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Changshu To Hold 2020 Annual China Clothing Growth Brand Press Conference

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2020 China'S Clothing Growth Brand Press Conference Will Be Held In Changshu

It's the best of times and the worst of times. In 2020, for the textile and clothing and fashion industry, Dickens' famous saying is undoubtedly an objective and accurate evaluation.

The impact of the new year's epidemic, the rise of live broadcast retail, the emergence of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the competition of product design and R & D creativity, and the upgrading of consumption have accelerated the industrial segmentation The problems and difficulties we are facing are also the challenges and opportunities we must seize.

In such a trend background, "2020 China's clothing growth brand conference and China's clothing brand digital transformation and upgrading forum" will be held on September 20 during "Changshu international fashion week and the 21st China Jiangsu (Changshu) clothing and apparel Expo". Changshu garment industry association and Jiangsu garment industry association hosted the press conference.

New era, new breakthrough

In this year's brand transformation, enterprises have to face the challenge of self transformation and off-line operation. As a special channel, enterprises have to face the challenge of self-improvement and off-line operation To change.

In the post epidemic era, everything will start from "new" and everything will break through from "new". In terms of Chinese clothing growth brands, new changes have taken place again this year. On the basis of the original traditional professional market brands, two categories of "Chinese clothing growth brand - e-commerce brand" and "Chinese clothing growth brand - original designer brand" were added. According to the report of circulation branch of China Textile Federation, in 2020, 74 brands were recommended as "Chinese clothing growth brand (traditional type)", 11 brands were recommended as "2020 China clothing growth brand - e-commerce brand", and 16 brands were recommended as "2020 China clothing growth brand - original designer brand".

New business. New exploration

The new business environment will inevitably trigger the exploration of new models. How to adapt to the integration and transformation of online and offline digital channels for professional markets and traditional brands accustomed to traditional offline transactions is an extremely discussed issue in the current traditional clothing industry. Digital marketing will become the key to enhance the quality of digital marketing and marketing.

The rapid development of new models and formats such as scene economy, online celebrity economy and sharing economy, as well as the innovative attempts of new modes such as live delivery with goods, community marketing and online exhibitions are all leaps from the old tradition to the new business. Facing the changes of new business, the press conference of China's clothing growth brands will take "new business, new exploration and new leap" as the theme to create a digital transformation "Digital transformation and upgrading forum of Chinese clothing brands" as the core. At that time, we will invite many industry experts and industry bigwigs to discuss digital transformation and enable brand new growth and leap forward.

New starting point

In recent years, Changshu's online and offline garment industry has been integrated with its own online and offline service platform to fully support the online and offline industry. As one of the important industrial clusters for brand incubation, Changshu garment city has been undertaking the "China clothing growth brand release conference" for four consecutive years, continuously injecting industrial strength into the growth and incubation of China's small and medium-sized clothing brands. As a domestic 100 billion level professional clothing circulation market, Changshu clothing city is always constantly innovating and constantly seeking change. Through grasping the trend and reshaping itself, Changshu garment city actively meets the new changes brought by the times and industry.

In 2020, Changshu clothing city will focus on original design, industrial digitization and sustainable ecology, and strive to create a new pattern of fashion industry development while continuously promoting brand incubation and industrial upgrading.

The 2020 Changshu international fashion week and the 21st China Jiangsu (Changshu) clothing Expo will continue to Take Changshu men's wear industry as a strong IP. Through the advantages of Changshu clothing industry cluster and real market, it will promote brand, improve platform services, boost market and enterprise development confidence, create a professional market in the post epidemic era and upgrade Xinhua chapter.

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