their own goals and implementation plan. He gradually decomposes the big goal into numerous small targets, one by one to break down.

  3. Focus on store image type:

He is very sensitive to the door, the image wall and the exhibition stand. When there is a mistake in some small details, he will not let it go. He must meet his own requirements. He is a perfectionist.

4. Know the type of profit:

Pay more attention to the overall source of profits, not the overall sales. Always afraid that after a year, there is no money in the account. He knows where his profit source is.

5. Not giving up easily

He will cooperate with a promising potential brand for more than 2 years, 5 years and more than 10 years. He will follow you to do what you do. He actually supports one person. He will continue to support and track you.

6. Unknown power type:

I seldom hear from him, but he has done well. Every year, he can achieve a good growth. Many small problems can be solved by themselves. And big problems are not problems in his eyes, but can be solved

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