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The Opening Ceremony Of Beijing Fashion Week 2020 Shougang Garden Ushers In New Fashion

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2020Beijing Fashion Week

On September 15, the opening ceremony of 2020 Beijing fashion week with the theme of "chasing light" was held in Shougang garden, a new landmark of capital city revival in the new era. At the event site, with the guests to water the tree of green fiber, the 2020 Beijing Fashion Week officially kicked off, and the fifth anniversary gathering momentum set sail. As the public activity unit of Beijing international design week, "Fashion Beijing", 2020 Beijing fashion week is sponsored by Beijing Fashion Textile Industry Association, Beijing fashion Holding Co., Ltd., fashion Beijing magazine, and undertaken by Beijing Fashion Week Co., Ltd. and Beijing fashion capital cultural Communication Co., Ltd. Shouldering the mission of "giving Chinese brands a chance to grasp the right of fashion discourse", this year, Beijing fashion week will compose a colorful chapter of Fashion Beijing in the mode of "online and offline integration and interaction".

Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation, Wang Tiankai, former president of China Textile Industry Federation, Zhou Mingchun, member of the Party group and deputy general manager of China General Technology Group; Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Department of consumer goods industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology; Zhu Meifang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Zhai Xianjun, first-class inspector of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipality; Chen Weikang, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the China Federation of textile industry; Yang Dongxu, first-class inspector of China finance, trade, light textile and tobacco Union; Luo Xuejun, President of Beijing Printing Institute, Zhao Mingge, deputy secretary, director and general manager of Shougang Group; Wu Jun, second level inspector of Beijing SASAC; Yao Maowen, member of Standing Committee of Shijingshan District Committee and director of publicity department; Zhao Shengwei, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Beijing Printing Institute; Zhou Yuzhong, chairman of Beijing Industry (National defense) trade union; deputy director of Organizing Committee Office of Beijing international design week and deputy director of Beijing Gehua Culture Development Group Co., Ltd Wang Yudong, general manager and chairman of Beijing International Design Week Co., Ltd., Wu Li, director of organizing committee of Beijing Fashion Week 2020, President of Beijing Fashion Textile Industry Association, party secretary and chairman of Beijing fashion Holding Co., Ltd., Gu Weida, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Beijing fashion Holding Co., Ltd., and other leaders, guests, brand enterprise representatives and news media Attend the opening ceremony.

Sun Ruizhe pointed out in his speech that fashion is the comprehensive embodiment of the people's spiritual outlook and a realistic force to promote economic and social development. From meeting the material needs to meeting the spiritual needs, from improving the quality of life to improving the quality of life, from promoting consumption upgrading to promoting industrial upgrading, the fashion industry has a strong consumption creation and leading ability. After five years of tempering, Beijing fashion week is becoming a fashion event in China.

In his opening speech, Wu Li said that after five years of tempering, the scale, content quality, presentation form and internationalization degree of Beijing fashion week have increased year by year. There are nearly 500 famous brands at home and abroad showing wonderful performances, which not only improves the quality of fashion consumption, promotes the development of fashion industry, but also enlivens the urban fashion atmosphere. Through the linkage between the new fashion landmark and the normal landmark every year, it calls It has participated in the deeper integration of brands, designers and the capital city culture, and initially constructed the urban fashion industry platform ecology. In April this year, the medium and long term plan of Beijing to promote the construction of national cultural center (2019-2035) was released, which pointed out that the fashion industry chain should be extended, the fashion industry ecosystem should be built, and the international brand activities such as Beijing fashion week should be well organized. This marks that Beijing fashion week has been formally incorporated into the national cultural center construction plan in the next 15 years, and has opened a new milestone in its development.

Five year journey

Condense the platform and strengthen the resources

In terms of Beijing fashion week, 2020 carries a special significance. Looking back on the past five years, it not only engraves the pace of continuous growth of Beijing fashion week, but also shows the excellent achievements of transformation and development of Beijing fashion industry.

