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"Clothing And Quilt Hainan - Hainan Li Nationality Textile Culture Exhibition" On Display In Beijing

2020/9/9 10:23:00 0

Li NationalityTextileCulture Exhibition

Haikou, September 8 (reporter Zhao you, correspondent Li JUANJUAN) on the morning of September 8, "clothing and quilt Hainan - Hainan Li nationality textile culture exhibition" opened in the exhibition hall of Beijing National Culture Palace. The exhibition selected 150 pieces of Li nationality textile, popularized the Li nationality textile technology to the public, displayed and publicized the colorful Li brocade in Hainan, and spread the unique Li brocade culture in Hainan.

At the opening ceremony, models dressed in Li's costumes made an amazing appearance, bringing the audience a wonderful show, showing the charm of the collision between traditional Li costumes and modern fashion. The exhibition also invited a number of cultural relics experts to interview, intangible cultural heritage inheritors on-site display of Li brocade skills and so on. From different perspectives and forms, the exhibition vividly displayed "Li nationality traditional textile, dyeing, weaving and embroidery skills", the first batch of intangible cultural heritage urgently needed to be protected by UNESCO. The exhibition is divided into four sections, namely "century longitude and latitude", "hand jingzhihang", "Jinhui Ruoyun" and "World Intangible Cultural Heritage". It shows the audience exquisite Li brocade textile skills, including the T-shaped bone comb of the Qing Dynasty Li nationality, the waist loom of the modern Li nationality, the Dragon quilt of the Qing Dynasty dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang, and the bark cloth and bark clothing of the Li nationality.

In the afternoon of the same day, the live exhibition was also broadcast online on CCTV mobile network, Xinhua live cloud, live sea broadcast, iqiyi and other platforms. It is reported that the exhibition period of "clothing and quilt Hainan Li nationality textile culture exhibition" will last until October 7.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Provincial Department of tourism, culture, radio, television and sports, the provincial Commission of ethnic and religious affairs and the Beijing National Culture Palace.

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