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Fabric Star

On September 10, "Changfa international · 2020 China fabric star evaluation meeting and industry docking exchange meeting" was held in Keqiao Changfa international fashion center. More than 1000 pieces of fabrics compete with each other on the stage, and the evaluation site is displayed in an orderly and dazzling manner.

   The theme of the activity is to stimulate the vitality of the industry and boost the confidence of the industry. The focus of the activity is to guide the combination of product development and end market application Jin Shuo, deputy general manager of Beijing Fangsheng Fashion Co., Ltd., Huang Haiyan, purchasing director of Ningbo Boyang Clothing Group Co., Ltd., LAN Jianxiong, general manager of supply chain platform of zhuoshang clothing (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Dong Mingtai, e-commerce procurement manager of Hangzhou yifengge Clothing Co., Ltd., Xu Jingyun, scientific and technological innovation director of Jinba men's wear (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and assistant chief of AMO Co., Ltd Shi Jun, developer, Guan Xin, design manager of Hongfang Culture Co., Ltd., and Zhou Haibing, fabric purchasing director of China Yilian group Eight heavyweight textile and garment industry bigwigs form a review committee to comprehensively consider the product development, technology application, fashion creativity, fashion concept, color application and market value of the fabrics to be evaluated according to the evaluation standards, so as to monitor the product innovation.      The best development and innovation award was set up There are six awards, including pattern Creative Award, best fashion style award, best market value award, best enterprise service award and jury award. The final selection results will be announced during the 2020 China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) Expo, which will open on September 23. The setting of each award is to consider whether the fabric has a clear product positioning and good market potential, especially after the epidemic, textile fabrics need to become a new productivity integrating technological innovation, fashion and ecological concepts.


   Each fabric has its own unique identification label. In addition to the product number, the parameters covered by the label include fabric name, fabric composition, clothing category and product characteristics.

   According to the evaluation criteria, from the professional point of view, and according to the tenet of fabric star series activities of "discovering, commending and promoting excellent fabric products and enterprises, and building a professional platform for industrial docking", the evaluation committee conducted strict selection and evaluation, bringing forward high-end professional advice support and direction guidance.

   Jin Shuo, deputy general manager of Beijing Fangsheng Fashion Co., Ltd It is considered that most of the selected fabrics are spring and summer fabrics. One of the composite fabrics has strong three-dimensional feeling and good double-sided effect, which can be used for jacket, windbreaker and other innovative uses. As a clothing enterprise, her "fabric star" needs to start from the perspective of consumer demand and clothing supply chain support. "As demographic dividend changes, millennials, as the main consumer group, are more rational about buying and pay more attention to quality. They need products that can speak and have stories. Fabric enterprises can start with natural fibers and scientific and technological means to innovate fabric research and development. At the same time, they should pay more attention to fashion trends, keep pace with fashion, and keep pace with the planning and R & D ideas of clothing enterprises. "

   Huang Haiyan, purchasing director of Ningbo Boyang Clothing Group Co., Ltd Said that this year's evaluation of fabrics more diversified, especially women's fabric plate, strong development ability, fashion sense more obvious. The purpose of fabric evaluation is not to give consumers new vitality, but to be able to give more vitality to the fabric.

   "Most of the fabrics participating in the evaluation are classic and durable. Affected by the epidemic this year, fabric enterprises have reserved their development efforts for cost consideration." LAN Jianxiong, general manager of supply chain platform of zhuoshang clothing (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd It is believed that the next consumer market will pay more attention to user comfort, and consumers are more willing to pay for products that can move them.

   Dong Mingtai, e-commerce purchasing manager of Hangzhou yifengge Clothing Co., Ltd Said that this year's participating fabrics in the process of weaving innovation, the past used in woven fabrics on the process, this time in knitted fabrics are reflected. He believes that after the epidemic, environmental protection, sustainable and functional fabrics are worthy of research and development and exploration by industries and enterprises.

   Xu Jingyun, scientific innovation director of Jinba men's wear (Shanghai) Co., Ltd To the reporter showed a denim fabric, he thought that the fabric weaving process is special, very original, it is difficult for others to imitate. In addition to antibacterial, functional fabrics is the general trend, fabric enterprises can also use up and down the color Time, the use of color with healing function, can let consumers in a conservative, repressive environment, maintain a happy mood.

   Shi Jun, assistant chief developer of Amoy Co., Ltd Attracted by a Tencel fabric, "the whole fabric, whether it's handle or weaving technology, is quite excellent. In particular, dyeable spandex is used, which greatly improves the fabric quality The overall performance of the fabrics evaluated is to serve consumers. Closely combined with the current fashion trend, design according to the market demand is the demand of the consumer market for fabric enterprises after the epidemic.

   Guan Xin, design manager of Hongfang Culture Co., Ltd It is considered that several suede fabrics on site are very special. Through the basic fabric + finishing process, people feel dazzled and not vulgar. In addition to focusing on quality in the young consumer market, cost performance is also a key factor. Designers want consumers to pay, in addition to the fabric itself can move people, but also have a clear positioning.

   Zhou Haibing, head of fabric purchasing of China Yilian group He said that affected by the epidemic situation, fabric enterprises need to pay more attention to the experience of consumers. On the one hand, they need to pay attention to the quality of fabrics. For example, on the basis of not affecting the feel, they can combine environmental protection fiber with other innovative techniques and technologies, and on the other hand, enterprises can use new media to promote and publicize.

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