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Kanye West Was Inspired By Vision Street Wear

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——The classic box logo of vision street wear

On August 9, Kanye West released a classic white box logo tee on twitter. Since then, Kanye has successively sent out a number of tweeters with the content of Kanye 2020 Vision on August 12. The idea of "governing the country" is often seen by everyone. However, this behavior instantly reminds netizens of the recent uproar about Kanye's campaign for the US president, which makes it impossible to speculate that Mr. Kan has changed his vision to create a campaign periphery.

For several "campaign periphery" released this time, Kanye said that the inspiration was derived from the most classic box logo of vision street wear. He changed the T-shirt to Kanye 2020 Vision, and the hat also adopted the same design, with strong recognition. As a trademark element of the brand, the overall design of the box logo divides the three words "vision street wear" into three parts. At the same time, the classic color red, black and white are integrated into the box. The design of simplicity and ingenuity is deeply loved by a large number of domestic and foreign artists and fashion people, and they go out of the street one after another.

Vision street wear classic box logo & logo vortex pattern


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@Chen Guanxi

@Li cansen

Thanks to the strong and pure skateboarding culture of Southern California, VISION Brad Dorfman, the founder of the company, was born on this land. With the enlightenment and shaping of skateboarding in the region in the 1960s and 1970s, he spent the whole youth era.

The picture shows Brad Dorfman (middle), Christian hosoi (left) and Jackson Browne (right), the founder of the vision skate escape in 1987

"Without Dogtown boys in Southern California, maybe there would not be today's skateboarding culture." vision street wear, a 1976 Southern California og Street skateboard brand Street culture has a very strong influence in street culture. Street culture and skateboarding spirit have always been the core of the brand. Uninhibited soul and free attitude are the concepts that vision street wear adheres to. Among them, the classic box logo is the symbol of vision.

This time, Kanye's Twitter events, regardless of "kanye2020vision" ”Will it become the periphery of his campaign and be sold in limited quantities, or will vision street wear and Kanye spark? Uninhibited soul has always been there, please look forward to it with vision street wear!

About vision street wear

Vision street wear, born in 1976 in Southern California, is recognized as the first street maker Clothes & Accessories Style, one of the most respected brands. The extensive influence of vision comes from the deep understanding of skateboarding culture and its integration with the music world. Vision is the first to capture the rebellious and enterprising attitude of so cal skateboard and present it in the clothing style. By boldly using exaggerated visual patterns on skateboards, T-shirts and board shoes, the skateboard and street style are redefined. Nowadays, vision has become the most popular symbol of street culture.

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