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Appreciation Of The New Autumn And Winter Ride Series

2020/9/9 10:45:00 0

Autumn And Winter RideSeriesAppreciation

After working with Fujiwara Hao and converse to build a tripartite cooperation, the experimental branch line of mengkou is here 2 Moncler 1952 The next group of joint names has been opened.

Meile taochao brand collection learned that this time 2 month 1952 invited to La well-known trend landmark UNDEFEATED Together, we have created Hoodie, T-shirt, jacket, vest and other autumn and winter styles.

In terms of specific design, fluorescent yellow / military green / black and other colors are selected, combined with undefeated and mengkelai logo to interpret og atmosphere, which can be called the perfect combination of street style and functional attributes!

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