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Guangdong Fashion Week: Cloud T-Shirt Creative Competition Finals The 29Th China Jeanswest Cup Ends Successfully

2020/9/9 11:14:00 21

The 29Th Guangdong Fashion CompetitionChina Real Cloud T-Shirt

On September 8, The 29th China JeansWest cup -- Cloud T-shirt creative competition Final appearance Guangdong autumn fashion week 2020 It was officially opened in Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. This year's JeansWest cup special planning cloud T-shirt creative competition takes "re: 2020" as the theme, which aims to call on young designers with creative ideas to base on the present, reflect on the past, look forward to the future, integrate creativity into t-shirt design, and voice for 2020 with the power of youth.

The competition is jointly sponsored by China Fashion Designers Association, China Fashion Association and JeansWest International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and co organized by China Textile and clothing education association and Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association. The judges of the competition are a gold judging panel composed of domestic and foreign design professionals and fashion celebrities, including Xiao Wenling, Professor of the school of fine arts of Tsinghua University, LV Yue, Professor of the Central Academy of fine arts, Yang Qibin, chairman of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, Wang Yutao, the famous designer of the Golden Summit Award, Qi Gang, the winner of the "master" Medal of Shanghai International Fashion Festival, Jiali Yan, fashion partner, and Huang Guodong, director of the product development department of JeansWest brand, are professional, fair and open.

This year's JeansWest Cup finals are carried out through "Online + offline" linkage. 27 Works which are finally promoted to the finals are presented to the national audience one by one in the form of video display. From Xinguan epidemic situation, care for medical care, environmental protection, national tide culture and so on, the contestants interpreted the theme of "re: 2020" from various angles, and described a vivid panoramic life picture of 2020 to us, which was impressive.

After the strict evaluation of the gold judging panel and the enthusiastic voting of the early netizens, the gold, silver, bronze awards and the best Popularity Award were born. The winners were invited to the scene to receive the awards and accept the comments and guidance of professional judges. The competition especially built an online communication and sharing platform for young designers and professionals in the industry.

Prior to that, on August 20, 27 upgraded works had landed in the official JeansWest Mall for orders and pre-sale. Commercialization of the works and real-time feedback from the market were the innovation highlights of this year's JeansWest cup and a brand-new attempt of JeansWest brand.

At the same time, JeansWest launched the "JeansWest x Qigang joint brand series" jointly created with famous domestic fashion designer Qi Gang. This series takes the style of art gallery and gallery as the design concept, integrates Chinese and Western elements into the design, endows clothing with fashion sense with the simplest techniques and crafts, and conveys rich and diverse artistic concepts to consumers. The release of CO branded clothing is presented in the form of a show, and the lighting effect is used to show the impression of the show Gallery, and show the innovative vitality of Chinese original clothing to the national audience. The release of Qigang cooperation model will also enable the development and upgrading of JeansWest brand.

In addition, Qi Gang himself came to the scene to call for the release of the co branded series, and parachuted into the live broadcast room of tmall JeansWest's official flagship store to teach the fans dressing skills and give them welfare, so as to make the fashion art close to the consumers and the market and become more grounded.

As Mr. Yang Xun, the helmsman of JeansWest, said in his opening speech, "after 28 sessions, JeansWest cup has been constantly exploring the road of reform and innovation". Innovation is also the source of vitality for the development of the industry. JeansWest has insisted on holding the JeansWest cup for many years, hoping to explore more excellent design talents, and to make joint efforts with colleagues in the industry to build dreams for young people in the new era and empower the sustainable development of textile and clothing industry.

— END —

Salute to dream

Guangdong fashion week 2020 - Autumn (27th)

September 8 - 15

Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center

This fashion week is jointly organized by Guangzhou Baiyun District government, Guangdong clothing industry association and Guangdong Fashion Designers Association. As the first voice platform of "Guangzhou fashion city", this fashion week will gather fashion industry resources and enhance fashion culture connotation with the purpose of helping the construction of "Guangzhou fashion city" and "Guangzhou Design City" project and promoting investment promotion To create a live e-commerce demonstration base, create a fashion industry center in the bay area, and promote the overall transformation and upgrading of the industry as the key direction, so as to promote the "Guangzhou fashion city" in Baiyun District to become the most influential fashion industry leading highland in China, position "high specification, scale and influence", and set up the banner of "Guangzhou fashion city" leading fashion.


