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Shandong Xiajin: Yield Per Mu Is Lower Than Last Year'S Seed Cotton Price Of 3.27 Yuan / Jin

2020/9/14 12:15:00 112

Shandong XiajinSeed Cotton Price

On September 13, a reporter from China cotton net went to the main cotton producing areas in Xiajin, Shandong Province, to investigate the current situation of new cotton picking and the purchase price of seed cotton.

It is understood that the cotton planting area of the whole Xiajin region this year is about 180000 mu, with a small increase over the same period of the same period. The cotton planting area of a local cotton farmer this year is about 7 mu, an increase of 4 Mu compared with last year. The reason is that most of the local land belongs to saline alkali land, and the well water is salty, which is not conducive to the growth of wheat and other crops, while the cotton vitality is strong, belonging to light loving and drought tolerant crops, so the cotton farmers have increased the cotton planting area this year.

The cotton farmer said that although the cotton planting area this year has increased compared with last year, the yield per mu has not increased. This is due to the hail attack on the local area some time ago, some cotton was seriously damaged, and the phenomenon of stiff petal peach and top peach falling off has greatly reduced the cotton production this year. It is estimated that the yield per mu will be 500 Jin / mu this year, 100 Jin / mu less than last year.

So far, the local seed cotton purchase work has started, the seed cotton purchase price is 3.27 yuan / Jin.

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