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The Simple Epitome Of Wanghong In The E-Commerce Industry Chain Can Be Summed Up As: Profiteering And Fraud

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Internet Celebrity

What do you think of when it comes to online stores?

Are those beautiful pictures taken in the car, coffee shop and library?

Or with the domineering president and the well-known second-generation rich, in the forefront of the storm?

In fact, it's not as colorful as it looks.

The coat costs 350 yuan and sells for 700 yuan

Online celebrity e-commerce is a unique e-commerce mode with internet celebrities as the core, content platform and e-commerce platform as carriers, and recommendation and sales of products as the form.

Due to the high viscosity of fans and high customer loyalty, the online Red e-commerce has been growing rapidly since the outbreak in 2016.

From Zhang Dayi's Taobao shop to Li Jiaqi's "buy buy buy" call, and then to Li Ziqi's explosion of selling millions of copies of snail powder, online celebrity e-commerce has more and more influence on people's lives.

According to the data, the scale of online Red e-commerce market will reach 300 billion by 2020.

How much money do online stores make? It's no surprise that the trading volume of double 11 exceeds 200 million, which can bring in 4.5 billion yuan a year.

However, it is hard to match the reputation.

Online stores can not escape these characteristics.

First, huge profits.

It should not be a secret that the profits of online stores are huge. If you open an online shop, you will find that a sweater worth 100 yuan can sell for 239 yuan, and a common short sleeve T-shirt costs 109 yuan.

The terrible thing is, you know that online stores can make money, but you don't know how it can make money - profits can reach more than 50%.

A factory that helps wanghong store supply goods provides a data: the woolen coat costs 350 yuan, and the online shop can sell 700 yuan. The factory only earns 50 or 60 yuan.

Why do online stores sell an ordinary woolen coat so expensive? This is because the package fee that it spends on wanghong and the marketing fee spent on Internet channel should be included in it.

Second, Shanzhai.

The printing of clothing industry is a secret.

Big brand, original designer brand As long as it is good-looking, netizens can copy it directly, and kindly said on microblog: "this is the private service I saw when I was shopping. I specially asked someone to type and modify it to give fans a welfare."

Large online stores will also build their own factories to print their own version, while small online stores will be more direct. They will go to wholesale markets such as Sijiqing in Hangzhou.

Those clothes piled up like mountains are transformed into brand clothes with key words such as retro, Hong Kong style, French style and gentleness, which are just like hanging in the window.

Of course, the most suffocating feature of the e-commerce website is the popularity of the store and the e-commerce network.

Net red eat meat, others drink soup

E-commerce can be said to be "online red meat, others drink soup" such an ecology.

The job of wanghong is as follows: sitting comfortably in the office, spending more than ten minutes selecting the styles brought by suppliers, and then going to Paris to take a few photos looking up at the sky, you can make tens of millions of dollars a year.

As for the operation, customer service, warehouse management and photography, the MCN organization behind her is actually responsible. Net red I just need to put on good-looking clothes, play a fly, to create a delicate eye-catching life for fans.

And the people and things on the supply chain behind the Internet red are not so simple.

When online stores earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year, the factory owners behind them can only earn 300000 or 400000 a year, which is still in the case of a large supply of goods.

Three or four hundred thousand is the size of a small factory. It's no exaggeration to say that a senior programmer can make so much money a year.

And the net red shop in making high profits at the same time also transferred the risk to the factory. If there is a return order, it is not the online shop itself that needs to bear the loss, but the factory owner.

The boss of a factory disclosed that he supplied more than 5000 lace dresses to a online shop, but eventually returned 1700. The factory needs to sell 8000-9000 pieces of clothes to make a profit.

Employees may be worse off than bitter factory owners.

In the whole year, the workers have to work for five hours from 14:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The factory adopts the piece by piece system, and the profit from making a piece of clothing is only 15 yuan.

More work makes more money, so workers tend to seize all the time to work, gobble up meals, and run to the toilet. Because the clothes are full of cotton wadding, after a day's work, their mouths are often full of cotton wadding.

The sewing workers in the factory often have to work overtime until 11:30 or even 12:00. When they come home at night, their feet are swollen. Only on the 1st of a month can they have a day off.

The workers in charge of packing and express delivery, dragging dozens of kilograms of goods, trotted all the way. Life doesn't give them a chance to stop and rest.

Even the workers who take care of the weaving machine seem to be free enough, but they also need to work two shifts to follow the machine

Compared with the bright online celebrities, they are more hardworking and busy, but they also make less money.

Net red to Paris, in fact, you help her out

The abnormal ecology behind the online stores reflects two points

First, the excessive marketing investment of wanghong has destroyed the original normal distribution of interests, squeezed the labor force in the upstream industrial chain in disguised form, resulting in the deformity of the entire industrial chain ecology.

Think about it carefully, how much of the money we spend on online stores is spent on clothes themselves, and how much is spent on online red?

It is very likely that the money for the ticket to Paris, the money for buying hermes bags, and the money for staying in five-star hotels are actually provided by our consumers.

Yes, it's a good advantage to have a strong personal appeal. But is it possible that this advantage has caused many consumers to lose their eyes and pay much more than the clothes themselves?

But when the marketing investment of the product itself increases, in order to make profits, businesses can only extremely reduce the production cost of the upstream, which leads to the low profit of the factory.

What's more terrible is that when the clothes purchased by consumers are generally in the state of marketing greater than quality, it will affect the supply and demand of the whole clothing market, thus hindering the normal development of the whole industry.

Second, the trend of consumerism brought about by online stores makes those who are serious about clothing business have only two ways to go: either join them in their marketing, or stay in a corner and no one knows about it.

Wanghong shop brings a misunderstanding: only when the shop's "decoration" is good enough, the model is beautiful enough, and the product drawing is exquisite enough, can this shop be worthy of consumers' order.

This leads to today's online shop has no retreat - if you don't spend money on marketing and promotion, no one will pay attention to your product quality no matter how good it is.

I followed an e-commerce seller on Zhihu. In terms of industry insight and professionalism, he is really no worse than other sellers.

If you show him a picture of lace fabric, he can analyze whether the density of the fabric is high or low, and whether the material is combed cotton or milk silk. Process, cost He can also pick it up.

Just because he won't run the store, his online store fans are only tens of thousands.

The seller sighed: "imitation brand shops can be popular. As a clothing practitioner, I have unlimited fabric resources, high-quality fabric quality and low purchase cost. My clothes are of perfect quality and excellent price, and the style can be recognized, but I can't sell them. "

Wine is also afraid of deep alley, the reality is so cruel.

Of course, we can not deny the economic value and the significance of the times. However, there are too many flashy shops on the Internet, which have blinded the original face of an industry.

It is worth noting that the bubble is always just a bubble, just like a flash of fire, will eventually pass away. When the tide recedes, you know who's swimming naked.

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