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Yichun Group: Signing A Contract To Build International Fashion Valley In Dawan District

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At the global advanced manufacturing investment promotion conference held on September 8, Dongguan Yichun Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yichun group") signed a contract to build Dawan District international fashion Valley (hereinafter referred to as "fashion Valley"). The total investment of the project is planned to be 2 billion yuan, and the output value is expected to increase by 10 billion yuan after completion.

During a visit to the project on the 9th, the reporter learned that in the future, Yichun group will build a new marketing and R & D headquarters in the "fashion Valley", which will solve the problems of the shortage of marketing, R & D and business places and the backward surrounding environment of the existing sites, so as to boost the production capacity and enhance the image of the enterprise.

   "Fashion Valley" will build a public service platform of national brand

"Dongguan has the advantages of raw materials and production line foundation, but it is weak in talent and brand design." Li Hang, the general manager of Guangdong fashion industry development Co., Ltd., the co constructor of the project, pointed out that although Dongguan has a good manufacturing foundation, it can not retain talents from the clothing industry.

In order to solve this problem, Yichun group, as a leading garment enterprise founded and developed locally in Dongguan, has invested 2 billion yuan to build a "fashion Valley". On the one hand, it is used for Yichun group to expand investment and build a new marketing and R & D headquarters in fashion valley.

According to the reporter's visit, the "fashion Valley" will create an international fashion industry cluster integrating design, R & D, high-end intelligent manufacturing, new product release, new product display, product trading, brand cultivation, product culture presentation, talent cultivation and financial services. After completion, it is expected to add 10 billion yuan of output value. On the other hand, the "fashion Valley" plan focuses on creating a talent space with temperature, providing an atmosphere for full exchange and a free working environment for talents in the clothing industry, so that the talents can come and stay, endow the local textile and garment enterprises and help the development of Dongguan textile and clothing industry.

With the opportunity of Humen Town and China Textile Industry Federation to jointly build the first "world class textile and clothing industry cluster transformation and upgrading pilot demonstration area" in China, "fashion Valley" will absorb rich resources at home and abroad, and build a number of national brand public service platforms.

At present, Guangdong fashion industry development Co., Ltd. has signed cooperation agreements with China Textile Information Center, China Textile Engineering Society, and China Fashion Designers Association. Six public service platforms and centers, including expert workstation in "fashion Valley" and innovation and entrepreneurship base of Chinese fashion designers in Dawan District, have been established to play the leading role of leading enterprises and attract more talents through platform construction Attract more and more high-quality enterprises and talents to settle in, cultivate more high-quality clothing brands, promote the local textile and garment enterprises to become stronger and better, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

  Re polish the brand of "Humen clothing"

In decades of economic construction, Dongguan has cultivated a number of characteristic and advantageous industries, such as textile, clothing, shoes and hats manufacturing, food and beverage processing and manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, etc. These characteristic and advantageous industries have become an important part of Dongguan's industrial system.

In 2019, the total output value of Dongguan textile, clothing, shoes and hats manufacturing industry is 102.95 billion yuan, and obvious industrial agglomeration phenomenon is formed. Humen, a famous clothing town in China, is well-known at home and abroad.

The investment promotion conference of global advanced manufacturing held on September 8 said that 320 million yuan of special funds will be allocated to increase the support for textile, clothing, footwear and hat manufacturing, food and beverage processing and manufacturing, furniture manufacturing and other industries from the aspects of industrial cluster cultivation, quality improvement of key enterprises, automation transformation, and independent brand creation, so as to continue to promote the development of characteristic and advantageous industries in our city Do well.

Under the policy dividend radiation, clothing enterprises have full confidence in the future development. "With the support of these policies, we are more confident to make the high-end part of Dongguan textile and garment industry chain bigger, stronger and better. In other words, we compete with other cities in China.

With pure brand history

Yichun group was founded in Humen, Guangdong Province in 1997, with more than 30000 employees. In 2019, the company realized 7.16 billion yuan of business income, a year-on-year increase of 7.2%, and the tax amount of 740 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 18.6%. After 20 years of efforts, Yichun has developed into a modern clothing enterprise integrating brand management, product development, scale production and marketing.

At present, it has set up more than 6000 exclusive stores in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other provinces, and has established more than 6000 stores in China, Vietnam, and other provinces. Yichun group develops more than 20000 new models to the market every year. Yichun group has been rated as a major tax payer of private enterprises in Dongguan for nearly 20 years, ranking in the top ten.

This time, Yichun group created "fashion Valley" with the hope of strengthening the brand efficiency of "famous clothing town" of Humen Town, and polished the brand of "Humen clothing". It is understood that "fashion Valley" plans to build into an international fashion industry cluster integrating design, R & D, high-end intelligent manufacturing, new product release, product trading, talent cultivation and other functions, and set up international fashion brand center, international fashion product intelligent manufacturing center, Asian creative design center, etc., connecting the upstream and downstream of Dongguan's textile and garment industry.

Li Hang said, "we hope that this project can empower local textile and garment enterprises, help Humen textile and garment industry development, and at the same time, re polish the brand of Humen clothing, so that people think of clothing, think of Humen; think of Humen, think of clothing."

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