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The First "Plastics Convention" Was Launched In The United States, And Retailers Supported It One After Another

2020/9/6 13:23:00 345

Plastics ConventionRetailers

The new US plastics pact has been unanimously supported by more than 60 member organizations (including retailers such as Aldi and Walmart) and has publicly committed to building a "plastic recycling economy" that promotes packaging, improves recycling and reduces plastic waste.

The new U.S. initiative launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, together with the plastic like initiatives launched by the United Kingdom, Chile, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and South Africa, will be incorporated into the foundation's global plastics convention network to further expand the organization.

With the support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the recycling partnership is responsible for leading the plastic convention in the United States. The parties to the Convention include enterprises, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, trading institutions and investors.

As the first plastics convention in North America, its members work together to achieve the following goals:

(1) Before 2021, the list of plastic packages designated as problematic or unnecessary should be clearly defined, and appropriate measures should be taken, and they should be abolished before 2025;

(2) Ensure that all plastic packaging can be 100% reused, recycled or composted by 2025;

(3) take active action to recycle and recycle 50% of plastic packaging or compost by 2025;

(4) Ensure that by 2025, the average proportion of recyclable or responsibly obtained bio based ingredients in plastic packaging will reach 30%.

Public reports will be published annually on the progress of these goals.

Sander defruyt, head of the new plastics economy at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, said: "this effort not only helps the United States to create plastic solutions, but also further extends the recycling economy of plastics to the world as part of the global network of the Convention on plastics.

The first national initiative of the plastics pact network originated from UK plastics pact led by wrap and pact natio led by consultant seas Nalsur les EMBALLAGES plastics in France; circular El pl á stico, led by Chile's Ministry of environment and non-profit fundaci ó nchile; and plastic pact NL led by the Ministry of infrastructure and water management of the Netherlands. In early 2020, the first African convention joined the network: the South African plastics pact led by green cape and the Portuguese plastics pact led by smart waste Portugal.

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