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Five Trade Associations Join Hands To Build A Free Legal Advisory Service Platform For Dalang Wool Weaving Enterprises

A few days ago, Dongguan wool textile industry association, Dongguan wool clothing designer association, Dongguan Textile Machinery Industry Association, Dongguan textile yarn industry association and Dongguan Dalang E-Commerce Association held a "Dalang wool weaving enterprise legal knowledge lecture and legal service signing ceremony" in Hongqi textile Star City.

    Chen Zhuquan, director of Dalang Town Wool Textile Management Committee; ye Peihua, President of Dongguan Wool Textile Industry Association; Chen Jingdong, President of Dongguan wool garment designer association; Du Zhirong, President of Dongguan textile yarn industry association; Yu Mingyan, executive vice president and Secretary General of Dongguan Textile Machinery Industry Association; Li Jianhong, vice president of Dongguan Dalang E-Commerce Association; and Guangdong Youzhong lawyer Tang Jiyuan, deputy director of the Institute, as well as representatives of wool weaving enterprises, attended the event.

Activity begins

Tang Jiyuan, deputy director of Guangdong Youzhong law firm, explained common contract disputes and risk prevention for participants. Based on his more than 20 years' work experience in the lawyer industry, he systematically explained the common legal risks of enterprises through case analysis and system, and made a detailed explanation on how to improve the transaction process and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, so as to better help enterprises use legal weapons, prevent legal risks and protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Q & a session

After the lecture, a Q & a session was set up on the spot, and the participants consulted on some legal issues encountered in the business process. He gave a professional answer to the course. Through the form of "question and answer", the enterprise's understanding of the teaching content was deepened and the expected effect was achieved.

Director Chen Zhuquan delivered a speech

Chen Zhuquan, director of the wool weaving Management Committee of Dalang Town, delivered a speech. He pointed out that there are 17000 wool weaving enterprises in Dalang Town, 200000 wool weaving workers and 100000 computer looms. Each year, 1 million tons of yarn are distributed and traded here. 800 million sweaters are sold at home and abroad. One out of every six sweaters is produced in Dalang. The prosperous trade needs the legal restraint and escort.

Chen Zhuquan said that it is of great significance for the five associations to jointly hold lectures on legal knowledge of wool weaving enterprises and jointly build a free consultation platform for legal services of wool weaving enterprises with law firms. Hope that the platform can really help the vast number of wool weaving enterprises to comply with the law, usage, with the law to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Signing ceremony

Finally, under the witness of leaders and guests, the five associations of wool weaving, design, textile machinery, yarn and e-commerce jointly held the "signing ceremony of legal services for Dalang wool weaving enterprises" with Guangdong Youzhong law firm.

The presidents (representatives) of the five associations respectively signed legal service cooperation agreements with Guangdong Youzhong law firm to jointly build a legal service platform for dalangmao weaving enterprises, give full play to the joint advantages, and provide free legal consulting services for all members of the association.

Five major associations signed

Give away woolen paintings

After the signing ceremony, ye Peihua, chairman of the wool weaving Association, presented woolen paintings to Guangdong Youzhong law firm on behalf of the organizer.

The five associations jointly held the event, which not only explained common contract disputes and risk prevention for wool enterprises, but also hoped to enhance the awareness of risk prevention and rights protection of enterprises, and promote the development of wool industry.  

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