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Focus On Change And Seize Opportunities

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2020 is an important year for the reconstruction and reshuffle of shoe and clothing enterprises. With the change of industry pace in the post epidemic era, as well as the current global economic environment, national policies, market development and other needs, how should shoe and clothing enterprises seize the development opportunities, reverse the trend, comb the supply chain, and quickly optimize and integrate resources?

Facing the opportunities and challenges of the new stage, From November 6 to 8, 2020 international fashion consumption and the 16th Zhejiang (Wenzhou) light industrial products Expo will gather in Wenzhou International Convention and exhibition center such wonderful plates as fashion women's wear, fashion children's wear, clothing customization, textile surface accessories, sewing equipment, finished shoes, shoe accessories, etc., and hold China (Wenzhou) clothing fashion exhibition and China (Wenzhou) shoe industry exhibition The exhibition will open a new chapter in the shoe and clothing industry, focus on the supply and demand of the whole industry chain, insight into the new needs of users, and help shoe and clothing enterprises enter the suitable trade market.

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Don't forget the original, absorb the foreign, build the future

Two major professional exhibitions

China (Wenzhou) fashion exhibition

Wenzhou, as one of the five major industrial clusters of China's clothing industry, is also China's first fashion customization demonstration base. It aims to build an omni-channel, multi-directional and accurate cooperation and trade platform for advanced customization, original design, OEM, related clothing industry chain products and high-quality fashion brands. The exhibition includes clothing customization, ODM / OEM, women's / designer brand, children's fashion, fashion and fashion It will hold fashion release show, trend release conference, trade docking meeting and other professional activities during the exhibition period, so as to seize the opportunity of reform based on the current situation.

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China (Wenzhou) Footwear Exhibition

Wenzhou shoes industry is one of the pillar industries in Wenzhou, which is rooted in Wenzhou's profound industrial foundation. The exhibition will gather finished shoe manufacturing enterprises and supply chain enterprises, set up shoe trade, footwear customization, footwear supply chain, luggage and leather goods exhibition areas, solve the industrial difficulties of shoe enterprises at different stages, provide professional and international fashion trend for head enterprises, and focus on waist To provide more channels for enterprises to cooperate with the shoe industry.

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"Touch network" upgrade, "borrow network" breakthrough

Online and offline two wheel drive

Online: 2020 Wenzhou fashion cloud Expo

  The epidemic situation has brought enterprises into the critical point of transformation and upgrading, which has intensified the change of industrial structure and reshuffle. Enterprises have begun to develop online channels for industrial upgrading. 5g technology and mobile Internet have become the effective assistance of online channels. This exhibition will rely on cloud data, 5g, AI, VR, live broadcast, financial media and other technologies to present the offline exhibition in real zero distance, and integrate hundreds of them Exhibitors gather in the cloud, including electronic journals, live pictures, live activities and other functions to easily meet the online interaction between exhibitors and buyers.

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Offline: professional business activities create business value

During the same period of the exhibition, various wonderful professional activities will be held, such as China Fashion Brand Development Summit Forum, fashion brand release conference, fashion trend exchange meeting, business promotion meeting, closing ceremony and fashion award selection, to discuss with professionals the industrial transformation and future development trend.

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Wenzhou Fashion Expo 2020 will always be committed to gathering high-quality industrial resources and cutting-edge fashion trends of the industry to help shoe and clothing enterprises comprehensively understand and quickly grasp the new trends, new situations, new channels and new directions of the industry in the new period of comprehensive industrial transformation. The Expo is willing to become the fulcrum and breakthrough point for shoe and clothing enterprises to seize the opportunity, transform and upgrade, and turn crisis into opportunity.

Wenzhou Fashion Expo 2020 is hosted by Wenzhou municipal government.

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