In September 2016, the first Beijing fashion week was held in Laijin cultural and creative industry park. The concept of "openness, inclusiveness and cooperation" was put forward. At the beginning of its establishment, it focused on the development of the industry, integrated fragmented resources and enabled the development of Beijing fashion industry. In 2017, Beijing fashion week was officially incorporated into the "Fashion Beijing" section of Beijing international design week. With the theme of "new business card, new vision, new ideas and new commerce", it was held in the fashion cultural landmarks such as Taimiao and Fenghuang center, seizing the opportunity of national "China brand day", highlighting the cultural confidence of local brands and transmitting fashion voice to the world. Focus on the multi-faceted elements of fashion and fashion in Beijing, and focus on the theme of "yueyun City, yueyun city" and "yueyun city". In 2019, the Beijing fashion week with the theme of "cross border, integration and consumption" will hold more than 60 official activities in water cube, Fangheng International Center and other places, with the participation of famous international designer brands from France and the United Kingdom. Under the background of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the new positioning of the capital city function, we should further explore the six values of Beijing fashion week, namely, society, culture, media, platform, commerce and resources.

This year, Beijing Fashion Week ushers in a new transformation and upgrading on the occasion of its fifth anniversary. From September 15 to 22, more than 80 official activities will be held in the 8-day Beijing fashion week, which will be held in Shougang Industrial Park, Wangfujing pedestrian street, longfu cultural center, Fangheng fashion center, Jinggong fashion innovation park, Tongniu film industrial park and other capital fashion cultural landmarks, bringing together nearly 200 brands at home and abroad. It is worth mentioning that Kalu will join the fashion industry in Beijing to highlight the strength of local fashion and culture.

Green environmental protection

Master's first show opens fashion curtain

On the evening of the opening ceremony, the theme show of "Ye" Zhang Kaihui & Zhang Zhaoda, a new material and China textile green fiber brand conference, opened the fashion week, and more than 60 sets of high-end fashion appeared.

To realize green development, take the road of ecological civilization construction in the new era, and constantly meet the people's growing needs for beautiful ecological environment have become an important part of the people's yearning for a better life. Under this background, the theme show "Ye" is jointly performed by green fiber? Together with top international design master and artist Zhang Zhaoda and his daughter, new designer Zhang Kaihui. Through the combination of high-tech ecological fiber and fashion art, it is integrated with avant-garde fashion design innovation, highlighting the new concept of integration of fashion and technological fabrics, and presenting the vision of harmonious coexistence of human and nature. This release is full of sense of science and technology. It makes use of the characteristics of Shougang industrial culture style, creates a unique green space and creates a comfortable atmosphere through the environmental layout. Combined with the concept of "leaf" and modern fashion presentation, it brings a perfect immersion experience to the guests and audience. At the moment of curtain call, with the models coming out slowly, the swaying theme fashion and healthy and environmental protection materials show the charm of natural life.

At the opening ceremony, the green fiber industry alliance was launched "Green fiber industry alliance" was formally established. From the source of pulp, fiber, yarn, fabric to the final consumer goods of clothing, home textiles, industrial textiles, the whole industry chain will form a strategic alliance, jointly create the national brand of green fiber, and bring consumers more green, comfortable and environmental protection green fiber products.

Offline cloud

Wonderful show on the screen

As the highlight of this fashion week, the activity of Wangfujing sub venue of 2020 Beijing fashion week will be held on September 16 at Fountain Square in front of Wangfujing Department store, the "first commercial street in China", and also the prelude of the 7th Beijing Wangfujing international brand Festival. The opening show was led by international famous fashion designer Lawrence Xu, bringing a series of stunning high-end fashion releases. At the same time, the theme of "Beijing fashion" and "fashion heritage" will be combined with "fashion" and "national heritage" brand such as "fashion" and "fashion".

