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It'S Federer'S Dream To Be The King Of Shoes

2020/9/14 10:26:00 0

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Not long ago, Swiss sports brand on released the Roger Centre Court 0-series sports casual shoes with Roger Federer. Inspired by tennis shoes and equipped with cloudtec patent technology sole, the first batch of shoes in the world is limited to 1000 pairs. Each pair of shoes has its own number. Which tennis fan can not be attracted?

In fact, Federer also has his own dream of "king of shoes": he hopes to make "green tailed shoes" be regarded as the real classic in the popular and commercialized today, just like the old professional tennis player Stan Smith.

Even, try hard to become the next Michael Jordan, so that his brand can like AJ, influence the big river of the trend circle.

Even if it was Fei Tianwang who jointly launched a pair of sneakers, he wanted to compete with the founders of two generations of classic sneakers. In order to realize his dream of "shoe king", how many "caution" does this pair of shoes hide?

Let's talk about it today.

01、 Win win situation between on and "Swiss style" of Fei Tian Wang

First of all, since it's about the shoe business, why doesn't Fei Tianwang go to his old friend Nike?

The intersection of Nike and Federer can be traced back to the early 1990s. Since signing up with Nike in 1994, he has grown into a tennis player. Nike has witnessed many Grand Slam titles in Federer's career.

It wasn't until 2018 that Nike and Federer ended a 24-year partnership, and Swiss king signed a huge contract worth $300 million over 10 years with UNIQLO. However, Nike and Federer still maintain a "cooperative" relationship after the end of the cooperation. During the game, Federer wore UNIQLO brand Hairbands, jerseys and socks, but his game shoes were still Nike.

Next, we will introduce another important protagonist, Federer's exclusive trademark "RF".

In addition to the $1.5 million contract for Federer's non official design, Federer's contract was extended to $0.5 million in 2008

Although he has become a tennis player, Federer is also aware that basketball, football, running, fitness and other items are always the areas that Nike attaches great importance to. For Federer, who may earn more than 100 million yuan after a few advertisements, it is not enough for Swiss king to support the follow-up resources only for the products of the "RF" series tennis line of the Nike exclusive line.

Who is willing to do more business in the loss making business of its own brand in Switzerland. He needs a brand that is not necessarily famous, but must have strength, and can give himself enough voice to help him realize his dream of "shoe king" step by step.

Let's talk about the Swiss brand on which we cooperated with Federer this time. The brand was founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs Casper copetti, David allemann and former professional athlete Olivier Bernhard. Although they have never disclosed revenue figures, they say the brand has been profitable since 2014.

In addition, the on brand's cloudtec patent also makes its own sports shoes known as "the lightest running shoes in the world", which are highly praised in the running circle.

In November 2019, Federer officially joined the Swiss sports brand on as an investor and partner.

Will such cooperation be a win-win situation by learning from each other's strong points These techniques, for Nike and Adidas such as brand big brother, has long been a small case. For the Swiss brand on, how effective is such a marketing plan? We still need to wait and see.

However, in terms of Federer's wealth, sports status and network resources, it is not difficult to "catch big fish for a long time" to revitalize on.

According to tribe dynamics, a marketing technology company, Federer created $3 million of "media profit value" for Nike from 2016 to 2018 - in terms of the 20 million fans on Federer instagram and twitter, sports status and network resources, which will be the intangible assets of its own brand in the future.

And on, which claims to be a Swiss brand of running shoes, is not a thing in the pool. "We will not put the priority of appearance on function, but aesthetics can change with time." a statement from the founder also showed that the brand attached importance to and pursuit of product performance in addition to appearance fashion.

In addition, with the rise of "other economy", modern men have shown the ability of "losing their families" to consume as much as women. Brands like on, which have independent aesthetics but pay more attention to function, are undoubtedly attacking male consumers directly.

The cloudtec patent, which makes people feel light, ensures that the speedboard structure is flexible and agile at every step. In view of this technological content, I am afraid there are already male consumers who can't control it. In addition, with the consumer groups brought by on, this undoubtedly further widens the fan base of Federer.

In addition, as a product of the signing period with Nike, although the exclusive trademark right of "RF" will last until July 20, 2020. But in February this year, the ownership of "RF" was successfully returned to tenro Ag asset management company owned by Federer. However, due to the strong connection between RF series and Nike, Federer, who has left Nike, naturally does not want to bind with Nike passively.

Therefore, with the help of the new shoes launched this time, Swiss King teamed up with on to create a brand new brand concept - "the Roger". This is a new beginning for Federer who wants to realize his dream of "king of shoes".

02、 Behind tennis shoes to casual shoes Breaking the circle is the most important step

"The Roger" series is not aimed at tennis shoes, but "casual shoes". From this detail, we can see that Federer's brand ambition is not limited to the small tennis circle.

On the one hand, for the whole sports field, compared with foot basketball and other group sports, tennis belongs to a small number of elite sports; if tennis shoes are launched, the audience can only be limited to tennis players and tennis fans; on the other hand, it is not realistic for a famous brand of running shoes to launch a pair of tennis shoes at the beginning of the joint name.

Therefore, "the Roger" also chose the platform of fashion media more than the traditional sports platform in the selection of publicity channels. After all, in today's fashion circle, shoes are still a big craze. Young people's enthusiasm and pursuit of the shoe culture, as well as the legendary case of Air Jordan from basketball to fashion circle, also make many sports brands and athletes eager to try.

Even Fei Tianwang himself has said that he hopes his shoe brand can be like Jordan's Air Jordan. Even boys and girls who don't watch the ball and don't understand the ball will dream of owning it.

Reality may be bony. In the $135.5 billion sneaker market, Nike and Adidas account for 23.3% and 15.5% of the global market respectively. It is not easy to win the market share to compete with the two giants.

However, according to NPD data, in many European countries, on running shoes have become the second largest sneaker after the Nike Air max. in the United States, although on's market share in performance running shoes is only 1.6%, more and more fashion figures, such as JW Anderson, Will Smith, John Malkovich and Emma stone, are keen on the on running shoes to "speak for the body" of the brand.

However, Federer's goal has always been a long-term brand, not a one shot success.

At the beginning of the Roger Centre Court 0-series release, Federer said this:

"Sometimes, as a 38 year old tennis player, you feel like a meteor, and your past glory is fading away. 」

Perhaps Federer has never seriously imagined his life after retirement. But he said:

"This is my dream. I hope to make shoes that will accompany you for a long time. And it makes me feel great to put myself back in the quest for the future. 」

Let's look forward to the day when Fei Tianwang's "shoe king" dream will come true, and the "Roger" series will become a trend.

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