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Results Of The Fourth Round Of Discipline Evaluation Of "Textile Science And Engineering"

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Textile Science And EngineeringSubject Assessment

In the fourth round of discipline evaluation of "0821 Textile Science and Engineering", a total of 11 schools participated in the evaluation. Today, I would like to introduce to you five universities with B-level and above evaluation: Donghua University, Tianjin University of technology, Suzhou University, Jiangnan University and Zhejiang University of technology.

(1) Donghua University

In the past 20 years, it has become the first-class discipline in China, and after 20 years of evaluation, it has become the first-class discipline in China.

(2) Tianjin University of Technology

Tianjin University of technology, abbreviated as "Tiangong", is a doctor's degree awarding unit. It is now named in 2004. In 2017, the university entered the National Double first-class construction university and successfully entered the national team by virtue of its advantageous disciplines. Since then, the university has also ushered in a new spring of development. Its "Textile Science and Engineering" and Donghua University are both a + and ranked first in China.

(3) Suzhou University

Suzhou University, a national 211, double first-class construction university, has made outstanding achievements in talent introduction and scientific research in recent years. There is a Nobel Prize winning director. Among them, the scientific research ranking is often equal to that of 985 and world-class universities. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation, there are 41 disciplines on the list, and the comprehensive strength is very strong Good subjects are software engineering and design, both of which are a -. The school's "Textile Science and Engineering" has been rated B + level, the third in China, with strong strength!

(4) Jiangnan University

Jiangnan University is located in Wuxi, a 211 double first-class construction university directly under the Ministry of education. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation, a total of 18 disciplines were listed. Among them, food science and engineering, light industry technology and engineering were ranked first in China with a + ranking, and their comprehensive strength was very strong. Meanwhile, the "Textile Science and Engineering" of the University also got a good grade B score, ranking fourth in China.

(5) Zhejiang University of Technology

Zhejiang University of science and technology is the only four non universities among the top five. It is renamed from Zhejiang Silk Institute of technology. It is the second batch of provincial key construction colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation, "Textile Science and Engineering" was rated B and ranked fourth in China with Jiangnan University.

"Textile Science and Engineering" is an important basic discipline. The five schools mentioned above are the best in this field in China. I hope you can understand it briefly. If you don't, please criticize.

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