As a major innovation highlight of this fashion Monday, 2020 Beijing fashion week will create a cloud linkage platform. Official H5 and shaking tone official number will bring eight days of cloud publishing, cloud broadcasting room, cloud sharing meeting, cloud shopping exhibition and other wonderful fashion contents. It will gather global brands and designers' fashion online trend to release, and famous brands such as Pierre Cardin, white-collar workers, Yiwen, jinyujie, Pifu, wucaima, etc We will participate in the cloud broadcasting workshop to create the concept of borderless fashion release, provide diversified display and transformation channels for brands, and help brands realize the integration of product and effect.

cultural fusion

Enabling Beijing urban renewal

Leading fashion culture innovation, promoting the upgrading of Beijing fashion industry, focusing on the construction of Beijing National Cultural Center and enabling Beijing urban renewal have become the core attributes of Beijing Fashion Week gradually formed in the past five years, and formed a platform feature that can not be copied. Over the past five years, Beijing fashion week has left an unforgettable glimpse of fashion in many representative fashion cultural landmarks in the capital, and has gradually constructed the urban fashion industry platform ecology in the East, West, North and south.

As the special show of this fashion week, longfu culture center focuses on the fashion culture characteristics of intangible cultural heritage. The brands such as rose Daiwei, idol lady, xiangdaigong and Rechenberg will bring traditional crafts and national fashion works. In the same period of the show, Huafang real estate? 2020 Fashion Beijing Exhibition gathered the theme exhibition of "Raymond 80th anniversary", including new national brands such as dense fan, neiliansheng and Rushan, bringing high-quality design works and aesthetic experience with more contemporary value to the participants. Today, the national trend has become a new trend. Through a series of performances of intangible cultural heritage elements, Beijing Fashion Week re recognizes national culture, inherits traditional culture and endows it with new value.

Beijing Fashion Week 2020 is not only an excellent stage for fashion trend release, but also an ideological feast for industrial innovation and development. The 2020 Fashion Beijing Summit Forum will come on schedule from September 16 to 18, with the theme of "pursuing light forward: collaborative innovation and promoting development" as the theme, and jointly discuss the new development path of fashion industry through the form of live network cloud enjoyment. The sub forum takes "digital innovation of fashion brand" as the theme, and discusses the new theory and practice of fashion brand in digital innovation. The two forums will gather the intelligence of fashion industry and jointly build an exchange platform for the construction of Beijing fashion city and national cultural center.

Activate consumption

Release new potential energy of Industrial Development

As a professional exhibition of Beijing fashion week every year, it is also an important part of business transformation of new designers and fashion brands. 2020 week up trend exhibition will be held in Fangheng fashion center at the same time. Nearly 100 independent designer brands, such as red mansion cheongsam, Xiangni cottage, spectrum, white noise, will bring new and upgraded consumption experience for fashion people. During the exhibition, nearly 20 fashion activities will be held to attract the attention and guide. At the same time, famous hosts and fashion bloggers of Beijing TV station will be invited to settle in the live broadcasting room of shaking sound and official small program to create a fashion Live Room integrating brand communication, new product release, fashion with goods and hot money. Through cloud shopping exhibition and fashion talent, the whole line linkage can promote the upgrading of fashion consumption.

It is worth noting that the hot IP of fashion trend circle -- week This year, the up trend exhibition is the first time to launch joint brand cultural and creative products with shounong group's brands, such as Wang Zhihe printed T-shirt, Sanyuan Meiyuan DuPont paper bag, Liubiju "on sauce" printed folding umbrella, Mochi printed fisherman's hat and other creative cultural and creative products, which further extend the platform resource value of Beijing fashion week. In addition, the 2020 Fashion Beijing international image exhibition, which gathers domestic and foreign fashion image creators and young artists, will also present online at the same time, providing more diversified visual presentation and artistic expression for Fashion Beijing.

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