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China Textile Industry Federation

China Textile Industry Enterprise Management Association

China clothing association

China Fashion Designers Association

China Textile Construction Planning Institute

Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province

Department of culture and tourism of Guangdong Province

Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Baiyun District People's Government of Guangzhou

Support unit

Circulation branch of China Textile Industry Federation

Guangzhou Baiyun District Investment Promotion Bureau

Guangzhou Baiyun District Bureau of science, technology, industry, commerce and information technology

Baiyun District Bureau of culture, radio, television, tourism and sports of Guangzhou

Songzhou sub district office of Baiyun District People's Government of Guangzhou

Huangshi sub district office of Baiyun District People's Government of Guangzhou

Baiyun District Government Office

Xinshi sub district office of Baiyun District People's Government of Guangzhou

Baiyun Municipal People's government office, Shijing District, Guangzhou

Yuncheng sub district office of Baiyun District People's Government of Guangzhou

Helong sub district office of Baiyun District People's Government of Guangzhou


Guangdong garment industry association

Guangdong Fashion Designers Association

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Guangzhou red cotton international fashion city, Guangzhou International light and Textile City, Guangzhou textile trade park, Guangzhou Baima clothing market, Fuli · Huanmao port, Zhenwei, biyinlefen

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Baibao dragon, Zhongyi couplet


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Guangdong Huayi Art Museum, e-commerce branch of Guangdong clothing and apparel industry association, industry supply chain branch of Guangdong clothing and apparel industry association, fashion buyer branch of Guangdong clothing and apparel industry association, Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association, children's clothing branch of Guangdong clothing and apparel industry association, Guangdong children's clothing industry alliance, Guangzhou clothing Industry Association, and Guangzhou clothing plate making Technical Association, Guangzhou Baiyun District clothing industry promotion association, Guangzhou Baiyun cosmetics industry association, Guangzhou Baiyun Leather Industry Promotion Association, Guangzhou Baiyun District e-commerce industry association, Guangzhou Baiyun Business District Chamber of Commerce

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Ji Wenbo, Chen Shaofang, Li Qinghua, he Jianhua, Cai Lei, Cai Weitu, Cai Zhonghan, Cheng Xiaoqin, Deng Zhaoping, Jin Zhen, Jiang Ping, Lin Jinliang, Linqi, Qu Tingnan, sun Enle, Zhao Yakun, Liu Sijia, Liu Haidong, Tang Zhiru, MI Jibin, Yang long, Zhang Yurong, Zhang Lili, He Lian, Yang Yingying, Zhong Cai, Liang Ruichen, Cao Ronglin, Tang Xinyu, Zheng Zhida, Gao Hong Yan, Zhu Qiangqiang, sun Guiquan, Zhuo Qiman, Wang Pingshui, Wu Xiaolei, Bai Yingqi, MI Siyang, Li Junye, Wanyi, Li Hexin, Cheng Jie, Wang Zhaoming, Jason, Deng Wen & Lu, Wang Hailong, Chen Yingxue, Yang yueshuang, Huang Beixi, Zhang Yike & Xiaolin AI, LAN Yi, Qi Gang, Liu Liang, Dong Zhicheng, Dong huaiguang

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Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangzhou Daily, new express, City Pictorial, nanfang.com, china.com, Huashu TV, Nanfang +, today's headlines, Sina Guangdong, Sina Weibo, Netease News, China Textile News, China textile, China clothing, CFW fashion design, China brand clothing, No.1 textile, threading, Huayi, China fashion, and worldwear Guangdong education channel, Guangzhou Metro news channel, Guangdong TV news channel, Guangzhou Metro TV

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Guangdong fishing clothing new retail logistics network

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Baixin Plaza

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Guangzhou Baiyun District Jiuli vocational training school

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Tsinger's parents and children

Live broadcast venue of Guangdong Fashion Week: Changsheng fashion building

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Rare species, PPW group

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Sunday in communication, Wesley documentary photography

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