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Advantages Of Burberry And Twitch

2020/9/16 14:24:00 0


As the most unusual fashion month in history begins, Burberry, a British luxury goods group, has announced that it will work with Twitter to broadcast its spring / summer 2021 fashion show in the UK.

Amazon's twitch is one of the world's most popular live broadcasting platforms, which usually includes video games and E-sports. Burberry became the first luxury brand to broadcast live on twitter.

Burberry will use twitch's unique square stream feature, which allows Four creators to live live in one window at the same time, which means Burberry will broadcast the show from multiple perspectives in one window.

"This will allow online guests to watch the show from multiple perspectives at the same time and talk through the chat function of twitter, creating a personalized and inclusive experience," Burberry said

As early as June this year, burberry announced that the September 17 fashion show would be held outdoors and live without a live audience. But the brand did not disclose any technical details at the time.

Burberry said twitch "is at the forefront of live entertainment" and has gone beyond online games to feature content covering a wide range of areas such as music and art.

"Inspired by Burberry's desire to break through the boundaries of digital innovation, the collaboration with twitch is the latest step in Burberry's continued engagement with the community through content and experience," it added

"Burberry has always been a pioneer brand and the partnership with twitch continues that tradition," said rod Manley, burberry's chief marketing officer. Twitch has opened up an exciting new field where our communities can be digitized as if they had a virtual seat on the spot. It's an interactive experience where guests can connect with our brand and with each other while personalizing their viewing journey. "

Asked if the partnership with Twitter would become a permanent move for the brand, burberry said it could not disclose more information.

Burberry experienced a sharp drop in sales during the outbreak, with comparable retail sales falling 45% year-on-year to GBP 257 million in the first quarter of the fiscal year ended 27 June 2021. Among them, the performance of China's market was * *, with a year-on-year increase of 15%. In July, burberry said it would cut 500 jobs worldwide, or about 5% of its workforce.

But sales are recovering, with sales in June down only 20% year-on-year, and it expects sales to fall 15% to 20% in the quarter to September.

Burberry's first major product launch date has not yet been announced. The face mask features Burberry's signature plaid pattern and costs 90 pounds. Burberry will donate 20% of mask revenue to its covid-19 new coronavirus fund.

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