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Yulin Wool Cold Proof Clothing Enterprises Appear In 2020 "Winter Expo"

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Wool Cold Proof Clothing Enterprise

On September 5, as an important part of China International Service Trade Fair 2020, 2020 International Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo (hereinafter referred to as "winter Expo") officially opened in Beijing National Convention Center. In hall 20, Yulin cashmere · top of cold proof, the special press conference of the sixth Yulin cashmere industry Expo is quite eye-catching. As a "famous city of wool winter clothing in China", 11 well-known wool cold clothing enterprises in Yulin made a collective appearance, lighting a "fire" in advance when the winter of ice and snow is coming.

"Light and warm, windproof and breathable, sports and luminous", Yulin wool winter suit in 2018 surprised the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, bringing a new "warm show" to the world with more than 300 square meters of wool wadding. In fact, China's wool cold clothing industry originated in Yulin, which is also the largest production base of wool winter clothing in China, which undoubtedly makes Yulin and ice and snow sports inextricably linked, and accumulates Yulin "ice and snow power" for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

It is understood that there are more than 350 wool processing and related enterprises in Yulin, 27 Enterprises above the designated scale, and more than 30000 employees. A large number of well-known enterprises have emerged, such as yanglaolao, Munsell, Tonghai cashmere, qizhiyang, yirenmei, etc., with an annual output of 16 million pieces and an annual value of nearly 3 billion yuan. The sales volume accounts for more than 75% of similar products in China. Yulin city is formulating a three-year action plan (2020-2022) to revitalize the development of wool and cashmere industry. By the end of 2022, the city's cashmere industry will achieve an annual production value of 5 billion yuan, with more than 50 enterprises above the designated scale, which will significantly improve the innovative design ability and "intelligent" manufacturing level of the city's wool cashmere industry, and strive to build Yulin into China's first-class wool cold proof clothing industrial base, high-end cashmere trading center and cashmere products processing center in northern China, and sheep in Northwest China Cashmere winter outdoor sports clothing production base.

A group of well-known wool clothing enterprises in Yulin, which came to the winter Expo, not only brought the latest wool products, but also showed that the enterprises rapidly turned to the new look of young state relying on the cluster advantages.

Technology patent, power of science and technology

Yulin wool cold proof clothing enterprises participating in the winter Expo have their own strengths. From scientific and technological manufacturing to technological ingenuity, from supply chain management to design innovation, they highlight their own advantages and rapidly transform and upgrade to digital and young state on the basis of deep industry.

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