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Chinese Companies Invested More Than 200 Million US Dollars In Liangdong Textile Industrial Zone, Nanding Province, Vietnam

2020/9/14 22:26:00 166

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Chinese companies will carry out two projects worth nearly 210 million US dollars in Liangdong Textile Industrial Zone, Yixing County, Nanding province. The signing and handover ceremony of the venue lease contract was held in Liangdong textile industrial zone a few days ago.

Ruan Wenjun, vice chairman of the board of directors of auspicious real estate group, an investor in infrastructure construction of Vietnam's Liangdong Textile Industrial Zone, said that top textile company in Hong Kong, China and jehong textile company in Taiwan, which are engaged in textile industry, have invested in the industrial zone.

The textile mill of top textile company in Hong Kong, China covers an area of more than 31 hectares, with a total investment of more than 200 million US dollars. It is estimated that after it is put into operation in 2023, it will supply 120 million meters of textile fabrics to the market every year, creating employment opportunities for more than 3000 workers.

The textile yard of jehong textile company in Taiwan covers an area of more than 3 hectares, focusing on fabric printing and dyeing technology, with a total investment of more than 6 million US dollars and an average annual textile fabric output of 16.5 million meters.

Wu Jiasi, executive vice chairman of the people's Committee of Nanding province of Vietnam, said that in recent years, the province has used all its resources to invest in the construction of infrastructure connecting the province with the region and the national economic development center, especially the infrastructure construction connecting the industrial zones with the provinces and cities in the region.

In addition, Vietnam's Nanding province also pays attention to improving transportation infrastructure construction, promoting administrative procedures reform and e-government, so as to lay a solid foundation for attracting investment and promoting economic and social development.

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