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More Than 20 Enterprises In Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Such As Fengzhu Textile And Haitian Materials, Won The National Excellent Award

2020/9/15 16:13:00 0

More Than 20 New Fabrics From Quanquan Enterprises Have Won The National Excellent Award

        The reporter learned from the fabric industry that recently, the winners of the 2020 China International fabric design competition and the 44th (autumn and winter 2022) China popular fabrics competition sponsored by China Textile Industry Federation were announced. Dozens of products were selected by more than 20 high-quality fabric enterprises from Quanzhou, such as Fengzhu textile, Haitian materials, 361 degree, Haixing Kaisheng, Tailong, federal Sanhe, etc Successful shortlisted for Excellence Award.

      It is reported that, as the gold medal event in the fabric design field of China's textile industry, the China International fabric design competition has guided more than 1000 textile and garment enterprises to carry out product technology innovation, original design and fashion creativity since 1999, and at the same time, it has conveyed the forward-looking aspects of trends, cultural innovation, product development, design creativity, talent training, market procurement, etc From the three dimensions of green technology, promote China's textile industry. The competition attracted more than 400 excellent textile enterprises to participate in the competition, covering men's formal wear, fashion women's wear, sportswear, casual wear, jeans, shirts and other terminal application fields of more than 3500 pieces of fabrics. From the aspects of color, pattern, material, process, technology and other aspects, it presents the innovative achievements in the development of popular fabric products in autumn and winter of 2021 / 22.

      After the selection, Fengzhu textile, Haitian materials, 361 degree, Haixing Kaisheng, Shishi Pengjie textile, Fujian Hesheng Xiefeng, Jinjiang Yuanda garment, federal Sanhe, Quanzhou Yurong textile, Quanzhou cloth searching network, Quanzhou yiboshi, Sanfu (China), Shishi Hebao textile, Shishi warp and weft textile, shishigang overflow dyeing and finishing, Shishi Jufengyuan, Shishi Shishi More than 20 high-quality fabric enterprises, such as 668, Shishi Rongcheng fabric, Shishi Yinglun textile, Shishi zhanyao textile, Tailong Fujian and so on, selected dozens of groups of products and won excellent awards.

According to industry insiders, the China International fabric design competition is the most authoritative and influential professional competition in the field of fabric development and design in China's textile industry. It is held twice a year in spring, summer, autumn and winter. As an authoritative professional event with a history of more than 20 years in China's textile industry, China International fabric design competition and China popular fabric shortlist competition always advocate the product development concept based on the popular trend and market demand. Over the years, it has spared no effort to convey the forward-looking popular trend in the competition and the industry, so as to help enterprises improve the market competitiveness of innovative products.

"The samples selected by Quanzhou fabric enterprises this year have strong fashion and technology content. Many fabrics not only continue to reflect the environmental protection, ecology and functionality of leisure fabrics in our city, but also show high creativity in the development and application of new fibers and new yarns, as well as the innovation in the arrangement and combination of fabrics." Wu Wenzheng, President of Shishi cloth trade association, said that these fabric samples are full of creativity in both hand and appearance.

Seize the commanding height of fashion and lead the market consumption trend. The reputation of Quanzhou fabric enterprises is inseparable from the increasing innovation efforts of enterprises in recent years. Among them, Shishi enterprises spare no effort in the research and development of popular fabrics, which has attracted extensive attention in the industry. For example, leading fabric enterprises such as Tailong and federal Sanhe do not spare no effort to increase investment, develop a large number of new products every year, strive for more fashion discourse power and enhance Quanzhou The popularity and influence of textile fabrics in the domestic market.

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