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White Dove Clothing Appeared In Xiamen Fair: Shanxi 2019 Xiamen Fair Signed A Contract With A Total Investment Of About 19.49 Billion Yuan

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Dove Dress

Shanxi will make use of the international investment and trade cooperation platform to fully display the new opportunities of Shanxi's transformation and development and the new image of opening to the outside world by means of industrial docking, project negotiation, exhibition and cultural exhibition. We will make full use of the conference's resources and platform functions, widely contact domestic and foreign businessmen, comprehensively promote investment projects, attract international and domestic capital to invest in Shanxi, let the world understand Shanxi, and let Shanxi go to the world.

The main guest group and promotion of the two sessions.

The Xiamen Fair will be led by the provincial governor Lou Yangsheng in person, and the Shanxi delegation will be composed of relevant departments directly under the provincial government and 11 cities. During this period, the delegation will have extensive exchanges with the merchants of the conference and various sessions of Fujian Province, and plan for all-round and multi-disciplinary cooperation with the help of Xiamen fair platform. As the main guest province of the 2019 Xiamen fair, Shanxi delegation has reached a new high in recent years due to its high specifications and large scale.

This Xiamen Fair will be determined by the Party committee and government of Shanxi Province“ Three strategic objectives ”In order to lead, comprehensively display the new achievements of Shanxi's transformation, new investment environment and new development advantages, and comprehensively promote the work of opening up to a new level. The focus includes three aspects of activities:

   First, investment promotion

The activity of "investing in thousands of miles" has been launched in Shanxi, and a series of investment promotion activities have been carried out in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Brazil, South Africa and other key countries and regions. At the same time, project planning, project roadshow, project matching, project docking, theoretical and practical training are also in full swing. In this conference, Shanxi will hold a series of special docking activities of "1 + 4 + n" to attract investment, and will use the conference platform to hold 51 roadshows of major projects and release 311 key investment promotion projects.

   Second, exhibition

At this conference, Shanxi will bring 128 enterprises to set up three exhibition areas in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center: first, the exhibition area of main guest Province, which will focus on the products of 102 enterprises in our province, covering advanced equipment manufacturing, rail transit equipment, general aviation, ecological environment, new generation information technology, cultural tourism and other fields. Shanxi time honored brand products exhibition, characteristic culture exhibition and intangible cultural heritage exhibition will also be staged in the form of body feeling interactive images, display boards and physical objects, so as to let customers feel the unique charm of Shanxi culture and products. The second is the ecological environment exhibition area. Nine enterprises will display the noise barriers independently developed and produced by enterprises in our province, as well as green and low-carbon products that can be dismantled, zero waste and recyclable. Third, green innovation exhibition area, 17 enterprises will focus on green supply chain, green circulation, green e-commerce products.

   Third, exchange and discussion

Focusing on Shanxi's key development industries and investment promotion, we will organize relevant departments and cities directly under the provincial government to participate in six series of nearly 30 forum activities.

As a guest of honor Province, Shanxi province takes the strength of the whole province and makes concerted efforts at the provincial, municipal and county levels. It makes full use of the large platform of Xiamen business association, and gives full play to the resources in Fujian business association, Yangtze River detachment Research Association, Alumni Association, etc., to form a joint force and promote various activities in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

In his speech, Lu Dongliang pointed out that at present, both Shanxi and Fujian provinces are in the stage of rapid development, and the national strategy of the comprehensive supporting reform pilot zone for resource-based economic transformation and the Economic Zone on the west coast of the Straits has accelerated, creating rare opportunities and providing broad space for the two provinces to strengthen cooperation and exchange. We sincerely welcome you to come into Shanxi, understand Shanxi, join hands with Shanxi, and share the historical opportunities of Shanxi's reform and development. We will try our best to provide all-round and whole process help and service. We sincerely invite you to visit Shanxi and discuss cooperation.

Li Donghong introduced Shanxi comprehensive reform demonstration zone from the aspects of deepening transformation and comprehensive reform, innovating system and mechanism, creating industrial clusters, optimizing business environment, etc. He pointed out that the present comprehensive reform demonstration zone in Shanxi Province is full of vitality and surging momentum. The flow of people, logistics, information, technology and capital flows are gathering at an accelerated pace, and the environment is beautiful and pleasant. It has become a hot land for investment and business. We sincerely welcome all kinds of entrepreneur friends and innovative and entrepreneurial talents to invest, cooperate, develop and prosper, and share the new future.

At the meeting, Taiyuan Baige Garment Co., Ltd. participated in the 2020 Xiamen International Investment and trade fair and the Silk Road Investment Conference

In the 4-day exhibition fair, the participants of Taiyuan white dove clothing company showed the good image of white pigeon with positive attitude and full enthusiasm, and contributed to Shanxi, the main guest Province, the strength of the time-honored brand of Sanjin.

Shanxi provincial and municipal leaders and leaders of relevant departments of the Department of Commerce gave full affirmation and praise to the white pigeon during the exhibition tour, and the white pigeon was highly concerned about!

On the live broadcast platform of brand enterprise exhibition, minister Shi Jin'an publicized the white dove company online, showing the company's development history, honor and qualification, high-quality products, etc.

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